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The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
11,617 backers pledged $387,345 to help bring this project to life.

Update 27: Kickstarter Recap

Posted by Crytivo Games (Creator)

Dive into the past

With the sweet sensation of success still resonating strongly, we want to take a look back at a few of the major updates for those just joining us now. Not only have we had quite the adventure here on Kickstarter, but we are lucky enough to be walking away with a lot of new friends! The updates will range from gameplay to the various new tiers we added. Let’s begin! 

New Reward Updates 

We announced that all higher level tiers will automatically receive the content found in lower tiers (except for the multiple key tiers such as $35, $55, and $70)! 
Update 2 covered some of the very first add-ons you can add to pledges if you want a particular item. Additional game copies, T-Shirts, the soundtrack, and so on.
Update 5 brought the very first exclusive Kickstarter designs to the campaign as well as the awesome USB. The items will look and feel different from those that are found in-game and can be unlocked instantly upon reaching the appropriate era. 
Similar content was also announced in Update 25 for the Guard-Satellite Star Keeper, Observatory- Luna 1987, and the Fully Loaded Discovery Rover. 
There will be an option to disable the immediate unlock option for this kind of in-game content, allowing you to earn them yourself if you so wish.
$35 Guard-Satellite Star Keeper
$40 Crytivo Industries Lab Extension.
$45 Observatory-Luna 1987
$60 Exclusive Mystery Planet
$65 Fully Loaded Discovery Rover
$80 Receive a rocket-shaped USB Drive
$120 (250 limited) Design your own custom sign
*All of the in-game content is unlockable in the full game regardless of purchase. However, all Kickstarter backers at these tiers or higher will receive a Kickstarter-exclusive design that will make them stand out from everyone else. They can also unlock this content instantly in-game if they so choose.

We revealed the T-Shirt designs and add-ons in Update 11!

To add a T-Shirt to your order will be an additional $35 on your pledge (+$10 shipping for international backers. If you are already paying for shipping, the first additional T-Shirt shipping is free!).

Included in $100 tier!
Included in $100 tier!

Update 13 brought news of the Official Physical Artbook and Strategy guide tiers.

In Update 17 we announced the $15 Early Prototype add-on for anyone who would like a good look at the visuals of the planet and a few early tracks from the soundtrack. It is meant to act as a bit of a gap-closer between now and the first actual alpha release and is completely optional.


We highly recommend checking out all of our gameplay reveals! There is some very awesome info on offer that will answer many of your questions and teach you more about what to expect.

Update 10: Prometheus In-Game Engine™

 This update showcased the first details of our ambitious in-game simulation engine (we are building the main game with Unity3D, just to clarify).

 Update 15: Gameplay Details

 Update 15 hit the update section with a first look at some of the gameplay details that can be expected when starting the game up for the first time.

 Update 18: In-Game Object Editor

 Update 18 revealed that the in-game Object Editor had become an official feature that we just couldn’t leave unmade. What did we put in place of this stretch goal? Dinosaurs! Be sure to find out more.

 Update 24: Planet Discovery and Colonization

 This update took you on a journey to the stars, showcasing how you would go about colonizing randomly-generated planets in the Space Era.Think yourself worthy to rule a vast galactic empire? Now’s your chance!

 Additional Highlights

We announced that we had been Greenlit within 7 days in Update 3! That was the first of many surprises that occurred during the Kickstarter.  
As a result, all backers will receive BOTH a Steam key and the DRM-free version of the game to download from our website!

 Update 7: Community Labs

In Update 7, the Community Labs Initiative was officially announced! This allows the community to help provide feedback and suggestions on different topics we will post over the course of the game’s development. It is only a part of how we want you all to participate in the future!

Update 12 just offered a bit of clarification about what the $15 2 week early beta period entails.

Update 20: Release Roadmap

Update 20 showcased our Release Roadmap. This will give you a good idea of how we plan to release the game over the next two years! The end of the timeline is at 2016, indicating that we hope to have the game fully released by the end of 2015. Be sure to check it out!

Update 26: Thank you

This was the update we were just so incredibly happy to make. You guys made it all happen through your continuous support and dedication. Please read the update to see what we had to say!

That is all for the recap! There are more updates in-between that you can check out, but these are some of the most important.

That aura of awesomeness you guys have got going is pretty bright. Don’t turn it off for anyone!

Keep on keepin on everyone!


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    1. Jason Garner on

      Awesome update and thank you for again clarifying that players who purchase the Kickstarter exclusive items (Defense sat, Planetary Rover, Cowtivo Skyscaper etc) can choose to earn them via research OR have them as an instant unlock if they so wish, I think this was a very important choice for the player to have :-)

      Now to get us some Dinosaurs.

    2. Crytivo Games Creator on

      Yes the USB is included in the $100 tier! We added a few after the initial rewards which does make the images and reward tiers a little confusing, but we are doing our best to clarify. You do receive ALL previous rewards from the tier you back in, unless it is a standalone multi-key tier like the $35, $55, or $70.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike East on

      @Dragonbait Exactly. A metric ton of reward levels, but they're not very clear at all. Guess we'll find out!

    4. Dragonbait

      @Mike I would guess it does as the $80 level has it, even though the diagram of included items doesn't list it?? Don't think I've seen a campaign with more confused reward levels :-\

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike East on

      So I got in at the $90 early bird discount for the $100 pledge. Does that include that awesome USB drive (seeing as it states it includes all content from the previous tier) or is that an optional extra?

      Either way, congrats with reaching the goal. Can't wait to give the game a spin!

    6. Missing avatar

      Hugo Payerne on

      I have just one question about the planet : Will the earth planet be playable ? Because we can see one earth picture in an update