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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
2,560 backers pledged $305,393 to help bring this project to life.


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      Alexander Yankovskiy on

      Good day.
      Also have problem with pairing. Tried to take off the batteries for three minutes, but without effect. Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn't see the watch.
      BTW, there is no app for Cookoo watch in the Google Play store, or I don't see it for some reason.
      Please, help.

    2. Adam Thomas on

      Thanks Kay, how do I perform that action?

    3. kayroleamer on

      @adam, try to hard reset the watch, it works for me...

    4. Adam Thomas on

      Same with me Mary. It paired once, and now it just flashes on the watch face. The app just continuously tries to connect, but never actuall does. Anyone else having this issue? I recieved it today.

    5. mary on

      my cookoo watch is not pairing, it's just a regular watch now :(

    6. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      My 2x cookoo watches just arrived.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on


      I would be surprised if they gave you a warning none of us got that robo call we all got the surprise of fed ex showing up at our door one day with the package.

    8. kayroleamer on

      @darryl might just be, i didn't get any call from any fedex guy or was just there when i'm back from work...

    9. Missing avatar

      Darryl Okahata on

      Well, I haven't gotten my reward, either. However, I do seem to have gotten a mysterious automated robocall from fedex. Unfortunately, as I only got the last 10 seconds of the message, it appears that they called me about some package. I have no idea what it is, but now I'm wondering if it's this.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on

      i dont think any will know and Jason don't expect a response any time soon they are at CES trying to sell and make everyone see the product that they wont get for months.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ross Woodruff on

      Why they paid for tracked shipping and then provided exactly nobody with a tracking number, I'll never know.

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on


      This happened to me today and fortunately i was on my way out of the house and was able to catch the driver. Just fair warning dont expect a shipment confirmation or tracking number.

    15. Kevin Benkovich on

      I've paid international shipment on the store site and got message that they cant find it in the system and thats why the watch can not be shipped.
      talked to support twice about about the issue,they said its fixed but there is still no shipping confirmation ((

    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on

      Omar i know the feeling I am too...

    17. Axel

      I did receive my keychain on Saturday, so I'm glad it made it in a timely manner. Of course, I can't use it because there's no app for my Galaxy S3, so I hope the android issues gets resolved eventually so that I can actually use the keychain to find my phone.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on

      i honestly doubt they have all shipped because i am still waiting for a shipment confirmation for mine. it is getting a little ridiculous at this point and i truly don't expect a response from Peter until the 11th since they are at CES this week.

    19. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      @Tulakarn the update above says by mid January all backers should have received their watches, so call that date the 15th, allowing 10days for delivery, they must have all been shipped by the 5th. Which was 2 days ago. Please can cookoo confirm that all watches have shipped now?

    20. Tulakarn on

      Peter can you please update us, how many % of order had been shipped and % on hold ?
      how can we trace our order, not just waiting for your email. You should have this kind of system if you like to do business....... please ....

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Robey on

      How many watches have been shipped?

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kontogiannis on

      @Chris Robey

      I totally agree and the lack of helpfulness from support absolutely sucks. i wonder how they are going to be able to survive CES with the knowledge that they are unable to provide the watches to there backers It is amazing to me. Still we all wait patiently for our watches to come and know at least now this is the last order for cookoo because we have discovered the name is derived from being cookoo enough to want one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Osmond Fabian on

      The HTC ONEX+ (99HTD009-00) got the Bluetooth 4.0 :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      Which model of the Sensation do you have? I dont think any of the Sensation models have BT 4.0 and so will never work with the cookoo watch. For example the Sensation XE is BT 3.0 as shown at :(

    25. Stanislav Stoyackiy on

      Just received my watch. Looks very cool. Can`t wait for android app and will be glad to help test it on my HTC Sensation.

    26. Michael Downey on

      I've received lots of compliments on my new Cookoo watch that I've been wearing over the holidays. However, people more-or-less rescind those compliments when I explain that it it's a brick because it doesn't yet work with my phone. Hoping to have better things to say about the project/watch to admirers soon.

    27. Christine McGrath on

      This was my first foray into supporting a new venture on Kickstarter. I don't know firmware from software or mega bytes from giga bipplies but to hear that there were issues with Android was a bummer. I'm getting real excited to hear that they're being shipped out. Can't wait to show the I.S. guys at work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Robey on

      Don't bother placing a trouble ticket. After waiting a week all you will receive is a copy and paste statement saying.

      "We're working to ship out all watches as quickly as we can. You should receive an email confirmation as soon as your watch has been shipped from our warehouse. Thank you for your patience and support--we'll be sure to ship your watch our to you as soon as it is available."

      How insightful!! In short nothing useful, and don't call us we'll call you.

      so much for the FIRST BACKERS "you will be the first to receive your watch along with a special thank you note from the team"

      so I guess the special thank you note is really "shut up an wait for your icookoo".

    29. Missing avatar

      Bert Nieuwenhuizen on

      I got my watch and keychain today. It works great with my iphone and ipad. Thx

    30. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      @XMalina you wrote "but previously stated that it would require a firmware change that can only be done by you before the watch can support Android"

      No, that is not what was written about cookoo support for Android.

      It was stated that a firmware change *may* be needed on cookoo, until they know what the problems are Peter could not state if the problems were in the the phone or the watch, or if workarounds for phone problems needed to be included in the watch. This was a reasonable point of view, you missed this it seems.

    31. Ganesh Kumar Upahyaya on

      hi , where is my watch? i have not received yet

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bohinick on

      Peter, my question is this. I have a max he by Motorola that was 300 dollars and was really looking forward to having this with the cookoo watch working great. Now I know problems happen but I am not rooting my phone to make the watch fixed this is something that should be able to be done with no rooting. I love the watch but if I need to root my phone then this is a complete fail.

    33. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Android - we do not believe that a firmware update will be needed to support the COOKOO watch. Some phones "may" require rooting, however, while others may require an update. We are still sorting through the details. The video shows the COOKOO Watch connected to an HTC Droid DNA, receiving a command, and acting upon it.

    34. X to the M on

      Peter, I'm absolutely confounded. In this update you state that ALL backers will have received their watch by mid-January...but previously stated that it would require a firmware change that can only be done by you before the watch can support Android -- so why on earth would you send me that watch by mid-January?

      Please clarify: Are Android backers being sent their watches with no guarantee of the watch working with Android? Yes or no?

    35. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      should say 'the phone may take much longer' at end of the first paragraph.

    36. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      Typically it seems to take the phone developers 3 to 6 months to make any update to Android phones, in your next update please address this issue. So although the cookoo watch software may be updated and shipped to customers quickly after solutions are known, the watch may take much longer.

      What was the video on this update trying to show?

    37. Kevin Hiebert on

      My keychain arrived yesterday (12/28), thanks! Looking forward to the Android app!

    38. R. Adams on

      @Kelvin Tong - I didn't receive any notification or tracking number when I got my watch, and I'm reading from a few other people here the same went for them. It just showed up on my doorstep one day.

    39. Kelvin Tong on

      Are we suppose to received shipping notification? Coz I have gotten none so far and have not receive my watch. So looki g forward to it.

    40. Brandon Miner on

      This is a great update. Especially since I'm an early backer. But I need the watch in order to enjoy. Still have not gotten a word back from submitting my ticket weeks ago and still no watch. Inward promised before Christmas. I understand that there were set backs but everyone else seems to be enjoying their watch. In didn't opt to hold from shipping since I'm an iPhone user. So I don't understand why I still have not received my watch.

    41. Missing avatar

      LowSky on

      I'm one of those people who asked for my watch/keychain to be held back because of the Android capability being lacking, specifically my Samsung Galaxy S3 beingcapable even though Samsung says it is on the box. I also now have a Nexus 10 and have no idea if it even supports Bluetooth 4 BLE, but if it can - awesome, if not no big deal. I just need this watch to support the Galaxy S3. If it can't I'm going to be up a certain creek without a paddle

      Anyway. How much longer are we looking at. I'm tired of hearing "soon" and not a window of opportunity. Are we Talking mid -to-late-January or 6 months from now? You're lucky I don't have tickets to CES this year, whomever is at your booth would have gotten chewed out by me. I guess I expected too much and its leaving a sour taste in my mouth. You're not the first or last Kickstarter project to fall behind schedule or one that doesn't update his investors on whats happening, but when I see countless people saying they can't get a hold of customer service for days, or that watches are shipping to vendors before the people here I'm hurt. This website doesn't just serve as a way to get funds, but it also serves as the first wave of reviews your going to get. If I was to go into business with you and lets say I Google your company and this webpage pops up I'm going to be frightened to do any business with you. One of the support people you just hired should be supporting this page 24/7.

    42. Gary Johnson on

      Hi Peter Received my Kickstarter Edition watch yesterday, and am VERY pleased!! The quality surpassed my expectations and was DEFINITELY worth the wait! Keep up the great work, and i will await the Android App. Have a safe and Happy New year. Gary

    43. Michael Zim on

      unhappy ! not received yet before Xmas yet( family pack )

    44. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Varun - yes, we received those requests to delay shipment that came through and once we have our app ready to distribute, we will be sure to call-upon BETA testers who are willing to work closely with us.

    45. Varun Nangia on

      Hi Peter, two questions:

      1. Can you all confirm/acknowledge if you received our requests to delay the watch for those of us using Android?
      2. You had previously hinted that there was an Android issue that was resolvable if you were rooted. For those of us who are rooted, any possibility of "alpha" testing?