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No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
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    1. graylobo on

      This is one of the most intresting thing i have seen about tis game. There a re a few but this take th personal house to a whole new level and i cant wate to see and play thease aspects of this game.

    2. Marius Stubberud on

      This looks like a great idea! I really like the refreshing new take on MMO's you guys are brining. I hope you'll be able to capture that unique living and breathing feel the player base had in Star Wars Galaxies. Instead of just being a bunch of other people artificially placed in a world as if they were tourists in a foreign country, it'll feel more like the players are part of the world and what makes it live. That was the best part about the old Star Wars Galaxies, and I hope you can capture it in this game too!

    3. HappyWulf

      I have a couple of quickie questions. One about EK and another about Campaigns, and another about Crafting...

      1. In my EK there are some blank parcels, how will they show up when I walk around them? Will they be heavily forested invisible barriers? Can I go into them and find monsters to fight? Would I for that reason then have a reason to intentionally leave some plots blank so as to have pockets of 'wild' in my EK to adventure in?

      2. I enter a Campaign with a character. Is he LOCKED IN until a loss state or until I willingly vacate it? If I leave early, can I re-enter? Would leaving early forfit my loot set aside in the loot bank? Or can I collect some loot early and then re-enter? Or can all collected Loot be set aside in the bank until the world collapses and THEN it's collected? Can I leave a campaign early, then go to a different campaign, then leave that and then come back to the first campaign before it ends?

      3. Can any character class Craft? Or do I have to be a specific class if I want to do any crafting? How many crafting schools can a single character learn? Can I have 1 character be my 'designated crafter' who will do all my crafting and stay at home in my EK and manage my Kingdom's parcels and shops?

    4. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Pestilli on

      Awesome ideas folks! Awesome, really. I really hope you continue along this road.

    5. Daevic on

      I have a question, whats going to be the factors that make my EK different from the next person? Layout and Design sure, but if my EK is going to attract people and commerce it will need to stand out right? what will be the things that let me stand out from the rest of the EK's?

    6. Missing avatar

      Emaze on

      Thanks for the great post. I know that NPC info is still TBD, but it would be nice, for example, that once a thrall priest gets placed in a completed player made temple (or a blacksmith in a smithy), acolyte NPCs would appear and be seen wandering in and around the building, doing some random tasks. Not that players have to be able to interact with them, it's just to give the buildings and perhaps the neighborhood some life to it.

      I've always felt MMO player towns are a bit too lifeless with only players and few quest-giving NPCs just standing there doing nothing. I think a few cottages with old folks sitting down or gardening and a bunch of kids running around can make an even bigger difference in this aspect. I have no idea if any of this is even possible in an MMO though :S

    7. Joe G on

      One potential issue with Eternal Kingdoms is how will contracts be enforced since there is no PvP without the Monarch's declaration.
      For example: I intend to serve as a "Safari Guide" for aspiring crafters on trips to the Campaign worlds. I'll provide security & scouting; they'll provide harvesting & crafting. They would then owe me gear they craft with some of the materials they bring back. What is to prevent them from simply deciding to not pay me?
      More common example: I have a large collection of materials; I pass them to a crafter to use as components to build me something to spec (including minimum quality, etc). Excess materials are theirs to keep. What is to prevent them from ripping me off?
      Non-trivial question, not expecting a final answer yet.

    8. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Aaron, philosophically we're trying to give people the tools for them to use as they see fit, not structure that everyone works withing. So all your questions are really about what guilds want to do, not what we are making them do.
      You should look at the import rules and embargo system about moving things from and to campaigns. And we hope we get the storage system right too! :)

    9. Aaron on

      Okay, another question (might have been answered before). So it seems we can use our own parcels in other people's Eternal Kingdoms. Will guilds have their own Eternal Kingdom or will the guild Eternal Kingdom be the guild leader's or a designated person? Will guild EKs be able to be listed as public? Tax benefits from guild go into separate community fund or guild leader?

      So a character can login to EK or campaign, but is unable to transfer items/currency? Makes sense. So campaigns are "closed system" and you only get what you join the campaign with and you can only take from campaign once it ends. With that system, I hope storage system will be reasonably intuitive and not a cluster of different boxes that require manual sorting, etc.

    10. Svenn

      What about moving between multiple campaigns? Can a character participate in more than one campaign at a time?

    11. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Aaron All of that detail is TBD, sorry!

    12. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Weebles You choose the terrain by the parcels you use. Unusable terrain is impenetrable forest. There will be many kinds of parcels to be created, and we expect some dramatic levels of diversity in the EK's.

    13. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Michael - you can log into your EK or your Campaign World with the same character. Your character cannot move things between the two while on campaign though.

    14. Svenn

      I'm curious how much time we'll actually be spending in our EKs. One thing I've been wondering is whether you can freely change your character between Campaigns (and your EK) at any time? Or once you join a Campaign are you locked into that campaign for the duration? Can I bounce from one campaign to another, then back to my EK, then back to another campaign in one play session, for example?

    15. Missing avatar

      Dustweaver on

      This is definitely the update I was waiting for.

      I really like the concept of building pieces as player-owned items, and I'm glad you guys settled on that.

      Are there any plans to have editable signs? For example, a big statue with '150 characters or less' of text on the base, or a wide archway over a road declaring the name of a town or district. Even simple road signs with text you can edit would be awesome if EKs get to be sprawlingly large. Being able to write on the world lets players add a LOT of character to it.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of parcels and lots ACE comes up with. I'd like to see a sort of 'zoo' parcel or lot set with exotic campaign monsters (maybe unlocked through winning campaigns?). That way, players could develop their own mini-dungeon in a game, maybe even with a 'final boss' lot. Since Campaigns are a big commitment, players who want to try out new weapons and skills during their downtime would benefit from being able to test them out in a 'live combat' situation against different monster types without having to choose a campaign.

      Although a bit of a tangent, if EKs are huge, it'd be neat to have some kind of 'security measures' in place to allow only certain players access to certain areas. If there's a really big public EK with over 100 people online at any given time, being able to host a small gathering in a house and lock the door would be spiffy. Or have a secret dungeon clubhouse with a gargoyle at the gate asking for a password, etc.

    16. Missing avatar

      Weebles on


      How is the terrain generated for the parcels of land that you can place? Are they predetermined pieces that give you options such as forests, desserts, mountains, etc? Or can you choose a theme for your EK? Possibly allowing you to build something like a coastal city by a large body of water, or a large kingdom surrounded by mountains, or even a small kingdom hidden in a sea of trees.

      If the terrain could be customization it would allow a broad range of variants from one EK to another. But if all EK's are based off the same map (Like the one picture under the header of "How do I collaborate with other people (like my guildmates) on a Kingdom?") it will become very cookie cutter and could be slightly boring since it doesn't give the player a lot of control over the look and feel of their own EK.

    17. Aaron on

      I'm curious about NPCs and mobspawns inside EKs ("fight monsters"). How much control will we have with placing NPCs? Alot (ala SW:ToR Strongholds static positons) or will they be more "random" spawn. Also will monsters/mobspawns only come out of wild cells? How much control will we have over placement of monsters? I'm wondering if you will enable a creative system that ventures into Minecraft level of freedom that will enable some creative dungeon creation.

    18. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Robin you are right! Nobody caught the error till now. Let's leave it that we want our 3x3 to be startling larger than a "housing instance" and full EK's to be enormous.

    19. Homer on

      @ArtCraft so it will NOT be possible for this to happen: ?

      Meaning, in a seamless world, there are many eternal kingdoms, actually phisically placed inside the bigger seamless world, where you can see other people's EKs and etc. EKs will just be flying bits of land that cannot interact at all with other people UNLESS they want to get into your EK? Sorry, but this sucks balls :(

      If I play alone, even if my EK is bad-ass, kick-ass, as I don't know many people, it will be hard for others to actually take a look at my amazing EK. Damn, sad.

      This would be majestic, just a dream, and I believe Unity can achieve it:

      Running around and seeing many different EKs, walls, castles, small villages, etc, etc, etc. . Please consider this, I know it would be hard to implement and many problems would arise but it would just be the best thing ever created.

    20. Robin Hersom on

      "Kingdoms begin as a 3 cells by 3 cells square. We’re still building this system, so the cell sizing will probably change a bit… but in the current prototype, this equates to roughly half a mile square of virtual territory." "For now, we are estimating a cell will likely be somewhere between a quarter of a square acre and two square acres in size. "

      This doesn't make sense - half a square mile is 320 acres. If the starting size of an EK is 3x3 cells and they're a maximum of 2 acres, that's 18 acres, which is barely more than a twentieth of a half square mile.

    21. Solaris on

      This sounds great. Makes me want to up my pledge from Early Sapphire to get more tax free lots!

    22. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Shilo My understanding is that there will specific parcels with PvE spawns, I hope that helps.

    23. Shilo on

      This is an awesome update. I appreciate all the updates and responses to the comments. Regarding EK, I am very excited that the buildings/land won't be permanent once placed. I wish there was more info on PvP and PvE though. Keep up the good work!

    24. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @J.R. "Another question, will you be able to trade tetris pieces? For instance if I find a kickstarter backer at a higher tier than I who doesn't care about their kingdom, could I trade them for their pieces?"
      These are items and tradeable, until they are placed in an EK, is my understanding.

    25. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Zola Thanks for the typo, we can't change it here (Kickstarter rules) but it is being changed on our webpage.
      On PvP rules, the monarch of the world sets those globally for the EK. And I don't have any further details on PvP in EK's yet, sorry! What we've committed to is letting the Monarch set those rules for their EK, but no detailed design is ready to share.

    26. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      @Joshua 1x1 basic tax free parcels. The building purpose design is not done, so I don't have that information to share. Some are decorative and some have purpose, again those design specifics for every kind of building/parcel are not finalized. What is key to understand is that we aren't giving buildings as rewards that are valueless, we want our bundles to be outstanding deals.

    27. Joshua Johnson

      @ArtCraft Entertainment
      A few questions
      1. What kind of parcels do we get with the kickstarter rewards? Are they just 1x1 parcels or are they random sizes?
      2. What do the cottages, villas and manors that we get as rewards do? I understand they are buildings but what purpose do they serve?
      3. Do fortifications serve any other purpose than increasing the size of the world and providing a large parcel piece to put down? Also, I see parcel pieces like mountains, graveyards etc. Do these all serve purposes or are some of them just decorative?

    28. Stiler Orion on

      For me this is a little disappointing, I was hoping that the EK would be one "world" shared by players.

      I am not a big fan of "instances" really, it makes everything feel disconnected.

      I'd even rather have the world be "Zoned" (so it would be big enough to hold the playerbase) rather then everyone getting their own individual instance.

      I was just hoping to be able to explore a world and see other peoples places, maybe even find a plot of land I liked and asking to buy it from the person that owned it.

      Set up a shop and have random people just wander by (with no arbitrary population cap outside of what the actual server can hold).

      So if your shop becomes famous and you become well known for making good items you can have lots of peopel visiting your shop.

    29. Zola Suwaro

      I think there is a typo at WCan other people visit by Kingdom? " is "my" kingdom meant, instead of "by Kingdom" ?

      I absolute adore the Modular structure that the EK and Buildings partake in. So much yes!

      Though I'm curious as well how PvP rules would affect buildings and the surroundings in case one would set the EK to FFA if this is possible. Would the PvP rules differ between the Barons or Douchess Area's or would they be globally set by the EK owner? And what kind of PvP rules could be applied to an EK?

    30. Francis courant on

      Well EK picked my interested now...
      “I am the Lord of the Western Reach. From my Citadel, I control all of the Darkspine Moutains -- as far as the eye can see.”
      I think I want a Mountain Citadel!

    31. Koukatsu on

      Wow, every time you guys put something out, I'm getting more pumped for this game. Keep it up.

    32. J.R. Riedel on

      This is one of the topics I have been waiting a LONG time for. You seem to have addressed a lot of the questions on the forums.

      I like the tetris approach. I also like the fact that structures are "tied" to your account. I am much more likely to join and help build up another kingdom is I know I'm not going to get robbed of my effort. To some of us having a safe(r) place is really important!

      This does raise some questions about the campaign worlds though, are they equally cookie cutter for buildings? We will collect enough resources and then be given the option to build specific building templates? or will we be placing each wall?

      I both like and dislike the taxes part of things. I like how you don't truly lose anything. I like that it forces you into the campaigns. I am a bit concerned with paying them though! Especially in the winner take all dregs. (Granted that may just be a risk we have to take until the other tiers open up)

      Another question, will you be able to trade tetris pieces? For instance if I find a kickstarter backer at a higher tier than I who doesn't care about their kingdom, could I trade them for their pieces?

      Either way I am quite please with this update.

    33. Koshy George on

      Great Info dump overall, but a little bit more information on PvP inside EKs would have been nice.

    34. Creoterra on

      Absolutely love the concepts you presented for the eternal kingdoms!

    35. ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Creator on

      Please let us know your thoughts! Hearing your feedback while in development is a big part of what makes crowdfunding games special. So thanks for backing us and participating!