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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
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On my Way to Hong Kong


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Hello Kickstarters,

Happy 4th of July!

I am about to spend the rest of the day with my family - so I'll make this update brief.

We want to invite five backers to our release party in Hong Kong this November.

What does this mean to you?  Well, we've added a pledge level just for you.  We call it the COOKOO RELEASE PARTY PACK and here are the details...

NEW UPDATE July 4, 2012 - COOKOO RELEASE PARTY PACK: ONE OF THE FIRST FIVE WATCHES PRODUCED OF EACH COLOR (Black on Black, Brushed Stainless on Black, White, Blue, Pink, and a Kicksterter Edition) directly off the assembly line. You will join us in Hong Kong as we celebrate the release of the COOKOO™ watch. Your trip will include your flight from anywhere in the world, three night's accommodations in Hong Kong, and tickets to the release party with the members of the ConnecteDevice team. We will also include an autographed photo of the founders as you are personally given the watches by Peter. You will also get a video of your watch being packaged on the assembly line so that you can see the whole story behind the watch.

I'm now prepping to fly to Hong Kong to meet with our suppliers, and with other members of the team.  This is a pivotal trip since we'll be testing-out some of the latest COOKOO hardware, apps, and software during my visit!

I'll be watching the close of the project from there, and celebrating with you as we wind-down the final 70 hours.

Thanks to all for your support!


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JUST ADDED - Watch Band Only Multipack for COOKOO™ Watch Backers

Hello Kickstarter Backers,

To my Canadian friends - Happy Canada Day!

We've been receiving requests from backers to add an option to get all four watch bands for their COOKOO™ watches plus a tool that would make it easier for people to change the watch bands themselves.

We listened and added a Watch Band Only Multipack.  

Here's how it works.  

For those who have already pledged for a COOKOO watch, you can add the Watch Band Only Multipack to your COOKOO watch order for $49.  The watch bands and tool will ship together with your watch so for those of you in Canada or for Internationals - no additional shipping applies.

This multipack includes 4 watch bands (one Black, one Pink, one White, and one Blue) plus a tool to help you remove and replace the watch bands yourself (if you're hesitant about this process, we recommend taking your watch to a jeweler or watchmaker).

NOTE:  The watch band only multipack does NOT include a COOKOO watch or keychain so please simply add $49 to your existing COOKOO watch pledge to receive this multipack.


With only 5 more days to go, there's not a lot of time for you and your friends to get your pledges in.  

Also, if you haven't already done so and that you like this project, please let everybody in your social circle know about it by supporting our Thunderclap campaign, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter.

Thanks, and stay tuned for more updates this week.

Peter and the ConnecteDevice Team

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Development Update and a Quick Keychain & App Demo

Hi Kickstarters!

We've been testing the latest firmware and App releases over the last few days and the great news is that most of the cool features are already working well.  

Our COMMAND button is doing its thing (sending notifications on short, medium, and long button presses) and you can already receive notifications from the app for Facebook updates and messages, incoming emails, calls, reminders, alarms, etc.

You can also check-in on Facebook at the touch of a button, find your phone, watch, or keys, drop geolocation pins on the Connected App's map (and annotate them with pictures and text later) and snap pictures remotely.

We are now fine-tuning the user experience (including the text for messages, prompts, etc.) so that you get the best possible user experience when the watch ships in November.

I'll be posting some more videos in the coming days of the app and the keychain working together, and expect more pictures of our latest watch photo-model prototypes.

For the demo video - click here (it didn't upload correctly).

Then it's off to Asia to meet with our suppliers late next week!  I'll be watching the end of the Kickstarter campaign from there.

Watch for updates on Facebook and Twitter as we count down the last 7 days and please join our Thunderclap campaign!

Please tell all your friends to hurry... 

We don't want anybody to miss out and there are only 7 more days to pledge and be the first to get a COOKOO watch!


Peter & the ConnecteDevice team

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The COOKOO™ Watch and SleepDrops - helping you sleep better at night...

Hello Kickstarters,

If you're like me, you get emails, texts, Skype messages, etc. day and night

Sometimes, I even have to charge my phone in a different room so that I don't hear the constant vibrations next to the bed while I'm trying to sleep.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could block selected notifications at certain times, or at the touch of a button?

Well - now you can!

The COOKOO™ watch and SleepDrops have teamed-up to do just that.  

SleepDrops™ will be integrating support for the COOKOO™ watch into its app.

This means that with a touch of the COMMAND button on the COOKOO™ watch you can:

  • Block the notifications you don't want
  • Choose which notifications to receive on your watch
  • Send automatic responses to people when you're busy

By combining the COOKOO watch and SleepDrops app, we are giving people a fast way to discretely send notifications to your wrist, versus having to constantly pull your phone out of your pocket or purse.

If you haven't seen SleepDrops yet - check them out at

NEW Keychain Retail Pack Backer Level Added

Based-on your feedback, we've also added a new backer level for anybody who wants to retail the COOKOO™ keychain.


Twenty (20) COOKOO™ keychains plus five (5) posters and one (1) point of sale display. The KEYCHAIN RETAILER PACK comes with the free Android or iOS app and free shipping in the USA (add $10 for shipping to Canada and $15 for international shipping). The displays, posters, and keychains will ship together in September. Backers at other levels may add $400 + shipping to their backing level to receive this pack.

We're not done yet... 

Stay tuned for more announcements in this final week of the campaign plus some exciting new videos showing the Connected App™ and devices in action.



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