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The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
11,617 backers pledged $387,345 to help bring this project to life.

Update 14: Weekly Digest

Posted by Crytivo Games (Creator)

Greetings all! 

We have a small update today while we prepare everything for next week. Expect to see a lot of activity! 

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With each new day comes new possibilities!

Over 60% Funded! 

Thank you all so much for your continued support! The campaign is still going along at a steady pace, but we have a lot planned to pick it up next week. You should see many new faces around here soon! We have 13 days left to make The Universim a reality! Please continue sharing the page with everyone you know and whatever gaming forums you are a part of. Many of you have been upgrading your pledges as well and we cannot thank you enough for that! We definitely need all the help you can offer. We still have a ways to go, but things are going to get really exciting very soon! 

Gameplay Prototype 

One of the biggest requests we have been receiving lately is for us to show some more gameplay. We are not too comfortable showcasing some of the major systems yet as we do not have a proper UI in place at the moment. We want it to be acceptably polished before we show something cool! There may be another build showcase coming with more features turned on, but for now we hope this will wet your appetite. 

This is a very early look at a few basic systems working on 'Mother Planet'. Biffa2001 will be showing it off to you! We have placed a number of the assets from different eras for you guys to have a look. There are a number of dynamic events playing out, but we disabled most of the features for this build as we aren’t ready to show them just yet. Take a look here:


We recently revealed the T-Shirt Designs, but we are getting a few questions regarding sizes and colours. The shirts will be available in white, black, and sky-blue. We will be sending out surveys after the Kickstarter to confirm your design choice, colour, and size! The sizes will be available in the usual variety ranging from small to very large. We are sure we can accommodate whatever size you need! Unless you plan on getting one for your car. That could be problematic… 


 We started up a Thunderclap Campaign a little while ago that will be shaking the internet next Friday (May 18th). You guys helped us reach the goal within 24 hours! Dare we say it was quicker than lightning? We currently have a social reach of over 125000 people! This will definitely help us out a lot when the time comes! 

We Partnered with Curse!

We are proud to announce our partnership with Curse for The Universim’s official Wiki page! You can find the Wiki page here, but it is still under construction. It will be developed alongside the game and should be fully fleshed-out by the time the game launches!

New Reward Tiers!


Shout-out to OfficialMaiconi 

A big thanks goes out to Maiconi for the great videos he has been making about the game! Be sure to visit his channel for a rundown of all of the updates so far! 
Take a look:

If you have anything more to ask, please do so in the comments! Have something personal to ask? Feel free to drop us a message! We will keep you guys updated as things progress! There will be more gameplay updates coming next week as promised, so stay tuned! 

Thank you all again!

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    1. Jalister on

      It sounds like two different mystery planets to me. Kickstarter mystery planet, and a special mystery planet. Also, I did search fairly thoroughly and also searched for key words. It's not always easy to find one obscure post in the mess that is Kickstarter comments. I even used this link to try to find that comment.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mateo Huško on

      @Jason there is probably a lot of mystery planets in a game but u need to find them... Backers who pledged 60$ will probably get it from the get go (that planet will have diffrent look and will give more resources i think...)

    3. Jason Garner on

      @Mateo Husko, you're reply hasn't really cleared things up I'm afraid mate, are we now saying that there are two Mystery planets, one that only the $60 tier and above purchasers can find and another one that everyone including the $60 tier and above purchasers can find?

      Because if this truly is an exclusive Kickstarter planet that you can't get any other way then my pledge is changing from $30 to $60 as soon as a dev confirms this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mateo Huško on

      @Jalister Next time check better its in the comment section by Creator around May 2

      "@Philip Coutts The Kickstarter levels are special versions of these in-game items with new models and features. By pledging you unlock these instantly when you reach the appropriate era without having to research/spend resources acquiring them. The mystery Kickstarter planet is unique and offers some great new resources to help your civilization in the space era. However, there is also a special mystery planet in the game that everyone can discover which will offer new gameplay possibilities and resources! I believe we will even have an achievement linked to this. This is meant as a cool way to really thank the people who are backing for the higher tiers without disadvantaging the backers in the lower tiers. You guys are the pioneers that are starting us off on this great journey, so it makes sense to reward you all properly for your support for the amount you pledge. The higher tiers felt a little lonely without the great new stuff we added. We love you all! Never doubt that."

    5. Andrew culley on

      I see no point in dropping your pledge because of that. Just seems stupid, it's only going to make it more difficult to fund and it isn't like they can do anything about it now.

    6. Jalister on

      @Mateo Huško - Unfortunately this update states it is exclusive, and mentions nothing about being able to earn it in game. I also searched through the comments, and could not find anything about it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mateo Huško on

      @Jalister pls don't spout nonsense... no1 will be denied anything people who take pledge at 40$ and at 60$ will just get it before others and will have other exclusive model that's all... every1 else will be able to find Mystical planet and research cow industry (if u don't believe me go check comment section and see for yourself where developers said the same thing to people who were asking or talking same nonsense as you...)

    8. Jalister on

      @Jason Garner - I was going to upgrade to the $30 pledge for the soundtrack. Unfortunately now that I see exclusive game content that many will be denied, I'll just stay where I am.

    9. Jason Garner on

      @Jalister, never noticed that was a Kickstarter exclusive, I actually downgraded my pledge from $40 to $30 after I read a post that said everyone gets the Cow research building they just have to do more research to get it that's all.

    10. Stephen Cave on

      I love the idea of this game and I'm really enjoying your updates! I believe it's Friday 16th May... You had me worried because I have an Uni exam on the 19th and I thought that was on a Monday... How can I support the thunderclap though? How does it work?

    11. Missing avatar

      Geraldine on

      That first T-shirt is BEAUTIFUL. $45 including international postage is still a little pricey though...

    12. Jalister on

      The mystery planet exclusive sounds interesting, but limiting it goes against what I believe in a kickstarter. One reason I back games on kickstarter is because I believe everyone should be able to play the entire game. This isn't just a unique cosmetic item like an outfit or skin, it's an entire section of the game denied to those that don't back enough or miss the kickstarter.

    13. Mauricio ( OfficialMaiconi ) on

      I'm in the update! So proud :D

    14. Andrew culley on

      Cannot wait for this game but I wish the T-Shirts came in grey.

    15. Chris J Capel on

      THERE YOU GO, finally a decent new video and I'm back being excited again! Keep this up and I'll up my pledge for sure before the end.

    16. stoob on

      Have to say, your KS updates have been excellent and so slick. I have a huge amount of confidence in this funding and can't wait to play it :)