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Learn how to program in a new and fun way with Cubroid! Simply build and connect with Lego blocks and bring creations to life! #Robot
Learn how to program in a new and fun way with Cubroid! Simply build and connect with Lego blocks and bring creations to life! #Robot
Learn how to program in a new and fun way with Cubroid! Simply build and connect with Lego blocks and bring creations to life! #Robot
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    1. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @ Mario Prein

      Dear Mario

      Your phone number is missing.
      Please send me the phone number by email below.

      We will ship it immediately after confirmation.


    2. Mario Prein on

      Hi, i didn‘t get my cubroid package by now. Could you please check that?

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Langston on

      Is anyone else having problems with the responsiveness of blocks? For example, pressing a button to trigger something in scratch code has a significant delay.

      The response I had via email from cubroid was "Since the cubroid communicates wirelessly, there is a slight delay when the sensor detects something. We will study to increase the poll rate."

      The "slight" delay is an understatement in my view and makes it very difficult to build anything interactive. Is there a workaround does anyone know?

    4. Toni Biočić on

      Hi Cubroid team, I need basic help how to connect cubes to the iPhone 6s. All cubes are on, charged and on screen, I can see only SEARCH CUBROID and nothing is happening after that.

      Also, it looks like that Coding app us not optimized if you are using iPhone 6s in ZOOM mode.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lars Marten on

      Hi Cubroid-Team,
      I already enjoy the cubroid kit and the connection to scratch is also working - great work!

      But at the moment there are no hints in the (englisch) documentation how to use/program the automatic operation mode, so it works at the moment in smartphone and scratch mode only, but not without smartphone/computer connection. Is it already possible to use it or will you provide additional tools for that?

      Best regards

    6. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @Dear Ivan Pechorin

      1)Currently, Android, iPhone and iPad are all updated to the same version. Please check out the your iPad's cubroid app again.

      2) The current coding app has a limited number of available modules. So, We are currently developing an application that offers users a high degree of freedom. We will be launching a new controlling application that will be available for iPads on about August 2018.
      Please rooting for us!

      3)Please email me if you would like to purchase more modules.
      We will guide you how to purchase.

      Thank you for your continued support for us.
      We hope you enjoy the cubroid kit!

      Thanks :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ivan Pechorin on

      Hi Cubroid Team,
      Started to play with Cubroid basic kit with my son, we love it!
      Few comments and a question:

      1) iPad Coding app seems to be outdated - doesn't support as many modes as Android one; so we have to use my phone instead of my son's iPad :) can you please bring the iPad app up to date? for instance, currently it's not possible to use 2 x motors + proximity sensor on iPad, but it's available on Android.

      2) Basic kit includes 2x motors, promiximity sensor and LED block, so i think it would be reasonabl to expect the Coding app to support a mode where you have all four blocks together. Currently neither iPad, nor Android Coding app has such code. So we have to choose eiher 2x motors + proximity, or 2x motors + LED, but not all together.

      3) As i understood, programming via Scratch is only possible with the master block. I checked indiegogo - the only option to get master block seems to be buying full premium kit. Same with the "pre-order" button on your web site - it just brings me to indiegogo. Is there any way to buy just master block, or master block + few other sensor blocks, or some other combination that has the master block, other then full Premium kit?

      Keep up the great job, we love what you are doing.


    8. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @ Vladimir Murin

      Sorry for the late update.
      Please download the Scratch User Guide from the following link.
      If you have any questions, please send an email at any time point.


    9. Missing avatar

      Vladimir Murin on

      Hi Cubroid Team,

      Hurray! I'v got my cubroid set today .... but I am pretty disappointed not be able to use the scratch mode, as all scratch blocks are in Korean. :((
      Also there is no English instructions for scratch.

      What is you timeline to provide an English scratch version?


    10. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @Toni Biočić
      Hi, Toni
      We have confirmed your updated address.
      Thank you.

    11. Toni Biočić on

      Hey guys, I again changed my address. Can you please update it in your system prior the shipping. thanks

    12. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @Vladimir Murin

      We sincerely apologize for not shipping out your orders within the promised schedule.
      We are improving some problems related to Scratch program linkage.
      Production is almost over and now we need to do firmware updates and quality assurance testing.

      I'll post a detailed schedule for the update soon.
      I am very sorry if the delivery is delayed.


    13. Missing avatar

      Vladimir Murin on

      Hi guys,
      could you please add FAQ section about "How I will be informed about shipping", "Will I get a tracking number (and how)"
      And one more question: is it already known which pledges/countries/etc will be shipped at first?

      Thanks in advance

    14. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @EF Millis Woodworks
      We are working hard for delivery at the end of this month.
      It is currently being assembled and will be shipped sequentially from the end of March to the beginning of April. Sorry for the delay.

    15. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      Delivery starts sequentially from the end of March.
      We will update tracking number on delivery.
      Sorry for the delay.

    16. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      Delivery will start from the end of March.
      Sorry for the delay.

    17. Missing avatar

      EF Millis Woodworks

      Is the March shipping going to occur or will it be delayed?

    18. Missing avatar

      NICK on

      sorry shipping

    19. Missing avatar

      NICK on

      when are you shipped

    20. Missing avatar

      seungshik,shin on

      Hello, I want to know the status about shipping my pledge.

    21. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @Toni Biočić : OK! We have confirmed your changed address. Thank you.

    22. Toni Biočić on

      hey guys, initially I paid $30 for shipping to Serbia but now I change that to the UK. Is that ok?

    23. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @CHOI ILRAK: Please check the update. Sorry for the delay in delivery. Thanks :)

    24. Missing avatar

      CHOI ILRAK on

      when can i get my Premium kit?

    25. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @hailaender : We will post an update new package and progress next week, stay tuned!

    26. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @b4market: In case of Premium kit, there are '8 module blocks' need to be charged. Module blocks need to be charged with a USB cable, but you don't need to charge the shape blocks. The blocks communicate each other via built-in Bluetooth connection. Once you charge the blocks for 2 hours, you can use them freely for 6-8 hours. If blocks are left powered off, you can use them after two months.

    27. b4market

      how many usb ports would I need to charge all blocks?

    28. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @b4market : Thank you for comment! The kids who are around 4 to 8 years old can play Cubroid by utilizing application through smart devices. and the others who are older than 8 can play with Scratch mode.

    29. b4market

      what age it is suited for?

    30. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @vivian : Cubroid is made of polycarbonate. It is harmless to the body. And is a material that has heat resistance and impact strength. So, it is safe for young kids.
      @Jung-kwon Park : We met many kids who sick of coding material easily. Cubroid is designed to easy to use and have a fun. Control App, coding app, and in-depth coding program 'Scratch' will help kids learn coding step by step easily and fun way. Also, it is compatible with lego. Children will love it.
      @hongcha : Thanks for the comment. We can say that Cubroid is a perfect coding toy. Kids can learn how to code while they are playing. It will give you and your kids a wonderful experience.

    31. Missing avatar

      vivian on

      My 4 year old daughter wants this, but is it safe material?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jung-kwon Park on

      Children will love it.

    33. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @Byungsun Kim Thanks for the comment :) I'm glad you like it.

    34. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @Autonomous Smart Office Thanks for the comment. Many kids are afraid of coding. With Cubroid, It will be a great time for kids to learn how to code.

    35. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @김정희 We did a field test in institutions and schools to make Cubroid perfect. We saw many parents and kids like playing with Cubroid. Your son will love it!

    36. Cubroid 2-time creator on

      @김기만 Your son will love Cubroid. It is compatible with LEGO. So, not only him but also you can enjoy it. Have a great time with Cubroid!

    37. Missing avatar

      hongcha on

      I think it will be really educational and fun. I'd like to try it fast.

    38. Autonomous Smart Office on

      I'm glad coding is being brought to the attention of education. It was so distanced in the early stages of my education growing up that I was too intimidated to try it. This is an excellent idea to stimulate curiosity and discovery!

    39. Autonomous Smart Office on

      I'm glad coding is being brought to the attention of education. It was so distanced in the early stages of my education growing up that I was too intimidated to try it. This is an excellent idea to stimulate curiosity and discovery!

    40. Missing avatar

      김정희 on

      Your project looks amazing. my own 5 year old, will love this.

    41. Missing avatar

      Byungsun Kim on

      It's a great thing. love it.

    42. Missing avatar

      김기만 on

      It's incredible smart coding block.
      I will play with my son :)