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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
2,560 backers pledged $305,393 to help bring this project to life.

COOKOO™ - Time to Connect is "Ready for Sale" in the App Store

Posted by Peter Hauser (Creator)

Hello Backers,

I wanted you to be the first to know!

The COOKOO app is now "Ready for Sale".  It may take another 24hrs for it to be visible in the app store worldwide, but this milestone means that we can (finally) offer the COOKOO watch experience to all iOS5 and iOS6 users with Bluetooth 4.0 capable iPhones and iPads!

For those of you who have already received the watches and are anxiously awaiting the app, here is the link:

For those of you who have not yet received the watch - we will begin bulk shipping watches to backers shortly and will publish another update in the next few days explaining the process that we will be following, and when you can expect to receive yours.

Thank you to all of our backers for your patience and understanding throughout this process.


Peter & the ConnecteDevice team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Robey on

      Nothing for me and my "FIRST BACKERS" group.
      A trouble ticket was entered a week ago? No response!!!
      October -nope
      November - nope
      December - not looking good
      2013 - ???
      What was the point of being one of the first 250 backers!!!

    2. dereksin on

      Hi Peter. Please give updates to us, the Android users. Also, as a backer, I have left a message on connectedevice helpdesk at Wed, Dec 12. Still, no response from your side and it is already 28 DEC 2012 now! Also, I still haven't received the Cookoo watch.
      - I am still waiting the watch, hope that x'mas present miracle will appear
      - Disappointed for not receiving the Cookoo watch before x'mas
      - Disappointed for not releasing your API for our rooted Android users and not giving updates to Android users for weeks.
      - Disappointed that I see the watch selling around in Hong Kong CitySuper now, but I am watching the Cookoo through the 'window' and can do nothing.
      Please, give us updates. Thanks very much for your hard work.

    3. Missing avatar

      Zhelonkin on

      Any news on the shipments?
      I see that some of the backers already received the watches without getting a shipment notification.....
      Please give an update when people will receive their watches.

    4. jornnylee on

      can i get it in 2012? from BEIJING.

    5. Max D. Zellmer on


      not only did I not get my watch so far, I don't even know when it is going to ship.
      The forthcoming update ("in the next few days") which you were writing about, Peter, is still to be posted.
      So, I think I am not the only one asking you: Where is my watch?

      Seriously, you could have said "few weeks" or "this year" but talking about the next few days and then not getting back to your backers as promised is simply poor.

    6. Missing avatar

      segu on

      I've got my COOKOO Watch! I love this so much! Thanks for your great job!

      btw, I read the other watch "Pebble"'s update at Dec. 07. It says the watch supports SMS and iMessage with iOS6. I don't know how but I want to know it's also possible with COOKOO or not.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kouji Takano on

      I have not yet received cookoo watch. Can I receive cookoo within this year? -from Japan

    8. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Christopher - thank you for the feedback. We will definitely take it into advisement.

    9. Christopher Escobar on

      Also, I didn't mind as much waiting on the shipping because I could see in the emails all what you guys were going through. The light is beautiful by the way, still bummed that it won't work with my iPhone 4 though...

    10. Christopher Escobar on

      Got my watch today! Looks great! Packing, devise design--good stuff. i support that comment about te blue button, and its a little thicker and heavier than i thought. Some pictures from the side or at an angle more would help set that expectation. It's not obvious that the battery actually is in there--saw some comments about it not including (I thought myself for a while that it didn't). I'd advise printing on that sticker to remove, etc. The little seal around that opening comes out really easy. Also, big disappointment that it doesn't work on an iPhone 4! Don't feel like the requirement of 4s and above was that upfront. So now what? Am I SOL?

    11. Adam Beasley on

      I'm Cookooed!!! :) The watch is beautiful! Thanks Peter!

    12. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Omar - I appreciate your frustration and wish there was more I could do other than to ensure that we fulfill all of the backers pledges as quickly as possible. Which is exactly what we are doing. The logistics in shipping individual shipments to thousands of backers are proving more challenging than expected, especially with individual requests still coming-in for address changes, etc. plus a constant flood of emails requesting updates on the status of individual shipments. We have engaged additional fulfillment teams and are even overnighting packages to reach people before the Holiday.
      @all - regarding the engadget and other articles - there are several retailers and distributors who ordered watches on Kickstarter or pre-ordered product along with the backers. Because of the holiday rush, we are fulfilling these in parallel with Kickstarter backer orders, hence the public reports of retail appearances of the watch.
      @Android backers - we have made some great progress in recent weeks, are working closely with some phone manufacturers now, and should be able to post an update soon.

    13. Omar Luzardo on

      I have to say that I am really upset and disappointed to say the least. I supported your project because I really liked it, I never thought twice about backing this project, but, I got to say I expected a little bit more consideration from you to us (Kickstarter Backers) than what I have seen.
      Yesterday I read in ( ) that you are selling the cookoo watches already at a retail price in Hong Kong, so, what you are telling me is that, anyone who is in China right now, can have it by simply walking into a store, while we… many Kickstarter Backers, who have been waiting for this product for months, following updates and expecting details of production and shipment, have not receive even a notification of shipment for our watches, which I think like me, most of us were expecting before the holidays.
      I guess there’s nothing that we can do…
      Thank you,

    14. Missing avatar

      Sandip Badwal on

      Just to update, received no shipping confirmation, however it just came through the door today.

      Im very impressed with the build quality of the watch and even the packaging. The watch and packaging looks very very professional. Im just slightly disappointed with the lack of working features on iOS atm.
      Guess I will use once the SMS alerts are enabled etc.

    15. kokfann on

      I have yet to receive. - from Singapore

    16. Missing avatar

      Alejandro on

      Just got my COOKOO! ... It is awesome!! ... Thanks a lot and great work!! ... Loved the COOKOO watch house :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephen Piercey on

      Received mine in Canada a few days ago. No shipping notification and it came straight from Hong Kong, that is probably why we aren't getting notified.

      It's very annoying to see the android watch I backed come in a package with the title "Cookoo watch for iOS 6 & iOS 5". The thing is basically branded as an iphone device with only a small "(Android Coming Soon)" remark. I haven't opened it yet though the watch is actually running inside, why wouldn't you include the battery in the box for us to put in ourselves?

      I'll never have an iPhone and it's not worth it to open to use with my iPad. Anyone want to buy a watch?

      @Peter, have you opened your APIs yet? Where can I access this information? I have a rooted Nexus phone and I'm sure I can get my own app up and running in a few days instead of waiting for you and your team. I didn't move up to a developer level pledge because your stretch goals indicate the APIs would be free. I'd just like to get some use out of this and if you and your team can't deliver it just let me do it myself.

    18. Adam Beasley on

      I'm going Cookoo waiting for my Cookoo!!

    19. jwmerritt3 on

      Received my COOKOO yesterday (San Diego) - love the watch build and style, but a bit disappointed by the lack of working features in the iOS app: surprised that email and SMS / MMS alerts are not yet enabled. Was also looking forward to the remote camera trigger, but it's not in the app (yet). I'm sure things will improve with the iOS app in time. For now, happy to have the watch.

    20. Omar Luzardo on

      WHERE'S MY WATCH?!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Bakker on


      Any news on the shipments?
      I see that some of the backers already received the watches without getting a shipment notification.....

      Please give an update when people will receive their watches, should be nice if it would be before christmas.

    22. Missing avatar

      Cris Benson on

      When will they ship? US here.

    23. Jack on

      Are all the watches shipped? I didn't get any email notification.

    24. David on

      Have they all shipped? Have not seen watch or email yet.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sandip Badwal on

      I contacted support twice, one ticket was changed to resolved without even a reply.
      The other ticket was submitted on the 12th December and still no reply?

      Anyone from the UK received their watches? Mine was a FIRST BACKER's early bird watch.

    26. Jamie Landau on

      Is there any way to verify if my watches have shipped, was hoping to get them before Christmas here in NYC...

    27. Missing avatar

      riverraid on

      Got my Cooko - Watch today (Austria). I was really surprised, because I didn't get any shipment notification. It looks great - good work!

      Nevertheless, I'm not able to use it now due the lack of Android support :(

    28. Angeline Chen on

      I got my watch last night! Really happy to receive it and i can't wait to test it out. Thank you for all the hard work in this :)

    29. Tony Nap on

      YAY I have a watch that does NOTHING, waiting on android app............

    30. Kevin Myers

      Any chance you could provide an update as to how many of the watches are shipped and how long till they are all out?

    31. Omar Luzardo on

      where are the frigging watches?!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      William Tan on

      Peter, looking at the progress of the shipment, I don't think everyone will get their watch before Christmas session? Am I right? I made a pledge on the shipment charges in mid of Nov but till today I have not receive any notificiation about shipment date. Perhaps your team should set an expectation to all backers if the watch cannot reach some part of the world. This is my 2cents of comment.

    33. Missing avatar

      Johan on

      There should really be a website to let us know the status of shipping.

    34. skimzerelli on

      I haven't received my watch yet. Will I get a tracking? I should've gotten it in November.

    35. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Kenneth - we will be shipping keychains with the watches (for the most part) though some may be sent separately.

    36. Kenneth Killeen on

      Are the keychains being shipped with the watches?

    37. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Ralph - thank you for reaching-out. Please contact and one of our technical support team members will guide you through the product and process.

    38. Ralph Gonzalez on

      Got my watch!!!! but my phone goes crazy cookooing if i place it further than 12" away on my desk. and it doesnt let me know of emails coming in am i missing a setup button somewhere ive hit the more button on the app and everything is turned on. i dont get text message notification either. let me know who i have to contact.

    39. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Raghucares - we have begun shipping watches and you should be receiving a shipping confirmation in the next week or so. Our goal is to get all watches out the door before the holidays though we cannot guarantee their arrival before Christmas due to holiday shipping delays from Hong Kong. All watches will be shipped directly to backers from there. No action is needed on your part. Thanks as always for your support!

    40. Missing avatar

      raghucares on

      Everyone got their watches already?? All backers watches have already been shipped?? I have got a mail to confirm my address. I replied with my new address. But not got any mail after that about the shipment of the watch. Should I wait or do I need to act now?

    41. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Sunny - the Google Nexus 4's hardware does support Bluetooth 4.0 however the OS does not yet support it (see post about Android 4.2), however, Android support will be added as soon as the Android OS adds support for Bluetooth 4.0 again, and we are still actively working on creating phone-specific solutions for Android phones.

    42. Tony Nap on

      Nice looking watch, just wish I could actually use it, still waiting for an android app :(

    43. Missing avatar

      Sandip Badwal on

      Just wanted to ask, I currently have an iPhone 4S, and am considering selling it to buy a Google Nexus 4.

      Does this phone support the bluetooth technology or will it not be compatible?

    44. Kenneth Killeen on

      Didn't get any shipping email. Anxious to know if it will get here before Christmas. Its a gift! Also second the questions from LuiGirl re keychains. Hopefully both are being shipped together? Thanks Peter.

    45. LuiGirl on

      Is the keychain shipping with the watch?

    46. Vern Lincoln on

      Never received an email either. It's nowhere in any folders, or spam. I just sent an email to support, but I'm kinda disappointed that I even had to send an email to begin with. I already received a response from them yesterday because you asked me to email them about getting the watch before the app is out. In the response it said that because the app was out that I would receive shipping information yesterday, but nothing ever came.

    47. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      I am quite shure I had an email in my spam inbox, but I am afraid i accidently deleted them all and there is no way of getting it back. So I assume it was just the shipping information and mine is en route...

    48. Norris Pyle on

      Peter, how are orders being shipped in US--UPS? Fedex? etc...and is it 2-day delivery, etc.? I did get email about verifying my shipping information is correct, but didn't say shipping details. Thanks. And great job to you and the team.

    49. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Jeff, DropForged, Malcolm, Sunny - please double-check your spam folders and/or inboxes. If you still have not yet received the email, let us know at and we'll make sure that your order gets out with the next batch.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jeff Allen on

      I am also a first backer, and have not received an email in regards to shipping.