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An exploration based, retro action/RPG platformer that incorporates a variety of roguelike mechanics.
An exploration based, retro action/RPG platformer that incorporates a variety of roguelike mechanics.
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    1. 9littlebees

      Hi, I see there are only 18 reviews on Steam, and I sincerely doubt any backers here will have bought it there a second time. Any chance of sending us free keys, as many of us will use Steam as our primary game distribution platform? Might help getting more reviews in for the game!

    2. Marcelloz on

      Congratulations with getting the game on Steam! (

      Obvious question is : are we going to get a key?

    3. Sardu on

      Any news on the Boxed Version of Crystal Catacombs ?
      sadly haven't got any response to my E-mails )-:

    4. Foamed on

      Tony: The game is being released this week.

    5. Tony on

      Any updates? This game is now year late it seems.

    6. Marshall W. Carter on

      Nevermind, I'm not in the Beta. D'uh...

    7. Marshall W. Carter on

      Well, I'm trying to download the Beta from the Humble Store (just got the e-mail) and I'm getting this:

      We received a request to resend your Humble keys. However, we do not have any keys on record for this email address. If you may have used a different email address when you made your purchase, try entering it into the key resender page. Otherwise, please contact us by emailing and our support staff will sort things out as soon as possible.

      Any ideas?

    8. Ben Crowley on

      Thanks for the info!

    9. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      Dearest backers,

      I apologize for being MIA - BUT during this past month the entire project has gone through some tremendous and exciting (great) changes. I've only been working on this game - full time - in fact -TOP SECRET- Beta v1.0 was just finished and is currently waiting to be distributed by the Humble Store to all the Beta backers AS WE SPEAK! ...or as I type? Anyways, it should drop by this weekend! Really!

      This past month, and even more so - this past week has been insane. I actually just relocated to Arizona last Saturday -had to live in a hotel, find a place to live AND buy an overpriced bike from a sleazy pawn shop so I can get to work (7 miles everyday - which I love) on the project in person with the SFG team. Great things are happening. As soon as I get some time (tomorrow or Friday) I WILL CREATE AN EXTENSIVE UPDATE with all the details.

      This may seem a little like rambling - but it's only because I've been creating room designs since 10:30 this morning and have been living on a diet of coffee and ramen (which I also love).

      Things are great, I'll tell you ALL about it soon!

      Now I have to sleep or into cardiac arrest.

    10. Ben Crowley on

      "I'll also be posting daily updates concerning all kinds of fun aspects about the game. DAILY UPDATES!"

      I get that this wasn't feasible, but not even bi-monthly updates?

    11. MunchoMuncho on

      Woulden't mind an update

    12. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      Shame to hear about the other project you backed but Crystal Catacombs is far from being a "failure".

      As far as updates go, I would suggest reading through the August 16th KS update/check out the latest Developer Video. When there is something news worthy to report, I'll release a new update.

    13. Octopus_Pancake on

      Coming from another kickstarter that is a failure and asked for a refund, I'm really hoping this guy isn't doing the same shit cuase I'd hate to ask for a refund on 2 kickstarter projects in a matter of minutes... So Maxwell, bud, please give an update thank you.

    14. Jaryd Weiss on

      I just read the update, and I'd like to ask that you talk about what this means for the original backers of the game. If us original backers don't back on indie go-go, what does that mean for our original backing? Will we still get the full game? Or will we only get a partially complete game? The update isn't clear enough. Thanks!

    15. Atarun

      Well, seeing you finally came out of hiding, I feel like I should have asked for an update much much much earlier...

    16. Atarun

      So you planned to announce "bigger news" on April 7. I'm guessing that was about the BETA?
      How about an update to tell us what went wrong and/or delayed everything?

    17. Anastriel on

      An update would be nice. Do we have an ETA?

    18. Tory Republic

      Hello, any news on the game?

    19. Octopus_Pancake on

      I haven't checked in lately. I don't have facebook. is there a link I can get to it?

    20. Timotheus on

      @Maxwell Heya! I don't do Facebook so I don't have an account. Any updates? Many thanks, looking forward to playing.

    21. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      @Octo, the best way to keep up with the current happenings is to follow Crystal Catacombs over on Facebook. I don't usually post here on Kickstarter unless announcing bigger news (which yes, I do plan on - sometime soon)

      Overall, development is moving forward. Every new build of the game is a small step forward! Stay tuned.

    22. Octopus_Pancake on

      So it's been quite awhile, I haven't heard anything. The website seems kinda dead. Whats up? Any info on the game?

    23. Julian Bertozzi on

      Now we are in the new year, how is Crystal Catacombs coming along?

    24. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      The 'once was Halloween Update' should be posted by Friday evening. Release dates!

    25. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, I've recently been working on compiling a nice, new update for everyone. It should cover a lot of questions. In spirit, eh? I'd say everyone who entered won because I'm actually using some of your suggestions for inspiration.

    26. Veav on

      +1 for update - and who won the contest? (In spirit?)

    27. Devon Rampe on

      Hi guys. Just checking in to see how the game is coming along. We would love to see a new update added! Thanks. :)

    28. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      Thanks Nicholas! I think Steam is doing something that a lot of indie game developers are going to appreciate. I'm definitely planning on trying to get Crystal Catacombs involved with Greenlight. Side note: We're working on getting the official website up and running! From there, you can follow on the development of the project and pre-order the game as well. I'll keep everyone posted here on Kickstarter!

    29. Nicholas Woods on

      Thinking about distribution, Steam just announced Greenlight which is a way to get your game onto Steam using the community website. Sounds like it's launching in August but might be a good idea to get ready for it (unless you already some sort of talks in place). Website is here (

    30. Devon Rampe on


    31. Veav on


    32. Dan Suptic

      Congratulations on the VERY successful funding!

    33. S.D. on

      Whoops, that's another $15K, so $600/hr ... it's about the same thing, though, right?
      Unless Maxwell wants to set last-minute mini-stretch goals at $25K and $30K or something...

    34. S.D. on

      How about that contest stretch goal? Only another $10K! That doesn't sound so bad at $400/hr, does it?

    35. Julian Bertozzi on

      This project ticked all my boxes, looking forward to Beta Testing.

    36. Missing avatar

      nin on

      I'm in for $25, due to the cat in the video. Smart man, putting the cat in there like that. :) (If you get bored, a steam release is always welcome - Thanks!)

    37. Missing avatar

      Vercoln on

      Upped my pledge for awesomeness with my late contest submission due to power outage. Too bad we won't hit the contest...but I love that our ideas may inspire you a bit. :)

    38. S.D. on

      Oh, and another $500 in 34 hours? Yeah. The level editor is in the bag for sure, folks.

    39. S.D. on

      Wow, I just checked out the history of this project... how demoralizing it must have been the first time around to come up so short in pledges.
      Now, juxtapose that disappointment with how *awesome* it must feel to now meet your new lower goal, and not only pass that, but over-fund *beyond* even the original goal of $11K !! Unreal, isn't it? Kickstarter is awesome.
      Congratulations on having your game concept so clearly vindicated. I can't wait for you to build a hell of game for me.

    40. S.D. on

      Backed for Linux support! Thanks Maxwell :-)

    41. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      We might just hit that map editor yet...

    42. Princess Erimemushinteperem on

      Come on everyone - spread the word! Send messages, write on walls, etc! 2,500 dollars and we get a MAP EDITOR.

    43. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      A big thanks to everyone who has entered into the realm design contest! I've seen some really good entries! Even if we don't hit that goal, you might just want to keep a close eye out when you sit down to play CC... Maybe one of your ideas might show up.

    44. Maxwell Jensen 2-time creator on

      ~Vercoln, I think we can make an exception for major power outages :) I can't wait to see your entry!

    45. Missing avatar

      Vercoln on

      We lost power here in DC due to a HUGE storm last night (one million without power) while I was finishing my entry. I will be sending my mostly finished entry from my iPhone with some description of what's missing. My question is may I send you a second email with the completed entry (same entry) if my power comes back on before the deadline?

      Totally love the concept and the art is awesome. Can't wait to play this game!

    46. Missing avatar

      Tim Noyce on

      The game looks cool.. And also -- the cat is awesome.. Had to donate.. :)

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