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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
2,560 backers pledged $305,393 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Don Mallicoat on

      @Jevon, demands vs feedback. Kickstarter is a two way street of communication for a company to have conversations with consumers and potential consumers on a product before it's official release. Kickstarter is not just about raising funds, but getting feedback. Crowd source pre-product vetting is invaluable and was one of the reasons we brought our tod Smart Beacon to Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Size is not an issue. This watch is similar in size to all the bluetooth watches I've owned or seen. This team is going to produce a great product, and I am going to enjoy both of the watches I pledged for.

    3. Barnaby Durell on

      @Andrew so you want a watch as thin as a standard casio digital watch but with all the functionality as described in the product? my suggestion is design one with components, that to the consumer cost less than $100 , to the same spec but thinner than this watch. I am extremely happy with my pledge and the company that make the products, remember we're not just pledging for this product but for future ones like this were improvements can be made. Also if you saw the pledge video you had a good understanding of the initial size of the product as they repeatedly showed you people wearing them.

    4. Jevon Archie on

      @Andrew. Why would one not read what they a pledging for? The problem with Kickstarter is people think they can make demands. We can't, they don't need to change anything on the watch that they originally shown.

      I would quote Kenny Powers here, but i rather not be crude.

    5. Timothy Hyde on

      For those that are familiar with Invicta men's watches, they are typically 17mm think and 48mm long. They are big, but they tell time. There's functionality here that makes up for the size, and it's not out of the norm from a fashion standpoint. I'm confident the team will continue to reduce the size as well prior to full production.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      @Jevon: Some of us pledged before there were specs available. Now that the bulk of the watch is known, we're expressing that the size is unacceptable. There are still 36 days before the end of this Kickstarter to do a redesign to prevent some of us from having to drop our pledges.

      The packaging does look very nice.

    7. Ganesh Kumar Upahyaya on

      Can ` t we connect with i phone 4?

    8. Sajat Jain on

      Hey!! Can't wait for the watch to arrive. Just one concern though, for people with small wrists like me 44mm is a little too long. I guess nothing can be done about it but still if in some way you could incorporate the different wrist sizes that would be great.

    9. Jevon Archie on

      Can people stop bitchin' about the thickness. You either pledge or you don't. Some of you know nothing about watches.

      Oh and the packaging is just perfect.

    10. Kelvin Tong on

      Keep working on it guys! Woohoo!

    11. Jose Marcelino on

      Wow genius packaging idea!

      I was measuring my thickest watch, one of those crazy TokyoFlash ones and it's a similar thickness to this. The difference is it's tapered, only the centre is this think. But I guess I can live with this.

    12. Shawn Stubbs on

      Very cool idea for the packaging!

      Now if only there was a way to make the watch thinner. Though, I can sympathize with the difficulty since you are trying to basically cram a watch movement, Bluetooth module, and 2 batteries into a small package.

      Have you looked into a thinner movement for the watch? Skagen watches are extremely thin and the movement used in those may be beneficial.

    13. Missing avatar

      HO YEUNG on

      I love the design, but 16.3mm is still too thick. It would look like a toy on my hand.

    14. Sajid Fakir

      Really niiiiiiiicee!!!!!!

    15. John Sharps on

      Great work and I love the packaging idea!

    16. Nfreeman on

      Just have to say... The Cookoo team rocks. Can't wait until November :-D

    17. Missing avatar

      Prerak on

      Great Job team!! I really would love it to be more slimmer now I have upgrade to couples pledge.

    18. Jimmie Tyrrell on

      I LOVE the packaging. I can't wait to hang that up outside. Great work cuckoo team, .7mm is an impressive reduction. Remember, every millimeter you shave off this thing will directly increase the success of the product . Your hard work will prove fruitful - thin is in!

    19. Kabir Oberoi on

      Perfect, that's the way to go, I still suggest considering using a small solar cell and rechargeable battery attached to that solar cell you would achieving your idea of long battery life and reducing the profile, by the way I love the packing, my pledge stays on for now hoping we can reduce the profile even more,
      Thank you Peter, and thank you to your team

    20. Arron Hirst on

      Glad to hear the team was able to shave some of that thickness off, Peter! - Retail packaging looks great, too. In for the $50 "Early Bird." Is it October yet? ;)