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Every woman tells me: "I'm hard to fit." But there's nothing wrong with you – the way clothes are sized today is fundamentally broken.
Every woman tells me: "I'm hard to fit." But there's nothing wrong with you – the way clothes are sized today is fundamentally broken.
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    1. Sharon Still on

      I am so sad you had so many roadblocks it seems. I have been wearing my jeans often for I guess two or three years now and I still love them. I was looking to have more made?!?!? Yes it took a while but you are a magician! so sorry. Hope you have a successful future! :) Sharon

    2. Missing avatar

      Brandi Ferree on

      Just needed my jeans hemmed, but I never received them. Disappointing. Shows character.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jillian Maynard on

      I haven't gotten any emails from this campaign and I get on to kickstarter so rarely. Did I miss my opportunity to get the jeans I already paid for? I would still really like them please.

    4. Missing avatar

      Carone Weigel on

      It's been over two months since I filled out the google doc. Is there still a chance I'll get the jeans? Thanks.

    5. Patrice Sartor on

      Hello, since over a month has passed since I claimed my jeans on your Google Doc and I haven't gotten any shipping notification, I thought I'd check the spreadsheet again. Now I cannot find my number (A 67KN39X), though I see its specs on line 37. I filled out the two forms on June 21st, but since the Qcut email is on auto-respond, I suspect I'm out of luck.

      Still, I had to try...any chance I could have that pair of jeans, please?

    6. Diana Goldberg

      That was "pair" that fit.

    7. Diana Goldberg

      Did not receive an e-mail, and just now discovered that the project folded. Any jeans left?!!! I was really hoping to get a ir that fit. I am really disappointed that your dream did not work out, but wish you would have contacted the backers directly. I will never again back any made-to-order KS campaigns. This project has ruined my faith in such endeavors.

    8. Emilie Fetscher on

      Hi ladies. Sorry that things haven't worked out. I know starting up a whole business can be hard and not always successful.
      I can't seem to reply to the Kickstarter email so apologies for communicating through a comment.
      I'm a backer who lives overseas so I can see I'm not eligible to claim a pair of jeans. What can you do for me as my pledge will be unfulfilled?

    9. Missing avatar

      Susan Farrell on

      Never mind. I see message #2 now. Done.

      Aside: Kickstarter sure needs to fix its navigation.

    10. Missing avatar

      Susan Farrell on

      I got your email today, thanks! I want to claim a pair of the remaining jeans but my email to you bounced, and I don't see a way in your message or on the sheet to indicate my choice (no-reply and read-only). I'd like these, please: A PX2PLW2


      I'm so sorry that this didn't work out ... for you especially, but also for all the women in the world.

    11. Missing avatar

      Emily Marsden on

      Another unhappy customer. I received my jeans that werent to my liking, I sent back my fit box twice with no other contact. Now what happens, I would prefer my money was returned.

    12. Missing avatar

      Bryan Edgington on

      Qcut - I ordered a pair for my wife, we are both bummed that this did not work out. It was a great idea and we were happy to support a Portland business.

      She sent you an email after we heard but got an automatic reply, so I decided to put it here as a comment since as a non-backer she does not have a great way to contact you. We want to make sure she is on the list to get a pair and learn where/when she can come over to try them. (She did not get an email after the closing).

      Thanks -


      Hi Qcut,

      I was bummed when my husband forwarded me your kickstarter message. It was such a great idea, I wish it had worked!

      I'm sure you are overwhelmed with emails, so I'm sorry to add one more to the mix. I just wanted to make sure I am on one of your lists for still receiving jeans. I received my first pair in late March. They were just too tight in the waist and since I am in Portland I scheduled a second fitting on April 1st and left my first pair of jeans there. I haven't yet received another pair and was beginning to think maybe I should check with you guys, but then I got the email from my husband. I assume I'm not in the jeans that were mail recently, so I'm hoping since I am here in Portland that I can stop in and find a size that fits me. There were a couple off the rack in April that worked really well.

      So sorry about the business... I can only imagine how hard wrapping everything up must be.

      All the best,

      Tara Knierim

    13. Missing avatar

      Irene on

      I received one pair of jeans but I backed for 3 pairs. With the closing, will I be getting the other two?

    14. Amanda Helstrom-White on

      I'm hard pressed to be sympathetic to failure when empty and broken promises were all the majority of us received for this. Typical kickstarter. I won't be holding my breath to see anything for my $200. Despite the fact that I went to two fittings in person.

    15. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Danyelle- the jeans are being finished in California, and once we confirm they're the correct size we'll send them to you. Thanks for checking in. Cheers- Samantha

    16. Missing avatar

      Danyelle Pearson on

      Referencing April 19th message below, have not received a new fit-box, or any updates. My original fit-box was sent back in Jan. Is there an eta on this?

    17. Missing avatar

      Carly M on

      They arrived today actually. Fit is pretty close to perfect. And very flattering to the caboose. :) thanks!

    18. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Carly– we sent out packages to international backers last week. I just looked and noticed that it seems y'all didn't get emails with tracking. Will alert the web team, so we can figure out what's going on. Can confirm though that yours is en route..! Cheers, Samantha / Qcut Admin

    19. Missing avatar

      Carly M on

      Any word on when international fit boxes might ship? I appreciate that there have been challenges but it's been a while since I received my 'fit box delayed' message in December.

    20. Diana Goldberg

      @Crystal - Just found the message you sent. Will reply with pics this weekend. Thanks for getting back to me!

    21. Diana Goldberg

      @Crystal - I received my jeans, but am finding them to be about a half size too large, and an inch too long. How do I do about exchanging them for my perfect pair?

    22. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Diane, We're going to be sending you another fit box. We're looking to collect a little more information with it, and from there we should be able to put you into the production queue. Please let me know if that helps! Cheers, Samantha Qcut Admin

    23. Missing avatar

      Diane Palme on

      Hi Crystal - might be good to give a general update as to where you are in terms of sending out jeans. I, too, am waiting since August of last year when I sent back my fit box.

      Glad to hear about all the pop-up shops, but it'd be good to take care of the folks that backed you from the start.


    24. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Danyelle, We're making a pair of jeans to send to you. It'll be another fit box. We're looking to collect a little more information with it, and from there we should be able to put you into the production queue. Please let me know if that helps! Cheers, Samantha Qcut Admin

    25. Missing avatar

      Danyelle Pearson on

      Hi I am also looking for my jeans.My kit was sent back in JAN. Wasn't sure who to contact or where? Thanks.

    26. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Susan + Meredith, I've sent private replies. Cheers, Samantha Qcut Admin

    27. Missing avatar

      Meredith Rees on

      Hi there -- I sent my fitting kit back in December 2015, and haven't received my final pair nor any update on status. Any update you can provide would be most helpful, as I'll have a changed address soon and will need to coordinate that accordingly. Many thanks!

    28. Susan DeBourcy on

      Hi -- I sent back my fitting kit way back in the early fall, but I still have not received my final pair. Any status update would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    29. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Micki- not all have gone out yet, we actually printed labels for yours this morning! Can't wait to hear your thoughts. Cheers, Samantha Qcut Admin

    30. Micki Krimmel on

      Hi there. Have all the backer jeans gone out yet? I haven't received. Thanks.

    31. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Stephanie- that's wonderful news! We'll be opening online ordering sometime this summer.

    32. Stephanie Taubert on

      I got my jeans today and I love them!!!!! I would like to get another pair with a minor adjustment. Can I order another pair?

    33. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Amanda- we're sending production garments out (along with fit boxes) weekly. - Samantha, Qcut Admin

    34. Amanda Helstrom-White on

      Has anyone actually received a finished product?

    35. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Dee Ann- resent! - Samantha, Qcut Admin

    36. Dee Ann Smith on

      Hi. I have not received an email. Please resend.

    37. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Dee Ann- I sent you an email with an update! - Samantha, Qcut Admin

    38. Dee Ann Smith on

      I had my fit box and mailers back late Dec. When should I expect my jeans?

    39. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Lisa- we were emailing last week, did you not get my response? It is from -Samantha

    40. Missing avatar

      Lisa Bradshaw on

      Hi, I have not received a fit box and am in Denver, CO. Will you have a fitting in this area? If not, can you tell me when I will receive my fit box?
      Lisa Bradshaw

    41. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Keren- we sent a response back. - Samantha, Qcut Admin

    42. Missing avatar

      keren on

      I emailed in response to the last message about the fit box that I still have asking for the next step and never heard back. Do you still have email trouble?

    43. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Patrice- let me know if you don't see it. -Samantha, Qcut Admin

    44. Patrice Sartor on

      Hello! I haven't gotten an email yet. Should I send one to Thanks.

    45. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Elizabeth- it appears that you're still in the Fit Box stage, meaning you're in the queue to receive a second Fit Box (to get you into your best fit) Please let me know if I can help with anything else. -Samantha, Qcut Admin

    46. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      Hello, it's been almost two months since I sent my fit box back, and I haven't heard anything. Did my order get misplaced, or could I get some kind of timeline of what to expect?

    47. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Patrice-- We're gonna look into your account and send you a private email. -- Samantha, Qcut Admin

    48. Patrice Sartor on

      Hello! I sent in my trial-jeans survey, along with the pics I took, a couple of months ago. I mailed those jeans back in the middle of November. Just wondering when I'll get another (adjusted) pair? Thanks.

    49. Crystal Beasley 2-time creator on

      Amanda, I sent you a private reply. – Samantha, Qcut Admin

    50. Amanda Helstrom-White on

      Still waiting in Portland. I went to the in person fitting, so I was thinking I would have something by now.

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