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Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.
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Replaceable Watch Straps and Easy to Access Batteries

Posted by Peter Hauser (Creator)

Hello All,

Thank you for helping us achieve 75% of our funding goal!

For those of you who live in the USA, I hope that you had a great Memorial Day weekend.

Like many of you, I took a few hours to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. For me, this meant hiking up nearby Mount Si with my family.  Unfortunately, the hike was accompanied by our infamous Pacific Northwest weather. Due to the rain showers, I wasn’t able to pull out my phone at the summit to check-in as I normally would—at least not without soaking my phone.

I wish I had been wearing my cookoo™ watch. I can’t wait for our waterproof test units!

I also spent some time over the weekend reading your comments and messages and working with our technical team to address your questions and concerns.

I have some exciting updates based on your input!

The new drop strap design is interchangeable - this means that you can swap it with any 22mm wide by 2.8mm thick watch strap.

The second battery is now accessible through the battery hatch - this means that you can easily replace both batteries yourself.

We have the final dimensions for the watch - Though slightly larger than originally anticipated, I think that you'll be happy with the team's efforts to keep the elegant design and support for all of the great features.  The dimensions are posted on the main page.

Check out cookoo™ watch page for the latest pictures!

Thanks again for your continued support and I look forward to providing another update soon.

- Peter

p.s. If you think this project is cool, please tell your friends about ut.  Also, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook or check out our website at

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    1. Xavier F on

      Great feedback. I think that would be an amazing addition to the design of the watch. Please consider it Peter!

    2. Peter Hauser Creator on

      Hi All, thanks all for your comments.

      @Paul, Brandon, Jose - great idea! How the COMMAND button actions are used is configurable in the app - so we'll think about it. With enough backing, we may be able to do it or maybe there's a developer who wants to make a sports app for the watch...
      @Heri - the watch face is an LCD with defined logos as our goal was to bring elegance and simplicity back to the smart watch.


    3. Heri Sim

      Is the watch face just a simple LCD cutout, or a real epaper with many pixels than can form different logos?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jose zamarripa on

      So Brandon, I'll let you know where to send my watch when you receive it

    5. Missing avatar

      Jose zamarripa on

      There could be the possibility of using your Phone as the stop watch and using the command button on the watch to control it. Maybe pressing once will start it and stop it and holding it down could reset it. I'm sure it could be developed easily by someone who has experience in developing apps

    6. Brandon Robinson on

      I'll bet my watch that there isn't a chance of that. Where would the start/stop and reset buttons go?

    7. Missing avatar

      PAUL MORTON on

      good luck, is there any possibility that a stop watch feature will be included for those who do not want to change watches in order to exercise