cookoo™ - the watch for the connected generation

by Peter Hauser

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    1. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      a similar picture (size&angle) would be nice for the stainless steel on black watch, as a prototype already exists for that version

    2. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Bakker on

      Or just post high quality pictures of all the watches :)

    3. Felipe Mylla de Carli on

      ... and?? what I have to do to go to the party??

    4. Stefanie J. Blue on

      Where can I find this party package?
      It sounds awesome btw. I always wanted to see Hong Kong - and this would be perfect!

    5. jornnylee on

      meet your suppliers in HONGKONG?? it is means ,watch made in china? becareful illegal copy!!!

    6. Marco Aventajado on

      Can I pick up my watch in the Cookoo release party if I am in HK as well?

    7. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @All - Thanks as always for your support. As the logistics of the party crystalize, we will see what we can do for backers who want to make their way over there themselves. Regarding the pictures, we'll do what we can to post more shots.
      @jomnylee - thanks for your concern. We are fortunate to have good, reliable partners, but your concern is duly noted and all too often, warranted.

    8. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on

      In the picture above, maybe the hour and minute hands should have a small bit of colour to make them easy to see.

    9. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @pzboyz - the hour and the minute hands will be tritium / luminescent. The second hand will be thin and unobtrusive and will blend somewhat with the background.