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The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
11,617 backers pledged $387,345 to help bring this project to life.

Update 25: New Reward Tiers

Posted by Crytivo Games (Creator)

Hello Creators!

There are only 3 Days left to achieve our goal and possibly reach some of the stretch goals! Let’s make it happen! We have seen everyone increasing their pledges lately, and wow have you made our jaws drop, so today we would like to present you with some exciting new tiers that will give you a little something extra for your help! Keep in mind that if your pledge is already higher than these new tiers, you will automatically receive them as well! 

Guard-Satellite Star Keeper

 Introducing the latest orbital technology developed by Crytivo Industries, the Guard-Satellite Star Keeper! As you can tell by the name, it will protect your planet (when activated) from certain natural disasters such as asteroids or any other space junk that may be hurtling towards your planet. Be sure to keep it in range of the Epicenter! Oh, and one last thing! It is up to you to decide if you want to use it purely for protective measures, or to cook a few of your misbehaving citizens. We can already hear the sound of it - PZzhhhhzhzhppppsssss.

Observatory - Luna 1987

Another great technology available for backers at $45 is the Observatory - Luna 1987. With this high-tech building, which will become available right after you step into the Modern Age, you will be able to begin observing distant planets immediately for future preparation. Magic right? Well we here at Crytivo Industries don't believe in magic! With this technological beast, you will be able to discover all of the beauty of alien planets while sitting in a stylish, comfy chair back on Mother Planet.

Fully Loaded Discovery Rover

This monster of engineering is available to you from $65 upwards. The Fully Loaded Discovery Rover is an awesome addition to the recon catalogue. It will help you collect important information about the various planets you come across, without spending too much of your valuable time. It comes equipped with high capacity batteries that will allow you to drive it on alien planets for longer. We also installed thermal protection, so no pesky extreme conditions will get in the way of your exploration. And finally, GUNS. Two mini-cannons come pre-installed in front of the body to protect your vehicle against wild animal attacks and other dangers. Get it today! Half of the funding will be used to upgrade Cow Facilities in the Cowtivo Industries Department, or will simply be used to add more villainous, erm, innovative technology!

How can I get my hands on this stuff?  
As we said earlier, if you are at a higher tier you will receive all lower tiers automatically-except for the standalone tiers such as: $35, $55 and $70. Everything else will be included in your rewards. For example: if you are at $30 and you want to get the Guard Satellite, you just simply add $5 to your pledge, $15 for the Satellite, Cowtivo Skyscraper, and Observatory, and so on. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below or send us a Private Message. 

Thank you all!

*Please Note: You will be able to construct these technologies in-game without pledging for these tiers, it will just take you some time to research the proper technologies and gather the required resources. Some may even require the discovery of special technologies on alien planets. The items listed in the tiers above will be designed with an exclusive look for Kickstarter backers and will be different from what you can build in the game.

These new tiers follow the same principle as the previously announced in-game tiers where all models will undergo a visual overhaul to give backers a new look and will be automatically unlocked upon reaching the appropriate era. They are still unlockable in-game!

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    1. Michael Chen on

      I'm at basic $15 dollar tier, and I just wanna know when I'll be able to play the actual game, because going through the website I don't see any option for me to play yet. A rough ETA would definitely bring some comfort.

    2. Jason Garner on

      @eXoScoriae exactly that mate except for the Mystery planet, the Kickstarter one is exclusive to the people who pledge for it but there will be a Mystery planet in the game for everyone who doesn't pledge but it does mean that people who did pledge will have two mystery planets in their universe.

    3. eXoScoriae on

      really glad to see these features are not "pay to win", and rather just shortcuts for those who wish to back at higher levels. That is the case, right? For example - it says you "unlock the skyscraper" at the $40 pledge tier. This means you simply unlock it without the need to research and spend resources on it.. right?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kai Sterker on

      @Jason Garner Great information. Would have hated to miss out on gameplay because of pledging too much.

    5. Jason Garner on

      For anyone else thinking the same way as me my concerns were answered on the forums :-)…

    6. Nikolaj Rostgaard on

      I think we need a new update summarize all the different addons.

    7. Tiggs on

      I'm currently at the $55 pledge and would like to receive the above rewards. I don't see on the list of pledges for these new items. How do I pledge and get these items?

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Potter on

      @Adam Truncale I totally understand that. Because the game is single player this actually has no real impact but this is essentially allowing these pledge tiers to cheat. It just strikes me as something that actually makes me disinclined to pledge for these tiers and suspicious that a pay to win model lurks.

    9. Adam Truncale on

      @Daniel Potter All of these tech can be found in game, it just takes time and/resources to get them.

    10. Jason Garner on

      I am starting to get a bit concerned about all these special items effecting my game by making it too easy so can I just check something please Crytivo.

      The first time I play I'll probably use all these bonus items at the earliest opportunity but say the second and the third time I play can I research the Cowtivo skyscraper and Rover rather than have them given to me on a plate with no effort or is it a case of if I pledge $65 then they will always be automatically in my game without me needing to do anything.

      An option in the settings to switch off the special Kickstarter items before you start a new campaign would solve this problem perfectly.

    11. Missing avatar

      Patrick Schneider on

      What about the update#17. I'm pledging now 15$ more than in my chosen tier to get the prototype of this game.
      Are these new reward tiers also included a well with that?

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Potter on

      I'm all for kickstarter exclusive skinning for pledges but altering the actual gameplay for higher tier rewards it becomes pledge to win and is ethically dubious in my book. I under stand why you are doing it but I can't say I approve.

    13. Laura on

      I'm so looking forward to this game! I'd like to up my pledge from 30 to 45 dollars, but there is no option to choose a $45 tier, only $40+ and $50+. Should I just choose the $40+ tier? Will the Observatory be automatically included for me?

    14. Matthias Müller on

      @Simon Müller Why cheating? You're not forced to use them. :-) Calm down a little. Sooner or later you'll discover those things in the game through development of your civilization.

      @Crytivo I wish you all the best for the last days.

    15. Missing avatar


      Mind if I answer for them?- Because they've got a long way to go and several stretch tiers that would be nice to reach, and people will pledge for exclusive-skinned content. Saying that, I'd hope there'd be an option to turn off the free-tech rewards, just keeping the exclusive skins, because I'd want to have to work to get them too.

    16. Missing avatar

      syL on

      Why do you offer new tiers which actually make the game less fun to play? Stuff like this feels like cheating.