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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
2,560 backers pledged $305,393 to help bring this project to life.

Letter to our Android backers, customers, and supporters

Posted by Peter Hauser (Creator)

Dear Android user,

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for the abruptness of the November 13th Kickstarter announcement, to explain the background, and to update you on what we are doing to honor our commitment to provide Android users with the complete COOKOO watch experience.

At the onset of the COOKOO watch project, new Android phones claiming support for Bluetooth 4.0 were being announced and all indications were that these phones would fully support the Bluetooth Low Energy standard and that the APIs provided would be sufficient for app implementers. Our research supported this as the Bluetooth 4.0 chip vendor’s APIs and libraries were already available and seemingly provided the tools needed for successful implementations.

The team has been working since June on the Android app, and while we encountered several challenges resulting from both incomplete and varied Bluetooth 4.0 implementations on multiple phone platforms, we were optimistic that a suitable Android solution was both feasible and imminent.

All of these implementations, however, were based-on the BlueZ Bluetooth 4.0 stack that was common to all Android platforms prior to Android 4.2.

The Android 4.2 release announced on November 13th came without the traditional BlueZ Bluetooth 4.0 stack support in favor of a new Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 solution . This came as a total surprise to the entire Bluetooth community. While this announcement promises a universal long-term Bluetooth 4.0 solution for Android, it means that our work will need to be redone for the newly released platform. Furthermore, the initial release did not include support for Bluetooth Low Energy:

“Android 4.2 introduces a new Bluetooth stack optimized for use with Android devices. The new Bluetooth stack developed in collaboration between Google and Broadcom replaces the stack based on BlueZ and provides improved compatibility and reliability.” –

We are anxiously awaiting updates to Android that expose the new Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy functionality promised in this Android release. More information on Bluetooth 4.0 in Android may be found in some of the Samsung , HTC , and Android blogs on the subject.

In the hopes of clarifying to our backers and customers alike the efforts that we have made towards a universal Android solution and to finding short-term phone-specific workarounds for underlying Android issues, I have included a detailed sequence of events after my signature.

Should you have any further questions or are developer who wishes to get involved, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our hope is that by reaching out to the developer community we can work together to find the workarounds to support one or more of the existing phone platforms, and once the Android platform supports it, accelerate the development and release of the universal Android COOKOO watch experience.

For those Kickstarter backers who wish to delay the receipt of their watch until an Android solution is released, please email us by November 25th at and we will hang on to your rewards and ship them at that time.

Thank you for your continued support as we work towards both a short-term and universal long-term Android solution.

We remain committed to providing the complete COOKOO watch experience for Android as soon as the Android platform supports it.


Peter Hauser
ConnecteDevice Limited


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    1. San San Roselyn on

      Android user, rooted google nexus. Received the watch and it is now just a dummy watch. if this is NEVER gonna work with android. How will we be compensated?

    2. dereksin on

      Hi Peter. Please give updates to us, the Android users. Also, as a backer, I have left a message on connectedevice helpdesk at Wed, Dec 12. Still, no response from your side and it is already 24 DEC 2012 now! Also, I still haven't received the Cookoo watch.

      - I am still waiting the watch, hope that x'mas present miracle will appear
      - Disappointed for not receiving the Cookoo watch before x'mas
      - Disappointed for not releasing your API for our rooted Android users and not giving updates to Android users for weeks.
      - Disappointed that I see the watch selling around in Hong Kong CitySuper now, but I am watching the Cookoo through the 'window' and can do nothing.

      Please, give us updates. Thanks very much for your hard work.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bohinick on

      I just got my watch in the mail. I have a andriod phone (2 of them to be exact) and I want to wear it and looking at your update I might not be able to use it with android because of a firmware update? I need to know what the word is please.

    4. X to the M on

      Android Android Android Android, Peter, what about you know, all your Android backers? UPDATE PLEASE

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen Piercey on

      Peter, I think it's about time you open up your API information and give the Android community the current work on the "root only" app.

      With that I'm sure we can work this out ourselves and actually get some use out of our currently non-connected watches.

    6. Eric J Winston

      Peter I would love to get an update on Android. I think you owe it to us as we have all been very patient. I have the galaxy note 2. If it is realistically not going to happen for a few months I would like to discuss a refund. I fully support the project and understand when issues come up. I think we all do. I also think we deserve updates on a very regular basis so that we know you have not forgotten us thanks

    7. Michael Downey on

      I know things have been busy, but any updates? I'm trying to decide if I should open the watch I received yesterday or give it as a gift to someone using the iOS platform. It's not entirely clear if this physical watch will eventually work on Android.

    8. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Stephen - at this time we see no reason why our watch wouldn't work on either platform, however, given the recent changes (see November 13th post and above follow-up) we do not yet know what interoperability challenges may be introduced by the new (still to be released) Android Bluetooth 4.0 implementation.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen Piercey on

      So you're saying we should maybe delay shipping because we might need a firmware update that we cannot do ourselves? But there is no need to delay shipping?

      It would be good to know one way or another. If you ship a watch that requires a firmware update for Android and we cannot do that update ourselves then you are plainly using false advertising for this product.

      Even if you are shipping to an iOS user, if you suspect that the watch cannot also connect to a Android device(given the proper 4.0 spec) without a firmware update then you should really consider delaying all shipments.

    10. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Raghucares - thank you - my weekend was mostly occupied with work but I like what I do :). You do not have to delay your watch shipping until the app is ready. If you wish to receive the watch in advance of the Android app's release, just let us know by filing a ticket at Be sure to include your full email address so that we can cross-reference your reward.

    11. Missing avatar

      raghucares on

      hey Peter,
      Hope you had a fun weekend. Do I have to delay my watch shipping till the app is ready or can i get watch and wait for the android app?

    12. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @XMalina - thanks for raising our attention to any inconsistencies on the website. Regarding the battery life - can you point to where we state "not needing to have its batteries replaced for a year"? I believe that we have consistently stated that the battery lasts for "up to a year" in the past, but if not, please help us find where we have stated otherwise and we will correct the messaging.
      @All - actual battery life is dependent upon the number of alerts received, frequency of disconnection/reconnection events, etc. Users should expect to replace the battery once a year and some users may need to replace their batteries more than once.

    13. X to the M on

      Peter, please alter your website to reflect the facts of your product: If you do not, you are opening yourself up to very large legal liabilities.

      Also, please report on the updated battery life of the watch since it is currently advertised as not needing to have its batteries replaced for a year.

    14. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Benton - you should be good to go when Google updates the 4.2 with Bluetooth 4.0 support and releases the new API to developers so that we can adapt the app for Android 4.2 support.

    15. Missing avatar

      Benton Cambridge on

      i just got the nexus 4 with android 4.2 so i should be good to go... right??

    16. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Jeremy - at this time we do not anticipate that a FW update will be needed in order to overcome Android challenges - however, we cannot guarantee this and therefore are giving our backers and customers the option to wait until the Android version is released if they wish to.
      @Filon - we apologize if your email wasn't responded-to promptly. We are experiencing a very high volume of emails, requests, and and messages since our update on November 13th and since we started contacting our backers to confirm reward details prior to shipment. We appreciate your patience as we work through the logistics in an effort to get watches out to backers before the holidays.

    17. Craig Myers on

      Is there a list of Android phones it should work for?

    18. Filon on

      First of all thanks for NOT answering to my email.
      And now how I can get my money back?!? Because this watch is useless to me. I don't have an iphone, and my android phone have <4.2 version (with no chance for upgrade).
      So how can I get my money back?!

    19. Missing avatar

      LowSky on

      As an Android user I'm perplexed by the problem. The biggest problem is even with Android 4.2 being released it doesn't help many current phones with Bluetooth 4.0 as many, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 will not have Android 4.2 for quite some time, maybe never unless someone roots and installs a newer ROM themselves. Even when 4.2 is readily available many phones will be released with older software as their teams developed for months using the older release.

      This is why I have a huge problem. I went into this expect a fully working product. Now I'm told if I get my watch on time it might need a firmware update to work with Android, and that firmware update cannot be done by me. Or I can wait a bit longer and maybe things will work but only if my phone has Android 4.2 or a rooted phone, which realistically means I need it rooted regardless as most phones will not get a 4.2 update anytime soon other than the Nexus devices. Lets face it the challenge presented to us doesn't really give a full reason of the problem at hand, and maybe it could be addressed by the community and not just a few paid developers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Eric Yew on

      A rooted app version would definitely be great! All my android phones are rooted and always will be. Thanks.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      If a firmware update is likely to help overcome the compatibility issues with Android, I'd be supportive of holding back my watch. My phone is rooted. However, I wouldn't want root access to the phone to be a pre-requisite to be able to use the BT functionality of the watch.

    22. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Kristian - unfortunately not. The watch requires disassembly in order to update the firmware which can only be done by specially trained staff with the appropriate tools.
      @Christian (and others) thanks for the support and suggestions on how to best manage our Android user-base.

    23. Kristian Aasgård on

      Is it possible to update the firmware ourselves? What if we have ordered more than one watch, do we have to ship all at the same time?

    24. Christian Herzler on

      Thanks for this honest update. Lets work on a solution together:
      Start a survey to ask all Android Backers if they've rooted their phones or would root it to enable the BT 4.0 features. I think no one will be mad if you ask them....

    25. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Android users - as we have not yet seen the newly announced Android Bluetooth 4.0 solution there is an outside chance that a firmware update will be needed in order to support yet to be released Android products. We are offering Android users the option for us to hang-on to rewards until we have confirmed interoperability.
      @ Rooted phone users - thank you for supporting this option. We will definitely reconsider given all we have learned in the past month and post another update once we have determined our best course of action.
      @Karl - if your phone and Kindle fire are 12 months old, please double-check that they do in-fact support Bluetooth 4.0 as only Bluetooth 4.0 HW enabled phones can communicate with the COOKOO watch and keyfob.

    26. Regan Davis on

      Is it safer to request delay of the watch? Is there a chance that this android solution would require a phase 2 version of the watch?

    27. Kristian Aasgård on

      A version for rooted phones would absolutely be better than no support. I'd rather root my Galaxy S3 than buy a Nexus. I was backing Cookoo as I wanted it as an accessory for my S3. Not buying a new phone as accessory for the clock.

    28. Karl on

      Good point on the earlier versions - I responded by saying that I wanted to delay release, I'm changing my view... I've got a 12 month old HTC and a Kindle Fire UK version - neither are relevant to the andriod issues. Is it not possible to release an update?

      Still looking forward to my cookoo

    29. Eric J Winston

      Peter thanks for the honest update. I know you guys are working hard and know we all support you and want the best product you can get us. Good luck and hopefully we will be seeing an Android app soon.

    30. Todd Lampone on

      I would root my phone for this.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephen Piercey on

      I agree with some of the previous comments. Why is releasing an early root only app an unacceptable short term solution? As it stands this app will probably only work on the newest nexus phones (galaxy and 4) since they will be the only ones that will run 4.2 anytime soon. And as it turns out those phones are very easily root-able.

      Now I understand that it is not a final solution and work should not be finished until there is a version in the play store. But for the meantime I see no reason to hold back the root only app.

    32. David Vo on

      I am confused about what the purpose of a backer choosing to delay delivery, while we wait for Android. The issue is the Android software is not ready yet right? What difference does it make if we choose to get the watch now or later?

    33. Sean on

      I know it wouldn't be an option for the average user. But is there a way to release the Android app for rooted users? I'm sure that would make at least some of us a lot happier. Just a suggestion! Thanks for all the work you guys are doing!

    34. Fredrik Cedric Blomqvist on

      Thanks a lot for the update and it is at least something that you are working on it. Though I can't deny that this was a let down, for me and the rest of the 73% of people who use Android in this world...

    35. Robert Foster on

      Thank you for the update. It really shows you do care about the Android users. Honestly if there is an interim solution of allowing rooted users I for one would be ok with that. I know a large chunk of Android users are rooted. From what I'm reading though only phones on 4.2 and higher will be compatible with this solution. Is that correct? That is really going to narrow us down to...well just nexus flavors for now. I'm up for a new phone on Verizon, and the last thing I want to do is think about getting a galaxy nexus. Guess I'll just wait for now. :(

    36. Missing avatar

      Marc Scala on

      Thank you Peter for your very thorough and well stated update. I'm confident that things will work out in time. I for one will be taking my reward when available. I'm excited about the product and all that is to come. Regards, Marc Scala

    37. Omni Consumer Products

      Thanks for the update and background. It helps to understand the challenges you're dealing with and how some of these things are totally out of your control. I wish some of the other projects that I'm backing dealing with similar issues addressed what's happening as thoroughly as you - at least now I understand what's going on. Good luck and good work! :)

    38. Jason Moore on

      I'd echo Varun Nangia - I'd be more than satisfied with a solution that requires root since my phone is already rooted.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      Thank you. This is much appreciated.

    40. Varun Nangia on

      Thank you for this exceedingly useful update. My question to you is this: a number of us do run our phones rooted. Would you be willing to host the APK outside of the Play Store for those of us who do want to run it? Consider it an early beta.