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We have some new music posted for everyone to hear! Head over to the UPDATES section of this page to view it!

So you're a fan of 2D platformers, huh? Maybe you're not. Or maybe you're undecided. If all or none of the things mentioned above apply to you, please keep reading. Why? Because we have a game that will revolutionize the way you think about 2D platforming.

It's called Lennie, or rather he's called Lennie. Lennie plans to break the boundaries of traditional 2D platforming by taking all the things we love about the games from our childhoods and combining them into one hair-raising adventure!

Lennie is simple. Cute. Adorable. Fun. Quirky. Quiet. Cool. Heroic. Romantic. ect. But most importantly...

...Lennie is a delivery-bot. That's right! His job is to deliver packages from one place to another, but something happens to him that changes his life forever. He falls in love. 

Too cliche? Well that's that point! Lennie, you see, is a throwback to all the platformers we grew up loving. The question becomes what sets Lennie apart? After all as fun as 2D platformers can be, they're the same thing over and over. So what makes Lennie different? Three things: The 

  • Art 
  • The Story 
  • The Combat

The Art & Story

The art experience of Lennie won't be your traditional, well polished graphics. Yes, they'll look fantastic, but everything will look illustrated. In other words, the art looks like pictures from a children's book. Why? Well, because it will play like a children's story book. Lennie will be narrated, read, and viewed in the ways that we as adults view children's books. What do we mean? Lennie will be simple. Quite simple in fact. Not the gameplay, but everything else. 

A lot of folks have asked us why. And the answer is that we wanted to created a basic experience for everyone to enjoy!

The game is actually an allegory, drawing a lot of inspiration from the Japanese story telling tradition. Yet instead of concentrating on the Japanese mythologies, Lennie focuses on some issues that are more close to home. Such as purpose, place, meaning, and love. It is our goal to make something didactic for the generation of people who play video games. To teach and inspire! Something fun, cool, unique, yet at the same time powerful. You can be a part of this. You can help us explore deep concepts and ideas without sacrificing quality. Like the sound of that?

The Platforms

As of now we are planning on releasing Lennie on the following platforms: PC, XBLA, Linux, and Mac.  If we get the funding to push further we will be investing in releasing it on iOS and Android as well!  That all depends on you! :)

The Combat

Yes, as far as platforming goes Lennie can be described as similar to others that have preceded it, but there is a huge difference in the design of the combat. Lennie's main form of attacking will be to shoot first class mail from his chest. Various upgrades will be available for this throughout the game (any ideas for upgrades? Let us know!).

The combat in Lennie will differ from that of traditional platformers. Instead of Lennie eliminating an enemy in a repetitive way, players will have the opportunity to defeat the multiple enemies that come their way through a more interactive process. Each combat experience in Lennie will be treated as individual event. In order for a player to get involved in combat they must either touch an enemy that is placed in the world, or shoot first and gain a strategic advantage. Each battle will be more cinematic than normal gameplay, thus giving a more polished feel to the experience as a whole. A great example of how the final combat system will work would be cross between the Tales games and the Street Fighter franchise.

Here some story boards to better explain the fighting sequences. 

You've come along an enemy and now a "fight sequence" has begun. You are now in combat and you have to defeat your enemy in realtime by using combinations/your mail cannon.

You've Got Mail
You've Got Mail

Or you can...

First Class Delivery
First Class Delivery
We ran out of puns for this one
We ran out of puns for this one

Take a moment and look at this guy...

Would you ever say no to him? If you're one of the tens of people we've asked so far who all said "No!" Help this little guy have a game named after him!

So now what? We're sure you guys want a taste of what Lennie will be like. Below are some videos displaying concept work along with some concept music. A few of these samples were shown in the video above, we don't want to give too much out!

The City:

A bouncy, fun, thematic song which follows Lennie has he goes through the town of Botsville. For those interested, it's a piano duet. The art is a concept for Botsville. Music by, Chadwick Harman

Fight #1:

Unfortunately no place is perfect, and Robotia is not exempt from imperfection. Lennie will come across enemies that he must destroy using the only tool he has accessible to him, his envelopes. Concept of Rusty by Jon Tyson. Music by, Chadwick Harman.

The Shop:

Probably one of the most important things for Lennie to do to stay safe is, put simply, shop around using the nuts and bolts he has looted, and what better way to shop than to relaxing music? Music by, Scott Foreman; Art, Jon Tyson


Are you a romantic at heart? Well then maybe you can relate to Lennie! Whether you're romantically inclined or think love is for sissies, listen to this next song and see if this thematic music doesn't calm your soul. Music by, Scott Foreman; Art by, Jon Tyson.

*If we can reach $5000 we'll add more.

If you choose to support us and want to keep up-to-date on the progress just visit

Most traditional 2D side-scrollers/platformers take place in a seemingly disjointed world. To some, this is one of the appeals of the genre; however, we have a dream. A dream of creating an extremely diverse world that is cohesive in the design and feel. Lennie isn't all about the platforming, it isn't all about the puzzel solving, and it isn't all about the story, it's about all these things put together. That's one of the things that makes Lennie unique. It has elements of everyone's favorite 2D game genre put into one cohesive world that furthers the elements mentioned above.

Here's an example. Platforms in this game are handcrafted to be unique. Sure, each of them share similar qualities with one another, but each one has its own function; each one its own design.

Lennie is all about going the extra mile. And we want to go the extra mile for you. So if you help us out we promise to give you a game that's sure to change the way you view the genre!

We at Cryogenic Studios believe that the art and script go hand in hand in telling a story, both at a conscious and unconscious level.

As far as games go $10,000 is pocket change. Most projects of this caliber cost in the upwards of hundreds of thousands. Yet with $10,000 we can create this game at its bare minimum. You see the $10,000 we raise here would go to two things, licensing costs and supporting our staff. Currently the staff is working on this project completely pro-bono and happy to do so, but one of our team members (Jon Micah Tyson) and his lovely wife are having twins in July and thus we want to help the man out! We also have a few right-out-of-college- team members that are looking for jobs and we want to be able to help them out as well.

As mentioned before, we also have to pay the licensing costs. This is where the majority of the money will be spent.

As to why we want to use Kickstarter, let us elaborate. We are all gamers, nay, avid gamers. So we know how much players value to be a part of the process and we want you all to be a part. Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to get in touch with those inside the market, and lets you all become, essentially, the most important asset we have, which is how it should be. We are here to make a game for you, and we want to hear your feedback. So beyond supporting us, maybe even a bit more, we want you to be a part of our community.

At the end of the day 100% of the money raised here goes to help us make you a great game, and you all get to know that you're a part of something amazing!

What If?

One of the coolest things about Kickstarter is the ability to go OVER your goal. We here at Cryogenic Studios pride ourselves in going above and beyond the expected, and that made us start to think. What if you guys also went above and beyond the expected? Well, let us inform you.

  • IF we raised $20,000, then we could fully score the game with a professional orchestra, we would also be able to rent out great studio space to record all of our sound effects used in game. 
  • IF we raised $30,000, then we could begin to help pay some wages for our workers and even add on some more help, decreasing the build time for the game.
  • IF we raised $40,000, then we could increase the game's size and scope.
  • Past that, the sky's the limit for what we could do with Lennie.

Who Are We?

We are Cryogenic Studios. A game development/production company stationed in Mississippi. Our team is a highly talented group of guys that are from all over the south. For a full list of the team go to

If you want to keep up with what's going on, be sure to follow us on twitter (@CryoGameStudios), or like us on Facebook,,

At the end of our day our mission is to change the way you perceive the medium of games, but we believe that you all need to be a part of the process as well, so keep in touch with us and give us your ideas! This is a community effort after all!  

*The art work shown on this site is a small representative of the artwork done by Cryogenic Studios, L.L.C. and is Copyrighted by Cryogenic Studios, L.L.C. 2012. 


  • We do ask that if you live outside of the States you help us out with the shipping. Since there is no fixed price, please think about including with your gift an extra 10%. This would help us get your rewards to you without taking away from the project.

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    Now that's pretty sweet.

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