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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
2,560 backers pledged $305,393 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @All - sorry for my lack of responsiveness on Kickstarter of late. We have been hard at work resolving the remaining connectivity and other issues and I will be posting a final update on Kickstarter today. We are also migrating away from the Kickstarter platform as it is not efficient and distributes our team's focus. Instead, we will be posting updates at and will be keeping people up to date on our Facebook page at I'll do my best here to address your specific questions in-line.

      @Marc - we do not know the precise proportion of iOS vs. Android users who backed the project though that would be an interesting metric. Either way, we our plan to deliver an Android app would not change as we have committed to provide one and will follow-through with our commitment.
      @Kuriaki - nice idea. Unfortunately Siri control is not available via Bluetooth LE on iOS at this time.
      @Manuel - we expect that our next update will address the remaining reconnection issues. Please also note that pressing the MODE button (blue / green / pink button at the top right) will "wake" the watch after having left the room for a long time and make reconnections happen more quickly.
      @Kelvin - I hope that you have now received your watch and am sorry for the delay.
      @Craig and other Android users with questions - I hope that most will be answered by the forthcoming update today.

      Again - sorry that I have been so quiet. The update I am about to release should help answer some of your questions. As noted, we are migrating away from the Kickstarter platform but wish to continue the dialogue with you our backers on Facebook and via our support sites.

    2. Craig Myers on

      Of course if they were a little more forthcoming with information tempers might not be running so high. Like I said most of us just want to know what to expect and when.

      btw amazon payments supports refunds, I'm guessing thats what all of the American backers used

    3. Ben Crago-Schneider on

      You are right that Kickstarter does not issue refunds, however, those who create projects are legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their projects. If my exchanged keyfobs are defective, I will be demanding a refund from Cookoo. Here is what is stated on the Kickstarter site:

      Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?
      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on

      @Craig Myers

      Peter said no refunds when I messaged him here is the exact response:

      'Regarding the return for a refund, however, as you are a Kickstarter backer, there is no process for refunds (Kickstarter is not a store)."

    5. Craig Myers on

      Kickstarter doesn't do refunds, you'll have to ask the CooKoo team for one. But honestly I'm about to do just that myself.

      As an Android user I don't think they know how frustrating it is to not only not have something we were promised by Christmas but to not even get information saying when we'll have it. If it won't be until the summer tell us. If it will only soft of work on 2 or 3 handsets tell us. But this playing second fiddle to iPhone is really annoying. Especially since if I had an iPhone I would've just bought this watch instead…

    6. Ben Crago-Schneider on

      Any news on when the new batch of keyfobs will be in? I submitted my ticket on January 6th (#103489), and still have not received my replacements. It is almost to the point where I am going to ask Kickstarter for my money back. My keyfobs worked for less than two weeks! Your customer service is lacking. I have defended Cookoo in the past, but it is getting really hard now. I know that I am not the only person in this same situation. You need to get better at responding to your backers.

    7. Craig Myers on

      Any new info on the Android app? ETA? What handsets will it support out of the box? What handsets will require root? Can those of us who delayed shipment get shipment to coincide with beta release?

    8. Kelvin Tong on

      I must be the last person not to receive the watch.

    9. Missing avatar

      Manuel Fegerl on

      Hello! I do like my cookoo watch alot. Unfortunately the reconnect after I leave the room without my iphone and coming back does not work very often. Hope this gets fixed soon.

      I wish there was a function to disable the media controls in settings (I want to be able to drop a pin on map etc. even if my musicplayer is running).

      And also, it would be nice if the vibration and beep schemes would be customable. The short beep on an incoming call is not enough for me to notice, and on the other side I don't want the watch to beep/vibrate when I loose connection.

    10. Hironori KURIAKI on

      Hi, I have an idea. I want to launch Siri as the COMMAND button action. What do you think?

    11. Missing avatar

      Marc Scala on

      @Peter Hauser- What is the ratio of the 2560 backers who use iOS vs how many use Android?

    12. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Petri - Location-based services are needed for correct background operation. Without them enabled, you may experience issues ranging from intermittent connection drops to missed notifications. We highly recommend keeping location-based services enabled for this reason. Regarding the COMMAND button action, this was a decision that we made to avoid "accidental" double and triple button press events being registered by the device and leading to unexpected user actions.

    13. Petri Haapakoski on

      @Peter - I tried to keep location services enabled but again today I´m already under 50% battery level after 7 hour from taking phone from the changer and I have not used phone more than usually. I can not accept this level of battery draining so I have to disable location services for cookoo app. What features do I loose by doing this (just the possibility to pin locations to cookoo map) ?
      Also, why did you not implement "double-click" (and triple-click) option for the Command -button? I think it would be more intuitive and faster to use double&triple clicks for actions rather than pressing medium&long.

    14. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @David Sander - the definition of the buttons is:
      0-2s = Short Button Press (in other words, just tap the button)
      2-6s = Medium Button Press (wait for the 1st beep, then release)
      >6s = Long Button Press (wait for the double-beep (2nd set of beeps), then release)
      I hope that this clears it up. These are hardcoded, so unfortunately not changeable.
      @Kristian - we are looking into it.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Sander on

      Can you change the short press, medium and long to be time set? Never know how long to hold down and always end up with wrong command. Can you program it to use time. Let say 3 second hold for short and I can could that 5 seconds for medium and so on... you get the point...

    16. Kristian Aasgård on

      @Peter But do you intend to add support for systemwide music control in an upcoming version? I haven't done any programming on iOS myself, but it seems like the API does have a default way of handlig it.

    17. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Petri - turning off the location-based services will have undesirable effects as they are needed by the app. We are using a very low duty-cycle location-based service, therefore it shouldn't have a significant impact on battery life.
      @Mr. Shantyboat - thank you for the FYI - we'll investigate.
      @Kristian & Kevin - unfortunately the music player only controls the music app at this time
      @Shawn & others who provided positive feedback - thank you
      @Axel - thanks for the supportive posts
      @Stefanie - we are hesitant to provide anything premature to Android users as it creates a lot of noise for our team. Once we have something we feel is ready for ALPHA, we will provide it to selected users who have been supportive and will provide us with valuable feedback, after which we will release the BETA to the public. This is, as noted above, planned for February.
      @Fredrik - the first Android app will offer most of what is available in the iOS app, with the remaining features coming with the first updates. It will also offer some features that are not available with iOS at this time.
      @Henrique - iOS API is scheduled for release in February.

    18. Petri Haapakoski on

      Oh well,battery still drains like crazy... hopefully disabling locations services for cookoo app helps.

    19. Kristian Aasgård on

      I wish the music control would work for other apps than the default music player.

    20. Mr. Shantyboat on

      when I check in on Facebook it is showing where I was earlier today, not now. Just FYI.

    21. Shawn

      Version 1.1 is so much better and stable! thank you!!

    22. Mr. Shantyboat on

      Open your music player and it will work.

    23. Tony Hannides on

      I don't see the music controls...also, can I be a part of the Android beta? thanks

    24. Missing avatar

      David Sander on

      I don't see the music controls in the new update? Where do I find them and what app does it control on iphone 5?

    25. Kevin T. Nelson on

      The new update is great! Is there anyway to get the ability to control the Spotify app?

    26. Chee Soon Goh (BRUNEI) on

      how about a Whatsapp notification for both OS?

    27. Mr. Shantyboat on

      Checked my IOS APP updates and it was there waiting for me. Works great!

    28. Petri Haapakoski on

      Finally, hopefully disconnect&battery issues are gone now. Btw, why are you not supporting double-click function for command -button? I would prefer the double clicking rather than medium pressing the button.

    29. Axel


      The iPhone app is here (and it says version 1.1 so it should have all the features listed in this update):…

      There is not an Android app at this time, and probably won't be for a long while, since they're planning to provide a beta next month, and it will take more time to go from the beta version to putting it in the Google Play store.

    30. Rob Nance on

      Awesome, now I am kicking myself for leaving my Cookoo at home. I had been wearing it in anticipation for the app release, but wore my Alpha instead since the update took a while.

    31. Stefanie J. Blue on

      can you please give us the "demo-app" for android? or is it just for some of the team?

    32. Adopt at on

      Can you post a link to the available app (Android, iOS)? I cannot locate it on Google Play or Amazon App store for the Android version. What is the formal title of the Android app?

    33. Nick Suffolk on

      That is realy exciting , I can't wait to download, thanks for all your hard work on this

    34. Fredrik Cedric Blomqvist on

      Great that you're doing progress!
      Just a question:
      You are adding a lot of new features to the iOS app (which is great, kinda), so I assume that once you get the Android app going, it will be your priority number one to support the exact same features there (if not more, Android = customizable)?
      I mean I don't think the iOS users would be disappointed if they didn't receive an update for a month or two while you're putting work into Android. After all, they bought an iPhone and not a monster-machine when it comes to features.