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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
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    1. Ariel Shtul on

      Can you provide more details about the keychain? Dimension? Attributes?

    2. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Anthony - The cool thing is that you CAN find your keys from your phone - you simply send a "find my keys" alert to your phone from the Connected App (like you would if you misplaced your watch).

    3. Anthony nguyen on

      Should add a feature where u can find ur keys(keyring) with the watch!! That would b cool! I always lose my keys

    4. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @LuiGirl - my pleasure.

    5. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Barry - Yes, you can use the phone to find your keychain.

    6. LuiGirl on

      Thanks for the info Peter!

    7. Barry Sewell on

      Hi Peter how is it going? I'm interested in the keychain but can you confirm if you can use your phone to find the keychain.

    8. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @LuiGirl--Your watch and keychain will be delivered separately--the keychains are expected to arrive in September, and the watches in November.

    9. LuiGirl on

      If I add the keychain to my current pledge, will I be receiving the keychain in September and the watch in November or the keychain will come with the watch in November? Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      LowSky on

      I decided to grabbed the Holiday version and add a keychain. I wanted the Stainless and now the keychain so it seems like a deal to grab it that way and get the watch a little later than the original release.

    11. Peter Hauser Creator on

      @Jacey - yes - the keychain and watch can work independently or be connected at the same time to the same smartphone.
      @christina - unfortunately, if your mobile phone is powered OFF, there is no Bluetooth 4.0 connection and thus the "find my phone" feature will not work. Your phone needs to be powered ON and in the vicinity (e.g. connected).
      @anthony - simply add $23 (plus shipping if applicable) to your watch order.

    12. Missing avatar

      Antony CARRILLO on

      did I take the watch with 80$, how I can add the keychain with 23$?

    13. Christina

      Can the Cuckoo keychain find a cell phone if the phone is turned off? This is usually when I am trying to find it. Otherwise if it is on it just requires me to call the cell phone to hear it ringing somewhere in my house. :-)

    14. Jacey Lim on

      Hi Peter, great update! It says the keychain will complement the watch. But does it work as a standalone bluetooth accessory (without the watch)? I know some friends who doesn't wear watches but they'll definitely put one on their keys. Which would make this an awesome gift. Thanks

    15. Charles Blalock on

      Pictures look great. Hope this ends some of the grumbling over size.

    16. Missing avatar

      faser on

      Hi Peter, can you be a bit more specific on the Keychain. Like will it be also BT4, what size, battery life, how much buttons,....

    17. Dom Stevens

      Does the keychain make noise? You've listed that the keychain can act as a phone finder, but it would be awesome if you could also use the phone as a keychain finder as I misplace my keys much more often than my phone.