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Crystal Catacombs is a 'retro infused' action platformer that incorporates a heavy emphasis on procedural generation. Read more

Denver, CO Video Games
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This project's funding goal was not reached on October 9, 2011.

Crystal Catacombs is a 'retro infused' action platformer that incorporates a heavy emphasis on procedural generation.

Denver, CO Video Games
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Title: Crystal Catacombs

Developer: Levels or Lives (Maxwell Jensen - Design/Art)

Platform: PC (possible ports to XBLA, PSN, iOS and Mac)

Genre: 2D > Action > Platformer

Completion: 20%


The Nature of the Beast:

Crystal Catacombs is an exploration based action platformer that incorporates challenging roguelike mechanics combined within a multitude of unique and unpredictable procedurally generated (random) dungeons.

The game includes dozens of different items, weapons, spells, enemies and bosses. It will also feature a customizable inventory and a stat based character upgrade system.

Fun and Unique (Funique!) Features:

  • Randomly generated dungeons with randomly chosen enemies, special items, treasures and even bosses. No two experiences will ever be the same.
  • Several different Crystal Realms (levels) to explore. Each with their own unique enemies, traps, hazards, treasures and bosses.
  • Discover Magical Artifacts that can be equipped and used to grant new (and awesome) abilities.
  • Collect and choose from different weapon classes including swords, whips, axes, bows and more!
  • Unleash an assortment of powerful magic spells ranging from your standard fireball to summoning epic creatures to help aid you in battle.
  • Gain experience points to level up and ultimately become a force of glorified and unadulterated awesome sauce!! more!


Space Aliens, Draculas and Other Influences:

The gameplay mechanics and visual style of Crystal Catacombs are both greatly inspired by classic games such as Super Metroid and Castlevania. I've made a strong point to try and retain the same vintage appeal while also incorporating my own artistic/game design spin into the development of the game to help make it as fun and exciting as possible.


The Story Thus Far:

Greetings hero,

I have been informed that you have traveled from a far off land in an attempt to save our world. You are indeed a brave soul to take on such a perilous mission. Many courageous warriors have attempted this dangerous feat before you but none have yet to return…

The world of Celestica is threatened by an evil force known as the Crystal Castle. The Crystal Castle is an ancient miscreation of unimaginable destructive power. Someone or something has resurrected and harnessed its evil in an attempt to destroy our very world.

Inside the walls of the Crystal Castle reside several chambers, each containing a magical portal to another realm. These realms are full of wicked monsters, traps and great danger… It is even foretold that bountiful treasures lay lost within.

The realm portals are powered by magical crystals that are housed deep inside each of the perilous dungeons. It is said that these power sources are guarded by great and  terrible beasts. Hero, if you can destroy all of these crystals and defeat the fiend behind the resurrection, the Crystal Castle will lose hold of its power and be banished from our world once and for all.

Time is running out... If the Crystal Castle is not destroyed soon, it will have harnessed enough power to release its evil upon the land and all will be lost.


Chancellor Spritelington III


This game can be made possible by contributions from players like you.

By providing me with your generous donations you will be helping breath life into the very soul of this game (assuming games have souls, if they don't, then you'll just be helping me create it).

Your donations will go towards the likes of acquiring the following:

  • One (possibly two) stellar programmer(s).
  • Another artist to help out with the work load.
  • A musician to create a rock 'n' original chiptune soundtrack.
  • The printing and shipping of the NES inspired Crystal Catacombs instruction manuals (totally radical).
  • A whizbang web dev to design a slick and professional Levels or Lives/Crystal Catacombs official website.
  • ...Last but never least and arguably the most important factor in creating a independent game, your donations will be absolutely essential in providing the time necessary to develop this game in a productive and consistent manner. If I reach my funding goal, I can then officially go full-time with Crystal Catacombs. After that, I'll have everything I need to give you (and hopefully many others) the best game possible.
  • If funding goes above and beyond expectations then my next step would be to begin preparing Crystal Catacombs for being ported to new platforms... Naturally.


Concept Artwork Examples (from manual):

Created by Travis Reynolds


  • Thanks for your interest! If the goal is reached, the next step I'll be taking is to assemble a stellar team. I'll be accepting all portfolios then.

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    $1 reward

    2 backers

    Thank you!

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $5 reward

    58 backers

    FRIEND: You'll receive a copy of the game when it's released. This is also a lower price than what the official sale price will be listed as. Sweet!

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $10 reward

    44 backers

    SOLDIER (receive all previous rewards, plus): Your name will be included in the credits under 'Special Thanks'. You'll also gain access to secret updates (if you provide an email address). Shh!

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $25 reward

    46 backers

    KNIGHT (receive all previous rewards, plus): A very special, high quality printed 'NES' inspired Crystal Catacombs Instruction Manual! The manual will come complete with tons of cool artwork and information regarding all aspects of the game. In addition, you'll also receive a downloadable copy of the Crystal Catacombs MP3 soundtrack consisting entirely of original, high quality chiptune music.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $50 reward

    5 backers

    WIZARD (receive all previous rewards, plus): Gain access to early builds of Crystal Catacombs! You'll also be able to submit feedback to help make the game even better.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $75 reward

    4 backers

    KING (or QUEEN) - (receive all previous rewards, plus): You'll be "pixelized" and recreated as one of 'Celesticas' many NPC human inhabitants! You'll also be able to create your own personal (tasteful) dialogue message.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $100 reward

    7 backers

    HERO (receive all previous rewards, plus): Conceptualize and design your own enemy character to be included in Crystal Catacombs! You'll work closely with me to come up with the look, name and even the attack pattern of your unique beast. Note: A first come, first served basis will be used for designing the limited number of larger enemies available.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $250 reward

    2 backers

    LEGEND (receive all previous rewards, plus): Conceptualize and design your own boss character to be included in Crystal Catacombs! You'll work closely with me to come up with the look, name and attack patterns. Since boss characters are a special case, their design can include multiple attack patterns or even stages... Imagination is fun!

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $500 reward

    1 backer

    PIXEL GOD (receive all previous rewards, plus): Residing in the center of town, you will be forever immortalized within the halls of the majestic 'Temple of the Gods' as a true, Pixel God. An epic statue made in your likeness will stand upon a golden column adorned with only the most precious (pixel) jewels... and you will be worshipped by the people of Celestica for all of eternity! Way to go, you god, you. Note: A first come, first served basis for the hierarchy placement within the pantheon of the Pixel Gods will determine the location of your statue.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $1,000 reward

    0 backers

    An Actual, REAL LIFE GOD (at least in my book) - (will receive all previous rewards, plus): The opportunity to participate in the creation of an ENTIRE Crystal Realm! This means you'll help design the 'theme' (look and feel) of the realm including all enemies, hazards, traps and bosses. If more than one person donates at this level, they will join "Team Big Bucks" and we'll work together as a deadly unit to come up with a wicked awesome level. Note: I couldn't live with myself if it were actually called "Team Big Bucks" - sorry.

    Estimated delivery:

Funding period

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