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Miami's live music culture as told through the people who have helped create the scene within the past 30 years.

Miami's live music culture as told through the people who have helped create the scene within the past 30 years. Read More
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About this project

With the support of Kickstarter, please help us show the world that Miami’s music scene is every bit as vibrant and rich with history as that of Austin, Nashville, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 

The Bottom: Miami’s Music Scene on the Rise, is a legacy project for the city and artists of Miami, an opportunity to showcase Miami’s past, present, and future. It is an invitation to be a part of history for the capital of the Americas. 

The Bottom touches on the true lives of the artists that live and make music in this unique city. This documentary aims at changing perceptions about Miami simply being a home for South Beach, sun, and sand. Miami is a rich city with decades of musical heritage and diverse cultural traditions that set it apart from the rest of the country. In many ways, Miami is both The Bottom and The Top.

We turn to Kickstarter as our fundraising project.  The scene was started by the people, and it should be led by the people.

Why Kickstarter?

Filming “The Bottom:  Miami’s Music Scene on the Rise” is only the start. A film requires countless hours to post-produce:  

-  Your Rewards.

-  Editing and organizing the raw footage.

-  Shooting additional footage (we need to "pick up" inserts, additional shots, and second interviews).

-  Script writing, planning, and storyboarding.

-  Color correction, video editing, and post-production value.

-  Sound mixing.

-  Licensing the soundtrack.

-  Researching archived footage and commercials.

-  Premiere screening schedule (before it's public).

-  Film festivals and registration fees and filing. 


There are too many moving parts for us to do this all ourselves!  Our world premiere of the documentary will be in November - at the O-Cinema (an independent cinema) in Miami, Florida and Art Basel in Miami, Florida.  We're scheduled to distribute the film online a few weeks later (mid December)!

Interviews and Performances include:

Afrobeta    Spam All Stars    Suenalo    Locos Por Juana    Chrystal Hartigan 

Cosmo Ohms  Jahfe  Oski Gonzalez  Queen of the Scene  Fernando Perdomo

Community Property   DJ Vice      Bound By Blood     LMS    No Emotions 

Jesse Jackson    Urban Rebel  Iko-Iko    Ominé    Ed Bell   Rene Fiallos

The Mann Sisters    Jay Blue    Yovanni     Arturo Torres  Willy Perez-Feria  

Big Brooklyn Red    Bachaco     Llamabeats     Black Jacket   Eric Vick Band

Telekinetic Walrus    DJ Vice     Cris Cab     Arturo Torres     Jay Blue     

Jack Schwartz     Annette Baldwin     Dyslexic Postcards      Jennifer Kaiser     

The Nude Cap     1000 Fuegos    Alex Butler    Rob Hillard 

Randy Singer     Jean P Jam     Drew Darden     Michael Garcia     

Mecca Marcelin     Omniscient     Dynas     Steve Minotti     Josh Newcom     

Ben Shahoulian     Tom Lippincott     Derrick Kestler     Luis Medina     

Hindurock     David Cohen     Gypsy Rider     Radamas     Nag Champions     

Debbie Betancourt    Graham Wood Drout Benefit Concert    

The Cornerstoners  High Gravity and the Band of Brothers   


Special Guests:

Aston Barrett (The Wailers)     Termanology  

Featuring Venues:

Adrienne Arsht Center, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Tobacco Road, Churchill's, Green Parrot, Luna Star Café, John Martin's, Jazid, PAX, Purdy Lounge,  The Stage, House of Rock, The Armory, The Perry, Gusman Center, Van Dyke Cafe, Universe Miami, Hard Rock Cafe Miami and MORE

Featuring Festivals:

MIACON, Coconut Grove Goombay Festival, Qool Awards, Sunny Isles Festival


South Beach and the yearly EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals in Miami have made the public spotlight, but nobody talks about all the other music scenes (i.e; Rock, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Hip Hop, etc.) originating and flourishing in Miami. 

Many US cities, when mentioned, immediately capture the public eye for their rich music culture and fill one’s imagination with recognizable sounds. It is time for Miami to share its musical talent with the world. 

This is so much more than a documentary about any one scene; it is a project as constantly evolving as the transient Alpha City itself. This is the live music scene in Miami that most people don’t know has been there all along, thriving and striving, with its own history, triumphs, and woes.


Just ask Ominé, a female rock musician who has made a living in Miami off her art, charity, and talent for decades. Or Suenalo, a Latin Fusion Jam Band from Miami, who’ve been jamming for over ten years. 

“Many artists do have day jobs.” Most artists in Miami cannot make a living off their music, but what factors are influences?


Everyone plays their part to help the scene and people are finding unique ways to do it, from the venue owners, to fans, to the musicians themselves.  Some have their theories as to what's wrong with "the scene"; others see nothing wrong with it except those griping about it.  You decide.

"The Miami Music scene has a story to tell. Help us share it with the world."


Our film is art, and just like a painting, our products are limited.  We care for you – the early backers who share in our passion to see Miami’s Music on the map.  The Bottom is about the artists who call Miami their home.  We would like to bring a little piece of Miami's art, music, culture, and history into your home.


We are Curveline Films - a team of artists. We treat each client with individual attention and create digital products that showcase your talents to the world. Our team produces world-class digital solutions for artists, creatives, and designers alike.

We are here to put Miami on the map. Our film company is agile, transforming to and changing its environment. We excel at digital services, and believe in a world where every photo and video should share a story -- one with meaning. Grounded in story, Curveline Films is here to guide and to share in your vision, as we are pioneers in new digital film.  Your story deserves to be told in the richest and best details possible. Our agenda is to improve digital content and share your story with the world.

Curveline Films is rooted in service as both an art form and a science. Like each brush stroke carefully painted on a canvas, our business models and creative process take into account every minute detail.  We wouldn't expect anything less from you. So why not expect perfection and beauty from us.

Miami is breaking new ground in the arts, entertainment, and lifestyle. We believe in a free lifestyle, contemporary art, and vivid entertainment. Miami is the capital of the Americas and a leading entertainment city in the USA. We are committed to helping develop the arts, pioneer digital media, and support our community.

"What Curveline Films is doing with (The Bottom) I've never seen in all my years as an artist."   - Zelic, Black Jacket


Contact David Yakobovitch (Executive Producer): (via email)
@DavidYako (on twitter)

Contact Stephen Sorace (Executive Director): (via email)

More about the project and team:

“The Bottom: Miami's Music Scene” Website Landing Page (new)

“The Bottom: Miami's Music Scene” Facebook Fan Page

Curveline Films Website (new)

Curveline Films Facebook Fan Page

Contact us with any questions or feedback.  We will respond to your personally.


  • Absolutely. Email directly. David would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

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  • Absolutely. Orders are processed through Amazon, which operates in the far majority of countries. **International donors are required to donate 8 additional dollars for shipping!**

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  • Yes, you can. If you can't decide between two levels, pledge the smaller one - and up until the end of the campaign you can change it to the higher level (and still get all the rewards)!

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  • Yes. Once the campaign is over, we will reach out to confirm shipping addresses, how your name should appear in credit (for $100 pledges and above), and other details. You can provide us with the information for the lucky gift getter!

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  • We get nothing! You aren't charged and we don't receive any of the funding.

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  • The overage money will go towards distribution for the film (legal fees and release licensing, distribution rights for the film (online and offline), and marketing and promotion online and offline), which we did not include in our Kickstarter Fundraising Goal.

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  • Once the campaign is successful, your pledge will be processed by Amazon. It's safe and secure - Amazon is one of the premiere online retailers.

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  • Absolutely! We'll ship your rewards anywhere in the USA for free + $8 for International Shipping.

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