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Super-secure your digital stash with the Crypteks USB™ featuring a customizable lock and world-class data encryption

Hello! - Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. We're proud to introduce the first lockable and encrypted USB drive ever! A special thank you to eah-and-every one of our backers for their kindness and support! If you missed our Kickstarter campaign check us out at

"A USB stick for the crypto-geek in us all"

Christina Ortiz - Discovery Tech

"A perfect stocking stuffer for the secretive and security-obsessed"


"Crypteks: Encrypted, Combo-Locked USB Stick For the Seriously Paranoid"

Charlie Sorrel - WIRED

"Crypteks USB Super-Secures Your Digital Stash"

Andrew Tarantola - Gizmodo

"Crypteks USB drive proves that you don't have to sacrifice the maximum possible level of security for good looks"

Chris Pirillo - LockerGnome

What is the Crypteks USB™?

The Crypteks USB™ is one of the first (the first as far as we know!) physically locking USB storage devices to feature 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption. It's also really small! Measuring approx 3.1" x 1.1". We worked really hard to bring together inspiring features from top-tier consumer products and rolled them into a single product that is both stylish and extremely functional. A lot of emphasis was given to using the best quality materials possible as well as a really fine attention to detail with respect to construction, laser etching, and general assembly. The Crypteks USB™ was designed to make a bold yet elegant statement and to absolutely-hands-down guarantee your personal information is always personal. Visit our partners!

Crypteks USB™

What's it made of?

Most of the inner parts are made of ultra-high-grade aluminum alloy finished in a unique anodized layer to help with fingerprints and dust. All of the parts are fabricated using state-of-the-art technologies and feature highly precise tolerances. The custom designed springs are made of high-tensile-strength stainless spring steel and were designed to allow for a stop-motion when turning the outer rings. The end result is simply breathtaking; the motions are extremely precise, it feels great in the hand and all of the parts work together perfectly. Learn More.

How do you change the combination?    

Okay. This was probably where our engineers lost their ability to sleep. The Crypteks USB™ features a user customizable combination that was designed to be VERY simple yet highly secure. Once you remove the USB stick from the housing you can then simply unlock the cap and slide-off all the outer rings. Once you figure out what combination you want to use (14,348,907 possible combinations in all!) simply insert the rings with the  new code you want to use aligned with the red dots and you're all set! All of the other inner parts are always neatly tucked inside and there's no need to play around with them (unless you want to!).


What is Hardware Encryption?

When we say "Simply Secure" we mean it. Seriously. The Crypteks USB™ features a unique hardware controller built right into the stick itself. This chip is the secret to really great encryption; by actively enforcing a preset password (of your choosing), all of the information stored on the USB stick is automatically encrypted and decrypted. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was voted the best encryption standard by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology and then later NSA approved for up to TOP SECRET level data encryption. 256-bit AES encryption is currently the highest presentation of the original cypher and exclusively selected for this project to guarantee the best digital protection possible.

What will the funds be used for?

Your pledge (and again thank you SO much!) will help us bring this product to as many people as possible! We're trying to raise funding to help us cover the initial tooling costs so we can begin the expensive manufacturing process. It was no small feat getting this far and we really appreciate all the kind help and support. The more units we're able to produce also means our end-product will be less expensive to produce (saving you more money!). More importantly, your feedback on our first product will allow us to fine-tweak every last detail resulting in the best product possible.

Special Edition - Black

Since our launch we've been getting quite a few requests for a black Crypteks USB™ in 16GB so we couldn't help ourselves and went ahead and made one just for you! Featuring the same amazing solid aluminum alloy construction and a unique anodized layer in black! We hope you like it!


  • We will be implementing a key chain-type "port" for backers that request it! Questionnaires to all Kickstarter backers who may be interested in this feature will be sent in the days to come. As we would truly prefer not to see our little babies scratched over time by being in contact with keys! Don't worry! A small carrying pouch is being designed that can be worn around the neck, carry a key ring, as well as be slipped onto a belt is being developed! We will be offering this unit as an accessory for anyone interested!

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  • Of course! The easy to use interface for entering your password and changing your settings is fully supported on Mac computers! The process is just as simple as on Windows-based (and Linux V2.6 Kernel!) computers and frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way!

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  • Don't worry, we won't tell anyone! Besides offering all of our Kickstarter backers access to the Crypteks™ password management system; we will be offering a "ring-change" service for anyone that may have accidentally forgotten their mechanical pass-code. Instructions for shipping will be sent along with your Crypteks USB™ explaining the process further!

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  • We are trying really hard to make sure we can make the Crypteks USB™ available in different markets the world-over! For details concerning bulk purchases kindly visit our website at and drop us a line!

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  • No way! Thankfully NO ONE can reset your encryption password! Deciphering 256-bit AES encryption is a monumental task! (That's why we love it!). We recommend using and updating your personal Crypteks™ password management system account anytime you get a chance to change your password! We will be encrypting the entire engine and even we will not be able to view your stored information!

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  • In honor of a really special person whom tragically is not with us but will forever be remembered as the single-most influential person in our daily lives and to whom without his attention to detail and unique vision; none of this would have been possible.

    We love you Steve!

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  • Definitely! Patents covering the unique locking mechanisms as well as iterations for future implementations of varying possible internal electronics have been filed with the USPTO with international coverage. Crypteks Inc. reserves all rights with respect to the use of Logos & Slogans as well as the design concepts and iterations covered under our patents

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  • The Crypteks™ password management system is your place to securely store your most valuable passwords! Hosted on a secure and encrypted server, users will be able to login via registered and verified email accounts and store passwords or password hints of their choosing! Crypteks Inc. will NOT be able to access these accounts and it will be up to the user how and when they can access their information!

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