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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
2,560 backers pledged $305,393 to help bring this project to life.

iOS App and Shipping Update

Posted by Peter Hauser (Creator)

Hello All,

We are actively building watches now and are awaiting the "official" release of the COOKOO App (iOS) in the App Store before shipping product to backers and end-customers.

Unfortunately, due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA we will likely not see the app release to the App Store until the week after Thanksgiving or possibly the first week in December.  We'll keep you posted as watches and keychains begin to make their way to you!

Thanks again for all of your support and once-again, I apologize for the delay.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Manny on

      Hello there. I am still waiting for my watch. I'd love an update. Thanks.

    2. Chris Halter on

      Just received my Cookoo today. It is beautiful. Great job on the watch. I cannot wait to put it to use.

    3. Mag Teo

      Hi, no word re my pledge (10 keychain, 1 holiday edition & 1 black edition). Appreciate some insights......

    4. Missing avatar

      Husain on

      Still no word about address details and shipping charges... I have backed for a keychain... Gonna be an international shipment... I really don't know whats going on....

    5. Jay Cormier on

      Just received my Cookoo watch a few days ago. Any update about the release of the app on the App Store ? :)

    6. Matthew ZS on

      I see in he survey info I provided was a number for shipping verification. The number I gave is a voice mail only that I never answer directly. What number would a call be coming FROM so I know to call it back?


    7. Missing avatar

      D'Mitri Tisdale-Stanley on

      is there anyway I can get a tracking number for my shipment??

    8. Robert Foster on

      Wouldn't it be easier (and fair) to just develop for ICS or JB platform forward? I understand the reasons are valid, but I feel like this should have been researched before we were told it would work with Android. All this talk about just buy an iPhone is a cop out. My wife loves iOS, but it doesn't do it for me. The iphone is a simple phone for simple people, and I'll stick with Android even if this watch just sits. I'm willing to be at least 1/3rd of people that pledged for this are using Android, an as Mr. Winston has stated it's just bad business.

    9. Craig Myers on

      BTW Nathan, telling someone to switch platforms is nothing but a cop out. Many people have actively avoided getting an iPhone so telling us to get one just for a watch is stupid. I was forced to carry one for work and I used it as a screen protector for my Android phone. On the plus side the battery lasted forever since I used it about 15 minutes a day to talk.

      Waste of a phone line, but they refused to pay a portion of my bill and I refused to use my personal phone for work.

    10. Craig Myers on

      I'm also upset about the Android app not being ready, but the reasons are valid. Android has a very fractured installed base, iOS doesn't. Because of the nature of Apple systems they are easier to program for. So even though the install base is smaller (not much smaller either) its so much easier to get it to work for all iOS users, meaning that out of the gate ~40% of all smartphone users are ready to go.

      What does bother me is that rather than shipping it now, since apparently its ready enough to ship in some quantity, is that they're waiting so that Apple users don't get it before they can get the app. That is a double standard. Android users can get it and not be able to use it as it was intended, possibly for months, but no Apple users will have to deal with it half baked. Even for a week.

      Since you've said that its the Bluetooth implementation that is causing issues on Android will you be rolling it out in stages? I.E. only allowing certain handsets that meet the criteria to get it at a specific time, or will you hold off until it is fully ready? If you do the latter then you are wasting even more time of Android users.

      If its ready ship it now.

    11. Burn Pelton on

      While I think Mr. Winston is being a little meaner than he needs to be, his point has validity. Without connectivity to my Droid X2, this is a really expensive Casio analogue watch.

      Granted, it looks sharp and I'll probably wear it anyway just to get used to having a watch again, but I'd much prefer it to have Android compatibility we were promised 6 months ago.

    12. Nathan Scott on

      You pledged fuck all compared to the one who pledged $10,000.

      You should just get an iPhone.

    13. Eric J Winston

      for give me top 26 I was making a point. If all you have to say is what you said. Then I need not say more. But I will. My point was I Pledged a large amount of money after being told it would support Android from the beginning. And now right before delivery we are told it will not. And that is truly terrible business. I love the project or I would not have pledged what I did. So they need to keep us up dated and on top of things or plan on refunding money to those what will not have any use for a non working Android watch. I was purchasing for may business and as of now they will just sit there.
      Lastly I think Peter can defend himself and does not need any help.
      Oh and truly last I think Kickstarter is a fantastic platform and I have pledge to close to 40 successful projects. SO I woud hope that Peter appreciates any and all comments even your brilliant one

    14. Nathan Scott on

      Hey Eric, top 26, you prick.

    15. Jaan Hua on

      Estimated arrival? Plan to leave town for Christmas holiday.

    16. Eric J Winston

      Peter I can not believe that after that last update about ANDROID not being compatible and the comments left by a great deal of people, your update that a music player is looking good is all that you have to say. I own my own business and customer service is the most important part of the business. I pledged $500.00 making me one of your top 20 backers and I am sure I speak for every ANDROID user in saying that if we are not a true priority then you should refund our money and let us get on our way. We want information and we want to be told the truth. By the sound of the original post I believe you have know for quite some time and decided not to say anything. If you do not want a mutiny and really bad press I would advise that you keep up up to date on a very regular basis and ask for help from the incredibly large ADROID community. Be true to your Pledges and we will suport you and this project.

    17. Robert Foster on

      Still hoping for a quick Android release soon after. I bought this on that premise:'(

    18. Missing avatar

      Kathleen on

      How do we contact you regarding a change of address?

    19. Norris Pyle on

      I know previous update indicated watches starting to ship week of 11/19, will we get and email with tracking info when ours ship?

    20. kayroleamer on

      Great! , hope to hear good news regarding the droid user too...all the best to the team!

    21. Yiangos Stylianou on

      @husain. try looking under you pledge on the right hand side of your screen. it should say something like "Survey sent: 07/20/12" and next to it it will say "your response" click on it and fill your application!

      great Job Peter. keep up the good work. hope i will get mine before Christmas.

    22. Missing avatar

      edward priddy on

      Just out of curiosity, when should the first backers be expecting their Cookoo? I have a business trip in mid December, and I was really hoping to have it before then.


    23. Missing avatar

      Husain on

      I still have no email asking me for my address and shipping money... Gonna be an international delivery for me... I am a backer for the keychain...