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An exploration based, retro action/RPG platformer that incorporates a variety of roguelike mechanics.
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Crystal Catacombs Update - July 2013

Dear Maxwell,

Where is Crystal Catacombs!? Last summer I donated $__ to your project and since then I have not seen much of anything besides a few random updates with false dates. What gives?!

You suck,


That is not an actual letter I've received from my Gram-Gram, but I feel that some of you may be starting to feel this way and I believe that is completely understandable. I have sucked at sharing information with you about this project - but it has nothing to do with negligence or a lack of interest. It’s because I’ve set a high standard for content. If I don’t feel like something is ready to be divulged and shared with the people that made this project possible, I won’t share it. I’ve dedicated the past three years of my life to Crystal Catacombs and by Mega Man’s buster, it will kill me before I see it not happen. I hope you understand that I would rather say nothing during development than release inadequate, filler information. I’m not here to bullshit you, my top priority is to use the money you gave us to create something worthy of your time. There isn’t a day that goes by where the team is not trying to get this game finished for you

At this point, our next goal is to release the Beta, which will contain the first several levels of the game wrapped up in a functional, cohesive and hopefully, entertaining package. We are trying very hard to make this happen for July 31st. As of now, the entire team is in revisions mode. I can share approximate, projected release dates with you but I’m not going to make false promises. I wish I knew exactly how the future of the development will play out but the truth is that Crystal Catacombs is an ambitious project being produced by a fairly small team of talented, dedicated, underpaid and overworked individuals. We have one shot to make a great first impression and show you all what we've been working so hard on. I’m optimistic that this project can be something that you will be proud to have contributed to but at this point, it simply needs more time to cook.

The great thing about being a part of this new frontier that is crowd funded projects is that I have total control over what I want my project to be. I don’t have any producers or executives stepping in to make stupid changes or impose permanent deadlines. With this creative freedom, I've dedicated - NO, I've made it my responsibility as the Director/Designer/Artist of Crystal Catacombs to create something unique and enjoyable for you. This is my primary goal for the project. 

Stay tuned for the hopefully soon-to-be-released Beta’s details and thank you for your patience.



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    1. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      Calm your hearts and check out the very first look at Crystal Catacombs in the backer exclusive dev video. This one's for you, dearest backers.

    2. McMarius11 on

      make the best game out of it :)

    3. Tony on

      Well said Atarun!

    4. Atarun

      many* and behind*
      When KS implements a comment edit feature, it won't be a minute too soon...

      Re-reading my comment, I realize I failed to mention I'm grateful for the update. I would have preferred a real reason to explan the complete lack of communication than this "I think of you as the general public", sure, but you finally broke the silence. Thank you for that.

    5. Atarun

      *sigh* And yet another project creator makes the crucial mistake of treating us backers like a market. "Oh, I don't have enough to show them." "This isn't ready to show." "The first impression will ruin everything."
      Who do you think we are? The general audience at E3?
      I have to break it to you, man, you already made your first impression. During the campaign. And it was good enough for us to back.
      Sure, most of us will rather you take all the time necessary to develop a great game. Though I see some backers bitch about false promises on some projecs, I've yet to see anyone asking creators to rush a game to release...
      But we did not preorder Crystal Catacombs. We backed it. So while man of us are probably only interested in playing the game and are waiting for a beta or release announcement, it's a fair bet that a big portion (most probably the majority) of us wants to get a glimpse behnd the scenes. To get a sense of where you are in development. To get the bad news as well as the good news. To get a glimpse of the problems you face and how you overcome them.
      So, like many backers, I'm very disappointed. Much more than when creators of other projects announced that they had problems that would delay the release or shipping. At least they cared enough about their backers to tell us what was going on.
      You obviously don't. You're treating us like the general public. When that's how I want to be treated, I stick to traditional platforms.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      I see deadlines ruin animated films and art work all the time, and you are underpaid. just give us a peek.

    7. S.D. on

      Lower your standards for prerelease backers content. This level of interactivity is unacceptable, really. Worse, it's an incredible bummer! I was really hoping to be treated to a few sprite animations, neat backgrounds, and prototype gameplay clips, even with programmer art. I was hoping you'd geek out a bit with a few programmer blog postings, where you could brag a but about technical innovations, which I'm sure you've achieved!
      I read the blog post above and I believe your passionate, I believe in you and your team. I'm just terribly disappointed in the way you've treated us.
      Can we not let this happen again, Maxwell? The greatest mistakes I've seen project creators make in a hundred and fifty, or so, backed projects, is to "wait for enough content for a meaningful update". Meaningful is subjective and many backers just want proof that projects are progressing, so we can remain engaged and excited.
      The second greatest mistake, committed by games projects, is to wait for beta. Just come back once per month and update us all here. It's not filler, it's respect.

    8. Jean-Marc Giffin on

      Awesome! Looking forward to it. I know first-hand that quality game development takes time, so I understand where you're coming from. Just take your time and release when ready.