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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
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    1. Axel


      Considering all the problems they've had from promising it would work with the Galaxy S3 and other android phones just based on the fact that they listed "Bluteooth 4.0" as a feature, I'm not surprised they're gun-shy about announcing support for any specific phones, and I doubt that will change until it's actually working on those android phones.

    2. Enrique Duran on

      Hi Peter, first of all, kuddos on the product. I just received mine and i cannot be more pleased with it. I am really happy for being able to support your product and see it through the end.

      Saying that, I have seen the latest update in regards of the android app. Is a shame that so many changes happened and that making the app work seems troublesome, but is good to know also that there is some light at the end of the tunnel, and hope that all this bluetooth issues are a thing of the past in a few months (or weeks hopefully).

      I am trying to make my mind in getting a new phone, and in making my mind, i notice that there is no real list of which devices are you guys intending in supporting. Probably because right now is just the point of making it work and maybe HTC being one of the first manufacturers that are helping you guys go through it. I know that listing all possible devices that have bt 4.0 right now is kind of hard, but... could you make a list of which devices are in your road plan for supporting with the app? With this i might be able to make an easy decision on which new phone to get.

      Thanks for your hard work Peter and hope to hear more updates soon in regards of this. And if you can grant me that wish, i would really appreciate it. I guess everyone would agree on that too.

      Being an android developer too, i know how difficult and frustrating could be developing something that you have no darn clue on how to solve it, but patience is a good ally. Keep the good work guys.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ross Woodruff on

      Accidentally hit the submit button before I was done, picking up from #4...

      4. My point was only that if you buy an Android device, you should expect issues like this. Interaction between hardware and software can be fickle, and when everyone and their brother has a say in every part of the device, some incompatibility is bound to be introduced. To people as poorly informed and impatient as Malcolm, you should be well aware that supporting your device is just one small part of claiming Android support, and asking to hold back the iOS app (written in a totally different programming language most likely by a different team, BTW) is completely ridiculous and makes your concerns hard to take seriously.

      I understand frustration but I have no tolerance for painful ignorance. Know what you're getting into when you buy a device. It's similar to PC gaming. If you want it first and less buggy, buy a console. If you want the most graphical power and flexibility, be prepared to wait because accounting for that flexibility takes time.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ross Woodruff on


      1. That wasn't directed at all Android backers, my bad, should have been more specific. I was really referring to Malcolm and the idiots who backed him.

      3. The only thing the Cookoo devs did wrong was promise Android support without doing enough research. The technical limitations (AKA the actual problems that need to be overcome) are 100% the fault of Google's half-assed Bluetooth support that forces device manufacturers to build their own Bluetooth stack to support Bluetooth past 3.0

      4. My point was only that if you buy an Android device, you should ex

    5. Adam McGready on

      1. No reason to call all Android backers dicks. Not all of us are forcing the devs to abandon iOS or just focus on our specific phones.
      2. I agree that abandoning the iOS app would be a very poor move. One thing we have to realize too is that in all reality the iOS and Android development teams and just that teams. They're both, most likely, run apart and not run as one team.
      3. Although a lot of the issue is Google's fault with Android, some of it does fall onto the shoulders of the Cookoo developers.
      4. I know you think we're all idiot Android users, but deep down you do have to understand the frustration.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ross Woodruff on

      @Android backers

      1. Being a dick and not reading any of the updates, running your mouth off about things you don't understand and didn't even bother to research is the best way to get people to take your concerns to heart. Keep up that strategy, it can't possibly fail.

      2. Likewise, telling the cookoo team to abandon iOS users because your phone sells more units in some countries makes you look like astute, savvy users. Not at all like spoiled children that won't take an honest and clear explanation to heart, and want to break the other kids toy because if you can't have it, nobody should.

      3. The fact that a functional iOS app has been out for a month isn't reflective of the extremely fragmented situation with bluetooth on Android devices, in which every device manufacturer can and has done whatever the hell they want with the Bluetooth stack up to and including replacing it entirely with a different, less functional stack. It just means that the cookoo devs are incompetent pricks, because I'm sure above all they would prefer to piss off half their backers and deal with idiotic questions instead of, y'know, actually solving some of the massive technical hurdles involved in suppoting something that varies drastically from device to device,

      4. Your requests to support not just Android and abandon iOS, but to support the specific phone you're holding right NOW!!! and screw the other Android backers because your phone is popular is just the icing on this cake of maturity you're constructing.

      All in all, keep it up. You're doing a fantastic job.

    7. Axel


      As Kristian said, the Pebble supports Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 - but that doesn't mean it uses the 4.0 profile to connect to Android. If you need more proof than "doesn't necessarily" here's the tweet that confirmed that 4.0 connectivity depends on the manufacturer, and 2.1 is used if 4.0 is not available:

      I don't know why you're so concerned with how easy you think this connectivity is. They're still giving detailed updates on the progress of the Android version of the app while they work on it, so they're still working on it despite the complications and haven't just stopped caring as you're implying.

      I'd rather they made it more clear up-front that support for Android phones was based on OS support they assumed would appear (and didn't). But now that it's clear there's no unified solution as they expected, they're still working with the individual manufacturers to create their own, specific solutions on different platforms. So while I'm disappointed in the current product, I understand that they're working to make up for it and fulfill their original promise.

    8. Kristian Aasgård on


      The Pebble has support for BT 2.1 and 4.0 (BLE). As far as I understand, it only connects to Android over BT 2.1, not BLE. The Cookoo does not support BT 2.1 at all, so it obviously can't use it to connect to Android either.

      That being said, it's obviously not acceptable to sell a product with listed support for certain phones without making sure it's viable. I bought five of them (gifts), got them too late for christmas and can't sell them either since noone is really interested in buying a huge watch with very limited iOS support and no Android support at all. I do hope we'll see some cool stuff when the API is released though.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on


      I am going to reply simply with this from the pebble website:

      Pebble can receive simple alerts and notifications from if this then that ( or our web-facing RESTful endpoint. More adventurous developers can use the Pebble SDK, with its Arduino-like abstractions and simple C structure, to gain full control of the watch. Multiple apps can run on Pebble, along side watchfaces and regular notifications.

      Load apps using Bluetooth
      144 x 168 pixel display black and white e-paper
      Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 (Low Energy)
      4 buttons
      Vibrating motor
      3 axis accelerometer with gesture detection
      Distribute apps via Pebble watchapp store

      As you can clearly see and read it uses the Bluetooth 4.0 low energy spec just like the cookoo there is no reason the cookoo cannot do what the pebble can beyond the lack of care shown by the Cookoo's developers. I work with computers and heck I have almost 12 different certifications in the field of computers there is a way around it all that needs to be done is a mashing of minds with the multitude of manufacturers out there trying to make and utilize these smart watches. I think patience is long overdue and we don't anything further at this point. They owe us everything as far as I can see.

    10. Axel

      @ Tony and Christopher

      The Pebble uses the existing Bluetooth 2.1 protocol, which as far as I can tell means constant connectivity. It also has a large battery that must be plugged in to recharge at least once a week.

      Cookoo uses the Bluetooth 4.0 "Bluetooth Low Energy" protocol, which is how it's able to use a watch battery. However, while Apple has provided the BLE profile as part of the standard iOS SDK, Google hasn't done the same with Android, so developers are having to go to individual phone manufacturers to figure out how it's working. I'm annoyed that I have a keyfob I can't use either, but I'm just glad we're getting updates that they're actually working on it, and I hope I can use it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 soon. (I also asked the Pebble team about BLE and Android on twitter, and their response was, "maybe eventually, depending on your phone manufacturer," so no they haven't figured that out either).

      I bought into another a Bluetooth 4.0 Kickstarter, the tōd "beacon". Lo and behold, now that it's shipped and I have one, the guide they provided says, "As of this writing, we are feverishly working on an Android solution to follow up our initial iOS offering."

      So please, as someone that works as tech support in a different field I ask you, get upset as you want about the promises they made but don't try to pretend that this is something easy and simple when they've explained repeatedly why it's not, and that they're working to fix it right now.

    11. Missing avatar

      Will Johnston on

      I feel the same as Adam. It's pretty unfair to only reply to some of your customers. Not sure what I am doing wrong to not be responded to. Sucks to be ignored :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Detlef Sattler on

      I have my blue cookoo watch for one week now and I am very satisfied with the bluetooth part. It pairs immediately with the iphone and everything works like it should. Looking forward for more functions, especially email alerts!
      The watch is a different story. It's a bit too thick for my taste. In some lighting conditions, the time is hardly readable, an issue caused by the dark blue painted hands. If the hands were painted in a lighter blue like the mode button and the dial, the time would be much easier too read!

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on


      That's what I have been wondering everyone has successfully mastered android and cookoo has failed simply mysterious. But hey there solution of voiding warranties is job well done as far as they see

    14. Tony Nap on

      I agree with Malcolm.....GET ANDROID APP!!!!! not using watch yet cause i have plenty of regular watches. why not call the guys at pebble and see how they got an android app to work. sorry but kinda frustrated right now.

    15. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Adam - we will be providing access to the ALPHA and BETA release Android apps once ready. The demo app is just that, a demo app, and it is not ready for release to parties outside the company.
      @Malcolm - offering a rooted version was actually a request by backers if an un-rooted version would not be possible. We have every intention of offering a Samsung compatible version, however, should this not prove possible it is due to limitations in the Samsung device that we could not have predicted at the time when we launched this project.

    16. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      Oh, and if you haven't been following the news lately, Samsung is the no.1 phone company, and routing the device can only be ja joke. If I am correct the kickstarter rules say the product must be delivered or the money refunded!?!

    17. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      Under "what's next" there should only be written: android android and android.
      Forget about the ios app, get android working before updating ios. The watch is a brick right now and not that what I paid for. You should take an example of the functionality the pebble watch creators are making possible under android. Cookoo really seems to be designed and developed in someone's garage. All it can do is tell the time...

    18. Adam McGready on

      Alright Peter now I'm a little p/oed about this. How is it that you can pick and choose which questions you want to answer? It's not fair to your customers to only respond to a few questions and ignore the rest.

    19. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Mary - if only the COOKOO logout is flashing, then your watch is in "reconnect" mode and cannot be paired with a new device. To pair with a new device, press the CONNECT button for 6s until all of the icons are flashing. If all icons are flashing and that the watch is not being found by the app, please refer to the hard reset procedure to correct the situation.
      @faser - unfortunately we cannot update the main Kickstarter page once the campaign ends, however, we have been very open about the issues we have faced with the Android platform in our updates. Please refer to these updates for the most current information.

    20. Missing avatar

      faser on

      How does it work?

      The COOKOO watch connects to the latest Bluetooth® Smart Ready iOS or Android devices, such as the iPhone 4S, new iPad, HTC One (S, X, XI) and the new Samsung Galaxy S3.....

      This is what is says on the Kickstarter page. I am not sure if my english is good enough but reading "COOKOO watch connects to ..... Samsung Galaxy S3" means it is right now useable with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and not only a couple of weeks lateer. So I don't have any understanding for the missing of a working Android App.

    21. Sarunas Vaitkus on

      My pledge included (4) COOKOO keychains, which I haven't received - adn the watch is just the watch without an Android app - so would be interesting to finally get it.

    22. mary on

      Sadly my cookoo is not pairing with my iphone :( tried pairing it to a friend's phone but same it cannot be detected. It just kept blinking :( now it is just a normal watch which is frustrating that i cannot use its function that i have paid for.


    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on

      I would like to say one thing and that is I hope he is joking when he says that samsung users may have to root there phones to get the watch to work. What that means is we as Samsung users have 2 options use the cookoo and VOID OUR PHONE WARRANTIES by rooting or too reselling the Cookoo on Ebay to someone who can use it. Peter seriously get that fixed because trust me I doubt many people are going to be happy with the idea of rooting there phones to use this product.

    24. Luke Arledge on

      I got my watch, and I think it's great. I'll be glad when the new app comes out so it'll (hopefully) stop disconnecting 4 times a day. It usually reconnects pretty quick, but that's unacceptable when the phone is two feet from my wrist on the table. Anyway, hope the key fobs work and....


      seriously. It's part of the iOS 6 deal. It won't work on earlier, but come on. SMS/Message reminder is one of the key reasons for this watch.

    25. Paul Jones on

      Love the watch. I have a Sprint EVO 4g LTE (basically a CDMA version of the One X) and have managed to connect to the watch successfully!!! I would be happy to assist with any Android work on the testing side that you might need. Looking forward to things getting wrapped up and using the command button!!!

    26. Boris Suvorov on

      After 7 days I haven't got any response on Dead On Arrival key fob support ticket despite email message claiming that I'll receive response in 24 hours:

      Sounds like there are other people having same support troubles.
      If you can't address support tickets at the moment, please make an announcement and we'll understand it.

    27. A. Joseph

      I jumped from ios to the Note 2. I received my watch and patiently waiting for an android release that supports Samsung phones.

    28. Missing avatar

      Reilly Tamer on

      Will the beta just be an update through kickstarter with a link to an .apk to load on our phones? I'm an owner of an HTC One X patiently waiting for my watch to be able to be fully utilized. The watch itself looks great though!

    29. Mr. Shantyboat on

      Mine continues to work well with latest iphone/IOS. I did have to do a hard reset this morning for some reason, but not since or before. I really like it's look, too.

    30. Missing avatar

      Will Johnston on

      As a Samsung user I am slightly concerned when you say the app might require a rooted phone. I am hoping this is just because of the app being in the early stages of development. I requested my watch to be held back due to the bluetooth connectivity issue with Android and if I remember correctly from previous updates, there was a possibility it might require a firmware update for the watch which only you guys would be able to do. With you releasing an Android app soon, does this mean it is now safe to ask for my watch to be shipped?

    31. Oli Wright on

      OK, apologies if this has been explained before (I have had a dig through the updates and it's still not clear to me). Can you explain exactly what you intend with the Android app rollout and where the limitation lies that has you focussing on HTC / will affect wider rollout? Is this a platform version limitation, a brand thing or what? Will you be limiting access to the beta to specific devices?

      Obviously the eventual answer I'm after is how long this might take to get to the Nexus 4 ;)

    32. Ben Crago-Schneider on

      I backed this project for two keyfobs. Both broke within the first week and a half of having them. I submitted a ticket six days ago and still no response. I have always been understanding of this project, even posting to defend Cookoo when delivery was delayed. It is getting harder to promote this project with this recent breakdown of product and communication.

    33. Adam McGready on

      If we have an HTC one x is there a way we can access the demo app? What is actually enabled in the demo app?

    34. Kevin Benkovich on

      I will be glad if you will check my shipment status personally pls!!I have 2 open tickets
      Kirill Benkovitch