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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
2,560 backers pledged $305,393 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Peter Murárik on

      Hi-My NOKIA Lumia 920 (WP8) already support Bluethoot 4.0
      It will be connected Cookoo watch?

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      Johan on

      So did anyone get a shipping notice?

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      Johan on

      Are we going to get an email with tracking? I've been having a very bad time with things getting lost recently.

      How do we also verify our shipping address?

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      Jake on

      Yeah, not at all happy about this either. Focus less on iOS and more on finding ways to make this work with Android. It owns over 50% of the market share in the US and a bit more than that worldwide.. yet you're spending the time getting thru the iOS Appstore approval process?

      I'd take diminished battery lifetime as a concession for having this work with Android.. because it's completely worthless to me otherwise.

      Really wish you guys had been a little more straightforward with this at the beginning. To be honest, I'm feeling a little like I got scammed here.. and I know I'm not alone in that. I can tell you that I certainly wouldn't have backed this product if I knew it was going to be iOS-only on release.

      At the very least, provide a timeline. It really sucks waiting months for something only to find out as they go into production that I dropped cash on a product I can't even use.

    5. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @All - some interesting new news on the Android Bluetooth 4.0 front. Stay tuned for the technical update...

    6. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Android users - as noted - I will be posting an update just for you with both a technical description of what we have accomplished to-date, what is still to be done, and where the underlying technical issues lie that have yet to be resolved, along with a call to action for Android users who may be able to assist in resolving them. Once the underlying Bluetooth 4.0 issues has been resolved, we see no issue at this time in delivering the full experience promised at the onset of the project.
      @Dirk - we are committed as before to offering the full experience (SMS, email, etc.) to all of our users both Android and iOS, with the goal of adding Windows Phone 8 as well. As members of the iOS developer community we cannot comment on what may or may not be coming in future releases of the iOS.
      @Yiangos - with respect to the Kickstarter edition watch - we clarified early in the project to backers that 1000 such watches would be built (due to factory minimum order quantities) and that we would make them available in our store to Kickstarter backers only (e.g. those who have backed one or more Kickstarter projects). We also clarified that some proceeds from the sale of each watch go to sponsoring other Kickstarter projects. Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency in the messaging on the store however, and we will clarify this in our store listing and messaging, and ensure that we apply the criteria universally and correctly.
      @Joshua, pzboyz, and Mr. Shantyboat and all who have sent messages of encouragement or stepped-in when I was unable to respond to questions yet due to travel etc. - thank you for your continued support.

    7. DirkZ on


      "Due to some current iOS restrictions that are out of our control, receiving an email, alarm, or receiving an SMS on your phone does not yet trigger an alert on your watch..."

      Are these features already announced to come in future iOS updates? Or is this still unclear by you and will you add them to the app IF apple will support them in future?

    8. Yiangos Stylianou on

      i was under the impression that the green on black Kickstarter edition will only be available for Kickstarters and yet on your website you have the a watch with code CD-COOKOO-KICKSTARTER-01 for sale. is the difference only that it is numbered?

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      Joshua Giglio on

      Everyone needs to calm down. You're acting like Peter said he's scrapping the connectivity all together and all we'll be getting is a watch that just tells time. Sure, it stinks that delivery is slipping, but isn't this the nature of progression from prototype to production? We get the watch at a discounted price and if you're not willing to take the risk you should have never backed in the first place and just wait till it's mass produced and buy it at its full retail value. Software issues is the easy part to fix, since they can do it remotely and fix all the watches at once. I'm just happy there's no hardware issues at the moment, since that is much more costly and it will require us to send the watches back for repair.

      At the end of the day, all I want is a product that functions as promised and until he fails to deliver that, I have no problem backing this project @ the discounted price.

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      pzboyz on

      @Stephen. The reason for using single mode BT4 on Cookoo, compared to dual mode BT4.0 as Pebble does, is so that the battery life of Cookoo can be measured in many months rather than a few weeks.

      And the fact that Android is open, means companies have added their own various ways of adding API's for Bluetooth to their phones and they have been done in different ways. Some phones from the same company even have different API's.

    11. Mr. Shantyboat on

      Thanks Peter. I look forward to getting my watch. Throughout this process you have been a very good communicator.. and have clearly worked hard. There are a lot of people who are happily looking forward to this watch... and... I feel certain that the Android folks will be taken care of. Thank you.

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      Bryan Bell on

      so dissapointing..very weary of kickstarter now. OH BTW THE MAIN FUNCTIONALITY DOESNT WORK SO ITS JUST A BIG ASS WATCH NOW.

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      Eric Yew on

      I'm sure there must be away for the app to tap into Android and allow it to talk to the watch. The watch will seriously be pointless for me without Android support. Root level hack maybe? Android is open source after all..

    14. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @All - I can assure you that any delay in announcing app limitations was not intended in any way to mislead backers nor any of our customers. This is a new, innovative product based on cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.0 technology and we have been resolving technical issues throughout the entire project. We did not feel that it would be beneficial to backers to share each and every issue that we encountered and had to overcome as it just creates additional support work for our small development team, and have instead been working through the issues methodically. Now that the hardware was nearing production readiness, our team had to either ship with these limitations or delay the entire project. We opted to ship. Our goal from the onset and still now has been to ship a great watch with support for all of the features (including email and SMS) on both platforms. As for the technical limitations announced yesterday - these were beyond our control and were not evident at the onset of the project or were deemed to be resolvable within the development schedule. We remain committed to resolving these and to shipping app updates as soon as we do.
      @David - the watch still functions as a watch regardless of whether it is connected to an app, but notifications require a connected app to be present.
      @All - I will post a technical update explaining the Android Bluetooth 4.0 situation in detail. For those interested in the deeper technical discussion, this will help explain the challenges and what has been attempted to overcome them. Hopefully this will clear the air and help refocus the passion that we share for creating a great COOKOO experience with the Android platform on a solution for the current issues.
      @Court Campion - the Pebble and Metawatch (and others) use classic Bluetooth technology to support connectivity with the mobile phone and thus require frequent recharging.

    15. David Vo on

      I am confused how difficult Android support could be. Like others have said, Android is many times more open than iOS. I have a Motorola MOTOACTV sports watch and it can talk to an app on my Android phone just fine. It can display weather, SMS (text messages), etc.

    16. David Vo on

      Sorry if this was answered before but is this watch completely worthless without the companion mobile app? I am an Android user and thought that Android support was a given. I want my watch but not if it's a paperweight.

    17. Court Campion on

      Why is it that Pebble has demonstrated both texts and email coming from an iOS device over bluetooth but you guys can't get it figured out?

      Please add me to the list of those curious about refunds. From what I've seen so far I am just let down.

    18. Varun Nangia on

      I see you dodged all the questions about possible refunds.

      Please, stop with the self-aggrandizement (really, "piranha"?) and answer our requests. This is really not acceptable.

    19. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @All - You do not need to upgrade your firmware in order to support future apps and notifications.  The COOKOO Watch is designed to receive all of the notifications listed in my last comment and will be able to receive them as soon as we have released the respective notification's support in our apps.  
      We had to decide whether to ship now, or delay shipment until the phone OS limitations could all be resolved or worked-around.  We opted to ship now and update the apps quickly to add support for additional notifications as soon as the support has been thoroughly tested.

      @Android users - We really appreciate the Android community's offer to help find a solution to the Bluetooth 4.0 limitations we are encountering and will craft a more technical brief to developers via the developer sites and forums (with a link in an update on Kickstarter) for those who may be able to assist in finding workarounds and resolutions.

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Piercey on

      Glad I only put in at the lower funding for this then. Giant paperweight. The main functionality for me, and I assume most users, was the SMS and email alert. I doubt I'd even be able to sell it off to an iOS user at this point, especially since the market will be flooded with people who don't want it anymore.

      This just seems like a joke and poor planning on your part, Peter. What is available for each system is clearly defined. Hell, Android's system is much more open then iOS' to begin with, why is it that you needed to go with BT4 anyway? Just to be on the newest version, just to say you are? Is there something specific in BT4 that you needed for this watch? I'm a developer myself but haven't used bluetooth since the initial iPhone, I had 0 trouble sending any data that I needed between devices and in the worst cases I would send formatted strings that could be parsed and turned into anything on the other device. Was this option not available to you? You couldn't just send a string that says "email" and have the watch recognize that? Seems like the easiest thing to do to me, and doesn't require the newest versions of bluetooth to accomplish.

      Great idea, just the wrong man for the execution.

    21. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      @Yiangos, cookoo was always a single mode BT4.0 device which could never talk to a 3.0 device.

    22. Court Campion on

      Haha the only reason I bought a Cookoo is for SMS, email and alerts. Now I'm being old those wont work. I knew the SMS thing but still. Oh well. Another kickstarter purchase that will see no use.

    23. Will Hahn on

      Wonderful. On the same day I upgrade to a Nexus 4, you announce that you won't be supporting Android for the time being.

    24. Jeffrey Thomas on

      If we need to change the mailing address we previously provided, how do we best do so? I've just recently moved and definitely don't want to miss out on the watch. Thanks!

    25. Norris Pyle on

      Will you be providing an email update with tracking information when watch has shipped? Just curious to know how I'll know when my ships--and would like to be able to track.

    26. Yiangos Stylianou on

      what happens if my watch has only Bluetooth 3.0?
      will the watch still be usable?

    27. Yiangos Stylianou on

      @peter unfortunately android updates, even for newer phone take a long time for them to come out,
      in other words the watch will be pretty damn useless for most android users.
      never the less i am still waiting with excitement for mine to come and feel that your are doing your best to deliver what you have promised.
      do you have a timeline for delivery for the Kickstarter edition watch?

    28. Eric Falsken

      To those missing email notifications, use the GMail app, and the notifications will work fine. It's just the built-in mail app that won't work, for now.

    29. Jaan Hua on

      Hmm... Really quite disappointed. Lucky I still keep my 4s as backup. SGS S3 useless it then :(

      If SMS notification doesn't work, how bout whatapps??

    30. Michael Gardner

      As an iOS customer, I'm disappointed to find out NOW that email alerts are not currently being supported. I understood about not being able to receive SMS alerts, but one of the key features you make in the video is about receiving email alerts...

      While it's too late for me to back out of my commitment to this product, I will think twice about supporting future endeavors....


    31. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      Peter, what provision has been made to allow users to perform firmware updates on the Cookoo watch if that is required in the future to make the device work with Android devices?

      Peter wrote: " Unfortunately, we were misled by the claimed support in the recently launched phones ..."

      Well no, you made the mistake that the API you require for the your Applications to work would be there, the phone makers purely claimed they have included BT 4.0 chips, that was all.

      Going forward Cookoo should concentrate on using the Broadcom API's, they have a large market share for phones with BT 4.0, maybe the BlueZ support will better by then.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bryan Bell on

      So couldnt you have actually checked to make sure ios and android were actually capable of those features? No sms alerts is lame and i doubt you know of workarounds.

    33. William B Cross on

      Give me a break. If it won't work with Android, it is pointless for me. Unless you can define when it will work on Android with a timeframe that is not ridiculous, don't send the watch, send the REFUND. Stop spending money of Android backers. REFUND. That is as respectfully and considerate as I can express my thoughts.

    34. Missing avatar

      Darcy on

      Peter - With this update I really suggest you update your website and be very clear about the lack of Android support as well as SMS/Email alerts (which would be my personal main use for this product). Not having that support/functionality is a HUGE disappointment, and while it's appreciated that you keep us in the loop, these sorts of things should be very clear on your site for people pre-ordering as in it's current state it's misleading. I'm excited to see what becomes of this project but it seems every update is just another "we are ready to ship soon" or excuse for some other feature not being available...not trying to be harsh, just saying what I'm sure is on everyone's mind.

    35. Missing avatar

      Robert Lewis on

      I am an Android user, and would prefer not to receive the unit at all until further developments are made with the app. I too would have never backed you, Peter, had I known. But hey, everyone here needs to realize that when you invest in an entity it is a crapshoot; sometimes it's just a bad bet. Perhaps that sometimes applies here.

    36. Eric J Winston

      Why can you not add suport for Bluetooth 2.1 like the Meta. I pledge $500 based on you telling me it would run Android. It is unacceptable to come out right before the product launch and tell a large percentage of your supporters they get a great watch that does nothing!. You guys need to either decide to refund money or come up with a reason that we should still suport you. I do not want watches that will sit in there boxes until you get around to figuring this out.

    37. Jacey Lim on

      Peter, I definitely agree with Varun here. Not only is this extremely disappointing at this point in time since we were promised November delivery. I'd rather have a refund or at least an option to delay shipment if a refund is not possible. I believe a huge majority of us backers are big tech consumers and we know that given several months there may be future updates made to the production of the watch thus us Android users will have the most updated watch at time of shipment and of course with the best compatibility of Android. Please think about giving this option. I believe this option is very easily achieved by requesting backers to notify you through kickstarter.

    38. Paul M. Branson on

      Peter, I'm yet another disappointed Android user. What do you mean "without resetting expectations?" How is it not resetting my expectations when the smart watch is just a normal watch due to the utter lack of an app for Android users. The Cuckoo has gone from smart watch to just a bulky watch, that's about as big as a reset as can be. Without an app of even limited initial functionality and some timeline for improvement, I have no desire to own your product. Please let me know if you will be able to offer refunds as I don't need or want another "dumb" watch, regardless of its potential capabilities).

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Peter, add me to the list of disappointed Android users.

      As others have said below, some indication of the exact problem and Google defect report would be helpful so we can bump it up the priority list or perhaps allow others to help with a workaround.

    40. Nathan Scott on


      Deal with it.

    41. Varun Nangia on

      Peter, this hasn't just made me upset about pledging at the tier I did, but also made me question my commitment to finding and supporting interesting projects on Kickstarter. The watch and the keychain are both useless without the app. For those of us who bought phones specifically with BT4.0 support, to tell us this late in the game the device is going to be an expensive paperweight reflects some pretty awful communication skills. As Kristian below noted, even if the update ships today with the Nexus line, the updates may never filter to the GS3 and other devices because of manufacturer and carrier delays.

      Given this, you should at least broach the topic of offering refunds for those who can't use the device.

      (And no, switching to an iOS device is out of the question, even if the project was buying and sending them.)

    42. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @All Android Users - I share your disappointment at the current state of the support for Bluetooth 4.0 in the first generation "Bluetooth 4.0 enabled" Android phones. Unfortunately, we were misled by the claimed support in the recently launched phones, and have been working with both the manufacturers and Android and Bluetooth experts alike to resolve the issues we have encountered. I can assure you that we will continue to seek workarounds for these limitations with the same vigor as we have every other obstacle in this project, but at this time, with watches nearing delivery, we simply could not ship product to you, our backers, without resetting expectations, nor delay shipment of the watches to iOS backers on account of an Android issue. We believe that a workaround exists and once found, will immediately publish the Android app and are sorry to disappoint you by not having an app available at this time.

      @iOS users - We appreciate and share your disappointment as well at not being able to ship with SMS and email notification support at launch. We announced early-on that there may be limitations with SMS notifications, and still plan on shipping workarounds in the interim, however, the ideal solution - integrated email and SMS support - is dependent upon iOS support.

      @All - please note that all hardware comes with support for the following notifications:

      * Simple alerts (single beep)
      * SMS / MMS
      * Email
      * Voicemail
      * News
      * Calendar / Schedule alerts
      * Incoming calls
      * High priority alerts
      * Missed calls
      * Instant messages
      * Alarms
      * Low and critical battery

      These are exposed via the "Features" screen in the COOKOO App. In time, all of these alerts will be made available through apps (both our own and those of others) in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.

      As there are dependencies on the phone OSs, behaviors between phone platforms will vary.

      We are committed to you, the backers, and will find workarounds, create new experience, and enhance existing experiences with each new app update and on each new phone OS.

      Thank you again for your understanding, and we look forward to shipping you your watches soon.

      - Peter

      p.s. for those who wish to delay shipment of their watches on account of the Android app not being available yet, we are investigating best options and will respond with another update.

    43. Miles on

      @Peter Just be open with the EXACT issues you are having - you'll be blown away by how much help and support you'd get from the community simply by opening yourself up in this way.. If you're struggling with notification intents or any other item, then SAY SO. Help will surely be given.

    44. Kristian Aasgård on

      "or an update provided by Google"

      Unless you have a Nexus phone you might not get any updates from Google at all, or it could take several months after Google releases the update. This is not looking very promising, and I doubt I would've pledged at the current tier if I knew our new Android phones (among the ones listed as supported) won't work with the watch.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      That's a huge blow for Android users.

      Have you raised a defect at… or is there an existing defect? Please provide the details and we can star up the defect so that we can up-star to help the issue get prioritised.

    46. Miles on

      Unfortunately, I have to say this is what I expected. The vague descriptions of the software capabilities right from the start of the project set off alarm bells, and I have to be honest and say I think I was right on this one, although not having the Android portion working baffles me - Android's notification system is MUCH more open than on iOS, it should be a piece of cake to do (ref: Pebble). I guess I'm more disappointed that you weren't clearer from the start Peter on EXACTLY what you had figured out before launching.. You should have KNOWN what was supported on each system and if you were going to have issues with the software. The pebble guys knew and were transparent, rather than dumping it their users last second. I'm ok because I only went for the keychain, so i'm not too fussed, but your larger backers deserve that transparency. I DO thank you for your hard work and for bringing the project to life - I'd just like to see more honesty and transparency in the future :) just friendly criticism, nothing more :) cheers!

    47. X to the M on

      Really excited for this paperweight to android will be thrilled.

    48. Dane Stokes on

      Is there a way I can find out which shipment phase I am in so I can roughly figure out my Shipment and receiving date


    49. Missing avatar

      Will Johnston on

      Thanks for the updates but very disappointing to hear about the Android app. How can I get the delivery delayed until the software is sorted? Don't really want to sit with something I cannot use. Hope you can get it sorted soon - good luck!

    50. Missing avatar

      raghucares on

      I am very much disappointed too. The plan was to show off the watch as soon as it's been received and now I will have hard time explaining to people what it actually does (when it's not doing anything). Hopefully it will be out by the end of the month or at least for Christmas! Good luck bro!