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"It's like Game of Thrones meets EVE Online" - a new MMO by J Todd Coleman (Shadowbane, Wizard101) and Gordon Walton (UO, SWG, SWTOR)
No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
16,936 backers pledged $1,766,204 to help bring this project to life.

Crowfall October Update: Celebrating 50k Crows!


Our community of Crows is always growing, and you provide valuable feedback, suggestions, and an endless fountain of encouragement. Our jobs would be much harder without you cheering us on. We want to return the favor and cheer you on!

With the new “Crow Spotlight” feature on our website, we’ll have the opportunity to shine a light on some of our most productive and creative community members. Want to be included? Just fill out this short questionnaire and submit it for consideration. 

Meanwhile, back in Crowfall development land…

CROWFALL REACHES 50K BACKERS - The continued growth of our community is inspirational; we now have more than 50,000 backers and nearly 300,000 registered users!


ART STREAM WITH DAVE GRECO - Art Lead Dave Greco continues his latest work-in-progress, an updated look for the goddess Zaleena.


THE MUSIC OF CROWFALL - AUTUMN ADVENTURES - Download the newest Crowfall music tracks.


BESTIARY: URGU - The goddess Cybele takes "you are what you eat" to a horrible new level in the tale of the urgu.

DIVINE WALLPAPERS - Enjoy three brand new wallpapers of Crowfall gods.

URGU MACE TIME-LAPSE VIDEO - Character Artist Eric Hart shows off how the urgu mace is sculpted.

ACE Q&A FOR SEPTEMBER: COMBAT TWEAKING - Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman dive into answering some of your combat questions.

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR SEPTEMBER - Check out exciting new gameplay enhancements coming in Game Update 5.8.

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE! FOR SEPTEMBER - Get a glimpse at the powers design process in this livestream.


THE BLOODY POINT TIPS: VESSELS - Anthrage gives a look into the use of different vessels.

ELKEN KNIGHT GAMEPLAY - SemiMong brings a little “murdeer” love to the world with the Elken Knight.

THE LAST STAND OF THE VALIANT - Soulein and House Avari stand against tremendous odds. Can they survive the fight?


HERO-U: ROGUE TO REDEMPTION is an Adventure/Role Playing Game under development by Corey and Lori Cole, creators of the Award-winning Quest for Glory Series.


Stay tuned for more information on our first complete Campaign, due to be introduced in 5.8. Your feedback is incredibly important to us. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook, watch our latest videos on the Crowfall YouTube channel, share your favorite moments on Instagram, and join the conversation on the Crowfall forum. We want to hear from you!

Thank you for all your support,

The Crowfall Team

Crowfall September Update: What’s your story?


Every Crow has a story and we want to know yours. Not just the Eternal Champion you represent in the game, but the real person on the other side of the keyboard.  

Each week, we are astonished by the number of thoughtful and inspiring videos and streams that are shared by Crowfall community members. We want to support you in bringing more attention to your channel, showcasing your story and sharing how you plan to win the Throne War!  

To support our ability to help you shine, we’re adding a “Crow Spotlight” to our website. Please take a few moments to answer this brief questionnaire and send in your responses for consideration. Glory awaits!

Meanwhile, back in Crowfall development land…

OUTPOSTS & WAR BANNERS - Get insider tips on how to use capture points to your advantage.  

THE CLUSTERIZER - Go behind-the-scenes with Technical Designer, Thomas Eidson .

ANGRY BEES AND LEATHER SLEEVES - See (and hear) how unusual resources become Crowfall sound effects.


CROWFALL DOUBLE FEATURE - Grab a snack and your favorite beverage, and then settle in for a double feature of new video shorts!  
- BESTIARY: AUROCHS - Caught between the horrors of war and the impending winter, a group of starving adventurers can't believe their luck when they stumble upon a huge aurochs.
- GAMESCOM CROWFALL PARTY LIVE STREAM - Find out what ArtCraft's Chief Creative Officer J. Todd Coleman shared with fans during the Crowfall Gamescom fan event in Cologne, Germany. 

ACE Q&A FOR AUGUST - Get the latest information on battlement upgrades, why Crowfall creatures drop gold and crafting.

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR AUGUST - Watch Art Lead Dave Greco expertly navigate Photoshop to paint his latest work-in-progress, the goddess Illara, as he talks about his creative process.

CROWFALL Q&A FOR AUGUST - Enjoy a sneak peek at win condition and crafting improvement features planned for Pre-Alpha 5.8.


- 5.7 VIP TRAINING GUIDE - Looking for ‘pro tips’? This new training guide from Yoink outlines all possible Race/Class training combinations currently available in 5.7.  
- FPS FIX - If you are on the quest for better performance - bkrandomest has put together a great video with tips on how you can improve the game's performance on your PC.
S1|EPISODE 1: THE TRAINING DAY - Join Ser Medieval as he begins his Crowfall journey. We're talking about all-out war, real nitty-gritty stuff, just you and the world - “the survival aspect, I love it!" 


PILLARS OF ETERNITY II: DEADFIRE is a party-based, isometric role-playing game with a rich narrative.

in the coming weeks, you can look forward to hearing more about the preparations we’re making to kick off the first full, end-to-end Campaign in Pre-Alpha 5.8. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook, watch out our latest videos on the Crowfall YouTube channel and join the conversation on the Crowfall forum. We want to hear from you!

Thanks for your continuing support,
The Crowfall team

Crowfall Update for August: Pre-Alpha 5.7 is coming!

Thanks to the Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test group members that have been participating in our snap tests, we are this >< close to bringing the Pre-Alpha 5.7 milestone to our LIVE testing environment!

This is a particularly exciting update for Stoneborn fans who’ve been anxiously awaiting his arrival on the scene. This milestone introduces a plethora of great new features, too. So many, in fact, that we made a video to showcase them!

Please watch for announcements about snap tests and join in when you can. We're looking forward to bringing 5.7 to LIVE and, with your help, it will happen very soon!

Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3
Test Environment: TEST - snap tests as announced
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.7
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3

All Starter Packs include immediate access to the LIVE test environment. Visit the Crowfall Store to see the available bundles and other merchandise. 

Here are the top Crowfall stories of July! 

BEHOLD THE BATTLEMENTS - The recently-introduced vassal system allows for even more creativity in Eternal Kingdoms. To facilitate that, we're introducing mega deeds! Check out battlements, wall panels, and deed upgrades that will allow you to customize your Kingdom like never before.

MULTI-ZONE CAMPAIGNS - Unique, dynamically-generated maps are just one of the features that set Crowfall apart from other MMOs. Principle Technical Designer Thomas Eidson explains how the process was taken from concept to playable maps. With this new tech, it only takes a few clicks to produce a new world, populated with mobs and resources, for Crows to explore and conquer.

CHATTING ABOUT CHAT UPDATES - Chat is used to buy, sell, and trade; find groups, coordinate attacks, and warn your faction of nearby enemies; find friends (and foes); and so much more. Our updates to the chat system make it more visually appealing in 5.7 and lay the groundwork for more exciting changes in the future!


  • FRAME RATE IMPROVEMENTS - Optimization will always be an ongoing priority for us and, to that end, there are some dramatic improvements to frame rate in the 5.7 build. Major changes to the terrain not only improved the environmental feel of the world but also help it run more smoothly. 
  • INTRODUCING: ARTCRAFT TECHNOLOGIES - This week we announced a new division of ACE: ArtCraft Technologies. The intent is to build a technology base that we can leverage internally on future titles as well as license to other studios. This will provide us with significant short- and long-term benefits, including extra engineering muscle for Crowfall.
  • MASSIVELY OP INTERVIEW - In this interview, Creative Director J Todd Coleman answers questions surrounding the introduction of ArtCraft Technologies and how that impacts and benefits ArtCraft Entertainment and, by extension, the development of Crowfall.

Subscribe to our YouTube and Twitch channels for notifications of new content! 

ACE Q&A FOR JULY: OFF SCRIPT - Creative Director J Todd Coleman and Design Lead Thomas Blair return for another ACE Q&A video, but this time they're going off script! Where they typically answer a list of questions, Todd was too excited to talk to everyone about 5.7. 

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE FOR JULY: THE STONEBORN TEMPLE - Lead Environment Artist Jon O'Neal shows off the new Stoneborn-themed beachhead area, joined by Creative Director J Todd Coleman who answers questions and chats a bit with the viewing audience.

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR JULY - Design Director Thomas Blair was joined by Principal Game Designer Mark Halash for our regularly scheduled Pre-Alpha 5 Live! with Patch Notes from the Future. Just prior to putting 5.7 on TEST for the first time, they talked about the most recent bug fixes and adjustments.

Videos from your fellow Crows! 

  • CROWFALL TRIBUTE - This video compilation from Gorwald shows our progress from the early Hunger Dome days to today! 
  • PLATE AND FUR - They have the element of surprise, but Scipio and MJayed are outnumbered. Can they survive? 
  • CROWFALL GETS RANDOM - Indigo and Croog are here to give you the lowdown on Crowfall's procedural world generation!

Visit the Crowfall Merchandise Store where you'll find everything from caps and hoodies to mugs and phone cases.

DESCENT UNDERGROUND - Fight through twisting tunnels and vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. We’re blasting the original full-freedom shooter Descent into the 21st Century with next-generation gaming technology built on Unreal Engine 4.

Development of 5.8 is already underway, and we'll begin talking about some of the new content in August. Meanwhile, keep those 5.6 and 5.7 live streams and videos coming.  Seeing players exploring and enjoying the game inspires us to work even harder for you! 

See you in-game!
The Crowfall team

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Crowfall Update for July: Elements of Danger


There’s nothing like the thrill you get from taking danger head-on and saying, “Not today!” as you overcome it. With the basic cornerstones now set in Crowfall®, we are now beginning to introduce additional elements that will spice up the game considerably.  

Transitions in time and seasons will provide the resources Crows need to survive the effects of the Hunger IF they can develop the strategies needed to survive the transitions in time and seasons. There’s no Easy mode here. And that’s what makes it all so exciting!

To get a closer look at what’s new in Crowfall and what we’re planning to introduce next, read on!  

Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3
Test Environment: TEST - snap tests as announced
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3

All Starter Packs include immediate access to the LIVE test environment. Visit the Crowfall Store to see the available bundles and other merchandise.

FOUNDERS' UPDATE: MID-YEAR CHECKPOINT 2018  - ArtCraft co-founders J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton reveal big news about bringing Crowfall to Russia and landing a technology licensing agreement. They also explained their continuing commitment to making Crowfall the absolute best it can be in terms of playability and performance and what that means in terms of launch dates.

BEWARE THE HUNGER - The Hunger spreads across the land like a pox. As its reach extends, it limits resources and transforms animals into terrifying Hunger-infected monsters. Only the most brave, cunning Crows will survive. Are you one of them?

THE WINDS OF CHANGE - The passage of time is an incredibly important facet of gameplay in Crowfall. Intricately connected is the passage of seasons, and seasonal events that affect the Campaign Worlds.

GENERATING WORLDS - Game Designer Jonathan Pollard and Principal Technical Engineer Thomas Eidson demonstrated the process of placing dioramas, the use of data layers to make customizable adventure parcels and how with the click of a few buttons they can generate unique maps.

WOOD-ELF AXE TIMELAPSE & LINEUPS - Behold the beautiful array of weapons and shields coming soon for the races of Crowfall. Character Artist Eric Hart makes the process look effortless in this time-lapse as he uses ZBrush to sculpt a new axe for Wood-Elves.

BESTIARY: WOLF - What happens when a lone traveler comes face-to-face with a ravenous beast in the midst of a sky-rending squall? Find out in this bestiary update, and get a sneak peek at the wolf's transformation to its Hunger-infected form!

Crowfall news updates are published every Tuesday and Thursday. 

ACE Q&A FOR JUNE: HAVE YOU CONSIDERED? - Design Lead Thomas Blair and Principal Game Designer Mark Halash return to answer questions in this ACE Q&A video. They answer various have you considered questions, and discuss the reasons behind the choices that have been made thus far, and the design decisions for the future.

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR JUNE: PATCH NOTES FROM THE FUTURE - First Looks and news about features in development, including the Stoneborn, the female Half-Giant, hunger crystals and the new Bereavement map!

CROWFALL Q&A FOR JUNE: LIGHTING WITH MELISSA - Special guest star Art Director Melissa Preston joined Design Director Thomas Blair to discuss the changes to the lighting systems in Crowfall, and what challenges we face in making a beautifully-lit game.

Follow the Official Crowfall Twitch channel to view our live stream schedule and get notifications when we're streaming. 

SHIRTS BY NOC - Through a special licensing agreement with ArtCraft Entertainment, community member NocturnalDemise has created a fun and cool collection of Crowfall-inspired t-shirts. Browse through the store and find the perfect match for your inner hero!

- Crowfall/ACE Tribute video by Gorwald  
- Crowfall Memes thread created by Zybak 
- resource site founded by Scree

POSTMORTEMS is a new book series by the legendary game developer and Crowfall design consultant Raph Koster. This is a magnificent resource not only for current and aspiring video game professionals but also for those who enjoy learning more about how games are made. The first volume is available now on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

PROJECT GORGON is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that allows players to forge their own paths through exploration and discovery. The loot is randomly generated, monsters have unique abilities, and dungeons have puzzles, traps and terrifying bosses!

Our news calendar for July has lots of great stuff in store for you, including the latest information about our in-game chat system, improvements to terrains and changes to beachheads. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback about each update!

See you in-game, 
The Crowfall team

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Building Empires with 5.6

The newest 5.6 build is officially on LIVE and available to all Crowfall® backers! As such, we’ve seen a significant boost to active testers, which has been a great opportunity for bug hunting.
Our focus for the 5.6 milestone included the creation and implementation of the vassal system, a revamp of skills, and the first steps towards procedural world generation. With vassals, players can give their friends permission to place parcels and buildings within their Eternal Kingdom, opening the door to massive cities and sprawling marketplaces. The Campaign Worlds are even more dangerous, as the AI are now smarter and more aware. The inclusion of the Fae and male versions of the Wood-Elf and High-Elf was an added bonus, and these Races give players even more flexibility in their playstyle. 


Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7 
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6 
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3 
Test Environment: TEST - snap tests as announced 
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6 
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3 

Early access Starter Packs are available in the Crowfall Store


PRE-ALPHA 5.6: SHAPING EMPIRES - 5.6 is coming to LIVE! In preparation, this overview video should give you a great look at the new and improved systems you can expect to see. 

DAYS AND NIGHTS MAKE DYNAMIC WORLDS - The cycle of days and nights is an important factor in making a world feel alive and evolving. See what makes the nights in Crowfall even more dangerous, and how the Hunger plays its own integral part. Days and nights will be yet another facet of strategy in Campaign Worlds. 

SOCIAL SYSTEM: INTERACTING WITH PLAYERS - A major focus in the upcoming milestone will be social systems. Learn more about how we'll move these away from chat commands into quick-access menus, making it easier than before to chat, group and trade with other players. 

WILDCRAFTING: HUNTING & GATHERING - Engagement loops are vital to keeping a game entertaining, from second-to-second up to month-to-month. See how wildcrafting keeps players engaged and ties into larger Crowfall systems! 

HIGH-ELF ARMOR REVEAL - When creating the various pieces of armor for the High-Elf Race, their culture and what aesthetics they would appreciate figured heavily into the designs. Take a look at artists' inspirations and a sneak peek at the final armor pieces.


ACE Q&A FOR MAY - Design Director Thomas Blair and special guest Creative Director J Todd Coleman return to answer questions in this ACE Q&A video. They discuss how the technological foundations to world-building that have been created so far will carry us into future iterations of Campaigns, Eternal Kingdoms, and other exciting features. 

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR MAY - Blair and Halash covered a lot of ground this month discussing more updates to the skill tree including recipe unlocks, upcoming Race and Class trees, the Command skill tree and lots more! 

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE! FOR MAY - It's time to take a load off, relax, and watch the sunrise. Join Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash for this livestream event where they gave viewers an early look at one of the first versions of the day/night cycle. Days and nights, along with seasons, are one of the major focuses for the upcoming 5.7 build. 

THE ELEMENTALS TIME-LAPSE - With the Frostweaver currently in the development pipeline, the notion of elemental entities came to the forefront. Art Lead Dave Greco was tasked with creating concept art depicting a frost elemental. But if he was going to do one, it made sense to add more potential elements to the mix and create a full lineup of designs. 

YAGA STATUE TIMELAPSE - Here is another special timelapse from our Art Lead, Dave Greco. Watch him create the concept art for a statue of the goddess Yaga. This concept follows a similar theme to a previous piece featuring The Crone.


Need to get a gift for that Crow who has everything? Let them be picky with a Crowfall merchandise gift card! Crowfall Store merchandise may vary by region. 


Check out these links for a plethora of Crowfall resources: 

THE BLOODY POINT - Tutorials and theorycrafting videos by Anthrage. 

ACADEMY ARCADE - Let’s Play videos and tutorials with David. 

WINTERBLADES’ RESOURCES - A list of resources including YouTube channels, discussion sites, and tips. 


LIFE IS FEUDAL from Bitbox Ltd is an innovative online sandbox game that has deep crafting and building elements. 


Our news calendar for June includes a lot of exciting content, like more information about seasons, hunger, and procedural world generation. To get the news as it happens, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit the Crowfall website and forum often!