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The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.
11,617 backers pledged $387,345 to help bring this project to life.

Update 1: April 26

Posted by Crytivo Games (Creator)
Hello everyone! Firstly, we would like to thank all of you for your awesome support! It’s our 4th day on Kickstarter and we have already hit the 15% mark! You made it all possible and we really want to thank you for your love and trust!

 We've been receiving a lot of questions, requests, and offers recently from the community and publishers. In today's update, we would like to highlight some of the more frequently asked questions and see if we can shed more light on the project. 


Does your trailer truly demonstrate in-game footage or are those scenes just 3D renders/fake? 

 Everything that you see in our trailer is comprised entirely of in-game footage. This includes all animations and events. The only thing we manipulated in the trailer was the camera. All objects featured in the trailer are already AI-driven and weren’t controlled manually. We would like to add that the majority of our models are placeholders and will be updated with more detailed/polished models down the road. Right now, even during the Kickstarter, we continue to focus our efforts on development. We are not showing any developer walkthrough videos yet as we we want to implement the currently in-development main in-game engine first. This engine will simulate living environments and conditions on every planet and will also be responsible for dynamic planet generation mechanics, atmosphere controls, and the changing of seasons. 

Stay tuned for our next big update which will detail our in-game engine, Prometheus! It should be coming within the next few days!

Crytivo Games Team 

Our team consists of talented artists, developers, and regular dreamers from all over the world. Our development team has a lot of experience from working as full-time software engineers at other companies. Certain team members have worked alongside entertainment giants such as Paramount Pictures, Disney, Sony, and more! We all feel very confident in our abilities to succeed in this ambitious project. We will definitely hire a few more helping hands after the Kickstarter as well! 

 Why are we here? 

This is our first project on Kickstarter, and our first game as a team. We all love The Universim. It is not just a game made by us, for us, nor do we see it as an opportunity to make a quick buck. Internally, we call The Universim our Baby :). As a young company, the number one priority for us is to deliver an amazing game to a community that expects nothing but the best- just as we would. We want to display our name proudly by delivering on all our promises. We have nothing to hide, and we want to be completely transparent with all of you. We launched a campaign here on Kickstarter because we want to stay open-minded, creative, and independent. As we said on the page, we received multiple offers from professional publishing companies but we declined them all to ensure we can stay true to our values and promises. 

 It tears our hearts out when we see that some of you have had terrible experiences with games that were funded on Kickstarter in the past. It is really sad to see such things forcing people to turn their backs on us or other great projects here on Kickstarter. In order to prove that we are here to create an awesome game and not just to make a profit, we made promises that we will never charge for DLC, there will be absolutely no microtransactions, and you will never see The Universim on mobile devices. We understand that the mobile market is extremely profitable for developers, but we also know that we will be forced to dumb down our game in order to be able to deliver on mobile platforms. Thus, we ruled it out entirely. 

That is why we need your support here on Kickstarter; we want you to be our publisher! If anyone should have the biggest say, it’s the community! We are here because of you and we want to build The Universim with you by our side. So please share The Universim with your friends and families, and be sure to share our Kickstarter page on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and so on to help make this game a reality. Every bit counts! We love you all and take your requests seriously, so thank you again for all of your support! 

When is the Alpha/ Beta coming out?    

If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, we plan to release the Alpha as soon as possible. Hopefully before the end of this year (2014). The speed of development depends on the amount raised here on Kickstarter. The more we are able to raise, the bigger the team we can afford and the faster we can develop. We expect the Early Beta phase to follow a few months after this. The Steam exclusive beta will commence near the end of the beta phase to do a final test before launch.

Be sure to ask us more questions over on our social networks! Our community managers answer them frequently!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      @Kyle: Thanks for your answer. That calms my concerns. So, you concentrate on both :D
      I wasn't aware you are already so many people, so that you could split efforts in that way.

      And, yes, thank you for Linux support right from the start. This made it really easy for me to back that early.

    2. Alexander Hübner on

      I have high hopes for this game! And I really looking forward to see the Game and campaign go forward. And thanks for the announcement of an native Linux Client!

    3. More_Badass on

      "Certain team members have worked alongside entertainment giants such as Paramount Pictures, Disney, Sony, and more!"

      I hope this is doesn't come across as an insult but does anyone on your team have past game experience? Working with developers, freeware/flash games, student games, Jams, etc.?

      Maybe I'm just naive. Sorry if I come across as cynical or something

    4. Crytivo Games Creator on

      @Lars Hey Lars! Thank you for your concern! We definitely want to see The Universim succeed here on Kickstarter, but you do not have to worry. We left the core team in the development cave with an extra-large bag of crisps and an espresso machine. They are working hard on the game while a few of us focus on the Kickstarter and marketing. Cheers!

    5. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      > Right now, even during the Kickstarter, we continue to focus our efforts on development.

      IMHO, this doesn't sound like such a good idea. I would recommend to concentrate on the campaign. You had a good start, but it won't stay like that if you don't fire the oven for the whole time ;)

      You'll "lose" most of the month for development work, but this is probably good invested time if it comes back as backer money.

    6. Illiac on

      Congratulations on the progress so far! I really hope things turn out better than expected for you guys.