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I'm a college student with a heart for those in need and a knack for all things food. I want to cook/bake/deliver food to those who donate to my trip.

I applied for and was selected to be a Site Leader for a volunteer abroad trip through a student organization called Alternative Breaks @ UCSD ( Through this organization, students choose to spend their spring or summer break to volunteer as an alternative to simply traveling and touring sites.

I am leading a group of ten students to San Ignacio, Belize to raise public health awareness in communities living in poverty through the non-profit organization ProWorld Service Corps ( This will be a great opportunity for us to reach out to those in need, as well as a growing experience because for most of us, this is our first experience volunteering abroad.

I am not getting paid to coordinate this trip. In fact, we have to pay a fee to ProWorld as well as for our flight. I need to raise $2,000 by February 18th, but I don't want to simply solicit my friends for money. I want to provide a service in exchange for their gracious donations, so I decided to play on my strengths.

One thing I am passionate about is food. My favorite channel is the Food Network, and I'm constantly dreaming up meals to cook and desserts to decorate. I especially love creating food that my friends and family will enjoy. Also, I've always dreamed of starting my own catering business or owning a restaurant one day.

So, I started Culinary Kindness, a fundraiser in which I cook/bake/deliver very inexpensive, but very delicious and satisfying comfort food and festive desserts to my friends in exchange for a small donation.

You can view my actual order form here if you're interested in seeing my work. (

In less than a week, I have generated almost $300 in food orders. This has been very encouraging, but the cost of ingredients/supplies, gas used for deliveries, and electricity I use is greatly off-setting the money I earn in donations. I really don't want to raise my prices since I want to give my friends and customers a good deal for their kind donations.

I hope through this fundraiser I can not only raise money for this trip, but also share my experiences to encourage others to spread kindness to those in need.

Your pledges will support my fundraiser, and not my trip directly. I feel that I need to earn money for this trip through hard work and perseverance. I just need a little help getting started. =)

I wish I could cook and deliver food for all of my backers outside of San Diego, but hopefully I can still spread the Culinary Kindness through the rewards I am offering.

I will be posting updates and more info about my trip as it comes along. Maybe even more cooking videos if you'd like! Thanks for your support!

- Tiffany =)


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