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"It's like Game of Thrones meets EVE Online" - a new MMO by J Todd Coleman (Shadowbane, Wizard101) and Gordon Walton (UO, SWG, SWTOR)
No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
16,936 backers pledged $1,766,204 to help bring this project to life.

Building Empires with 5.6

The newest 5.6 build is officially on LIVE and available to all Crowfall® backers! As such, we’ve seen a significant boost to active testers, which has been a great opportunity for bug hunting.
Our focus for the 5.6 milestone included the creation and implementation of the vassal system, a revamp of skills, and the first steps towards procedural world generation. With vassals, players can give their friends permission to place parcels and buildings within their Eternal Kingdom, opening the door to massive cities and sprawling marketplaces. The Campaign Worlds are even more dangerous, as the AI are now smarter and more aware. The inclusion of the Fae and male versions of the Wood-Elf and High-Elf was an added bonus, and these Races give players even more flexibility in their playstyle. 


Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7 
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6 
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3 
Test Environment: TEST - snap tests as announced 
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6 
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3 

Early access Starter Packs are available in the Crowfall Store


PRE-ALPHA 5.6: SHAPING EMPIRES - 5.6 is coming to LIVE! In preparation, this overview video should give you a great look at the new and improved systems you can expect to see. 

DAYS AND NIGHTS MAKE DYNAMIC WORLDS - The cycle of days and nights is an important factor in making a world feel alive and evolving. See what makes the nights in Crowfall even more dangerous, and how the Hunger plays its own integral part. Days and nights will be yet another facet of strategy in Campaign Worlds. 

SOCIAL SYSTEM: INTERACTING WITH PLAYERS - A major focus in the upcoming milestone will be social systems. Learn more about how we'll move these away from chat commands into quick-access menus, making it easier than before to chat, group and trade with other players. 

WILDCRAFTING: HUNTING & GATHERING - Engagement loops are vital to keeping a game entertaining, from second-to-second up to month-to-month. See how wildcrafting keeps players engaged and ties into larger Crowfall systems! 

HIGH-ELF ARMOR REVEAL - When creating the various pieces of armor for the High-Elf Race, their culture and what aesthetics they would appreciate figured heavily into the designs. Take a look at artists' inspirations and a sneak peek at the final armor pieces.


ACE Q&A FOR MAY - Design Director Thomas Blair and special guest Creative Director J Todd Coleman return to answer questions in this ACE Q&A video. They discuss how the technological foundations to world-building that have been created so far will carry us into future iterations of Campaigns, Eternal Kingdoms, and other exciting features. 

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR MAY - Blair and Halash covered a lot of ground this month discussing more updates to the skill tree including recipe unlocks, upcoming Race and Class trees, the Command skill tree and lots more! 

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE! FOR MAY - It's time to take a load off, relax, and watch the sunrise. Join Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash for this livestream event where they gave viewers an early look at one of the first versions of the day/night cycle. Days and nights, along with seasons, are one of the major focuses for the upcoming 5.7 build. 

THE ELEMENTALS TIME-LAPSE - With the Frostweaver currently in the development pipeline, the notion of elemental entities came to the forefront. Art Lead Dave Greco was tasked with creating concept art depicting a frost elemental. But if he was going to do one, it made sense to add more potential elements to the mix and create a full lineup of designs. 

YAGA STATUE TIMELAPSE - Here is another special timelapse from our Art Lead, Dave Greco. Watch him create the concept art for a statue of the goddess Yaga. This concept follows a similar theme to a previous piece featuring The Crone.


Need to get a gift for that Crow who has everything? Let them be picky with a Crowfall merchandise gift card! Crowfall Store merchandise may vary by region. 


Check out these links for a plethora of Crowfall resources: 

THE BLOODY POINT - Tutorials and theorycrafting videos by Anthrage. 

ACADEMY ARCADE - Let’s Play videos and tutorials with David. 

WINTERBLADES’ RESOURCES - A list of resources including YouTube channels, discussion sites, and tips. 


LIFE IS FEUDAL from Bitbox Ltd is an innovative online sandbox game that has deep crafting and building elements. 


Our news calendar for June includes a lot of exciting content, like more information about seasons, hunger, and procedural world generation. To get the news as it happens, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit the Crowfall website and forum often!

Crowfall Update for May: Free-falling Fae


Greetings, Crows! 

Now that the 5.6 update has been deployed on TEST, we’ve been seeing lots of Fae--male and female--trying their wings across the map. Arguably one of the most highly-anticipated races, this video by zenjah is a perfect example of how fun they are to play.

The 5.6 update also includes the male counterparts for the Wood-Elves and High-Elves and a magnificently streamlined skill training system. Watch for more information about those as testing continues. And, if you have access to our playtests, join us! We hunger for your feedback!

Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.5
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3
Test Environment: TEST - snap tests as announced
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.6
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Alpha 2

Early Access Starter Packs are available in the Crowfall Store.

PRE-ALPHA 5.5: MORE TO EXPLORE! - “Exploration” was our focus for the 5.5 milestone, and we’ve added Adventure Zones to ratchet up the danger and excitement on the new Wrath map. Also included in this milestone are High Elves, the female Centaur, a revamp of the Death & Recovery system and player-owned vendors.

SKILL TRAINING MECHANICS AND YOU - Our team has been teasing improvements to the skill trees for a while now, and we're ready to show them off! Check out the article for information on usability, UI, and skill points.

MULTI-PLAYER CITY BUILDING - With the upcoming 5.6 build, Eternal Kingdoms will introduce a new system: vassals! With vassals, EK owners have the ability to grant building privileges to specific players that visit their Kingdom. This will be a bare-bones system at first, with fancy UI to come in future updates.

There are Crowfall news updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Bookmark our website so you can stay in the know!

FLY ON THE WALL: WORLD-BUILDING STRIKE TEAM, PT. 1 - The World-Building Strike Team has been tasked with creating the visual and technical components necessary to successfully bring Todd's vision of dynamically-generated maps to life.

FLY ON THE WALL: WORLD-BUILDING STRIKE TEAM, PT. 2 - The team continues to share and explore ideas on how to achieve their goals. Everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to be done next and sets to work putting it together.

ACE Q&A FOR APRIL: QUALITY OF LIFE - In this month's ACE Q&A video, Design Lead Thomas Blair and Senior Designer Mark Halash discussed quality of life concerns and improvements – basically tweaks to current game systems that will make the game feel inherently better. They also teased a few things for the future!

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR APRIL - Design Lead Thomas Blair was joined by Creative Director J Todd Coleman for the regularly scheduled Pre-Alpha 5 Live! with Patch Notes from the Future. They discussed the most recent bug-fixes and additions to the upcoming 5.6 build. They also took questions from the viewing audience throughout the stream.

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE! FOR APRIL - Our current community of testers has been eagerly awaiting the release of 5.6 on the TEST environment. During this one hour livestream, Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash gave viewers a sneak peek at some of the exciting new things coming out soon, including the handy double-jump and how useful it can be. 

Our streaming schedule for May is:
- May 15, 11 am CST - Pre-Alpha 5 Live!
- May 22, 11 am CST - Crowfall Q&A Live!

Follow these "Crows in the Know" for great videos, guides and streams! 
- GameOn, YouTube 
- Gamerology, Twitch
- Malekai, Resource Site

LAST EPOCH is a loot-based Action RPG featuring time travel, character building, crafting and an item system that guarantees endless replayability.

Our news calendar for May includes some great stuff, including write-ups about seasons and the day/night cycles. To get the news as it happens, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit the Crowfall website and forum often!

See you in-game! 
The Crowfall team

Crowfall Update for April: Beheading!


Crowfall® has reached another milestone with the of roll-out of Pre-Alpha 5.5 to the 24/7 LIVE environment. Exploration was our focus for this update, which we introduced in a variety of ways including adventure parcels, a spider queen and BEHEADING (!) as a feature in the revised Death & Recovery system.

But wait, there’s more! The Vendor system has also been added, setting the foundation for the game’s economic loop.

Read on for more of the latest news in the world of Crowfall!

Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.5
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3
Early access packages are available in the Crowfall Store

UNCONSCIOUSNESS, RESURRECTION, & BEHEADING - We've introduced some exciting updates to the systems surrounding death in Crowfall! Find out more about what happens when you fall unconscious, how you can resurrect your friends and why beheading your enemies is tactical and fun.

DIGGING UP NECROMANCY UPDATES - The Necromancy Crafting system is now fully functional! Dig up body parts, restore them with alchemical solutions and combine them into new vessels for Crows to inhabit.

AN INTRODUCTION TO VENDORS - Designer Valerie Kromas gives a brief overview of the upcoming vendors system that will give players the ability to set up vendor stalls in their Eternal Kingdoms, place items and equipment into them and sell these wares to other players for gold. Watch our website for more information about creating your mogul empire in Crowfall.

There are Crowfall news updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Bookmark our website so you can stay in the know! 

ACE Q&A FOR MARCH: TYING IT TOGETHER - Design Lead Thomas Blair and Senior Designer Mark Halash get down into the nitty-gritty of various systems, including breaking down mitigation caps, discussing future recipes, and detailing how various systems will begin to tie into each other as more things come online.

LIVE WITH JON AND TODD: EXPLORING THE CASTLE - Creative Director J Todd Coleman joined Lead Environment Artist Jon O'Neal to show off the new modular systems involved in the castle buildings. Castles are craftable in-game with the use of harvestable resources and can be placed in your Eternal Kingdoms.

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR MARCH - Game Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash returned to their regularly scheduled Pre-Alpha 5 Live! with Patch Notes from the Near Future. They discussed the most recent bug-fixes and additions to the 5.5 build, which some players are already testing in the TEST environment. They left some extra time for Q&A from the viewing audience.

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE FOR MARCH: NPC BRAINS - Crowfall has an aspiring medley of creatures in the world. Each type of creature needs its own brain, a set of instructions on how it should act and react. Designers Blair and Halash took us behind-the-scenes for a look at just how NPC brains are created.

Follow Crowfallgame on Twitch to receive alerts when we'relive or hosting one of the many Crowfall streamers. 

Our streaming schedule for April is: 
- April 10, 11 am CST: Pre-Alpha 5 Live!
- April 17, 11 am CST: Crowfall Q&A Live!

SHOWCASE YOUR GUILD - There's safety in numbers, and the most successful Campaigns will be fought by bands of comrades who support one another. To celebrate the guilds themselves we’ll soon be launching the Guild Showcase section of our website, and we need your submissions!

DESCENT UNDERGROUND: Fight through twisting tunnels and vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. We’re blasting the original full-freedom shooter Descent into the 21st Century with next-generation gaming technology built on Unreal Engine 4!

In the coming weeks, we'll be working to address issues in 5.5 reported by playtesters and laying the framework for 5.6 If it's been a while since you've explored the game, we highly encourage you to check it out, either by logging in, skimming the forums or watching some of the recent gameplay streams and videos. 

As always, thank you for your continued support! 
The Crowfall Team 

Flock with us!

Crowfall Update for March: An Introduction to Crypts!


February was an exciting month! We introduced a brand new location that will be central to the loop of life and death: the Crypt. Currently, Crows go to the Temple to respawn or switch vessels, but soon these actions will happen at the Crypt in the 5.5 update in March. This will also more fully introduce the vessel system, where you can craft, store, and swap vessels of varying qualities and levels. All you Gravediggers and Necromancers should get excited! We’re also looking forward to the addition of vendors, which will really allow the economic loop to begin to emerge.


Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7 

Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.4 

Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3 


EXPLORING THE CRYPT - Join Creative Director J Todd Coleman and Design Lead Thomas "Blixtev" Blair as they take you on an adventure through the newly-teased Crypt. Learn about its purpose and implementation, and be treated to some preliminary UI mockups. 

FIRE, DUST AND BLOOD - As the world's lore grows and coalesces, updates are necessary. This is one such update: an addition to the Book of Creation -- and a look into the origin of Dust and Embers -- that accompanies concept art by the talented Dave Greco. This excerpt can also be found on Valkyn's page in the Pantheon

THE THREE PILLARS - In the Kickstarter days, we revealed the vision of the game in the form of a sequence of concept art pieces. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We decided it was time for a new series of these concept pieces. As our vision has been refined, so has the patchwork quilt that makes up Crowfall®. Our concept artist, Dave Greco, has been hard at work creating a fresh set of images for this very purpose! 



ACE Q&A FOR FEBRUARY - Design Lead Thomas Blair is joined by Creative Director J Todd Coleman to answer questions from the Development Partners section of the forum and discuss laying the foundation for the future of Crowfall. 

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR FEBRUARY: HELLO & GOODBYE - Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash said hello to a lot of brand new systems and goodbye to some old standbys. 

CROWFALL LIVE! FOR FEBRUARY: CRYPTS - Recently we teased and then fully revealed our newest locale in the game: Crypts! During the first half of the stream, Designer Thomas Blair was joined by special guest Akshay Ramesh, a Software Engineer who has been working on the upcoming system. They demonstrated the preliminary Crypt (and showed off a sneak peek at the lady Centaur!). Then, Akshay swapped with Mark Halash, who joined Blair for the question and answer session that wrapped up the livestream. 

CONCEPT ART: YAGA AND THE CRYPT - Watch the time-lapse video from Lead Artist Dave Greco as Yaga, the Crone, comes to life to collect a soul within her crypt. 

FLY ON THE WALL: KINGDOMS AND VASSALS PT. I - It’s the return of our Fly on the Wall series! In this video, you’ll see the first part of a behind-the-scenes discussion on Eternal Kingdoms and the upcoming vassals system. If you were ever curious about how design meetings typically go, make sure you don’t miss this one! 

FLY ON THE WALL: KINGDOMS AND VASSALS PT. II - In this companion to our previous Fly on the Wall video, join J Todd Coleman, Max Lancaster, Thomas Bentley, and Jon O’Neal as they round off a behind-the-scenes meeting discussing the Eternal Kingdoms and upcoming vassal system. 


INTRODUCTION - WHAT IS CROWFALL? - David takes us through an introduction to Crowfall from his perspective on his YouTube channel, Academy Arcade. 

CROWFALL RESOURCE DIRECTORY - The Winterblades guild has set up an excellent, sweeping directory of Crowfall resources, including crafting sheets and links to popular Twitch and YouTube channels. 

MALEKAI.ORG - If you're looking for the nitty-gritty stats and technical info on all your Crowfall favorites, look no further than this fan-run database! 


PILLARS OF ETERNITY II: DEADFIRE is a party-based, isometric role-playing game with a rich narrative. 


As always, we’re charging full-steam ahead! Look out for Crypts, vessel-swapping, and vendors in the next major patch, and keep an eye out for more exciting information as we reveal new systems. 

As a reminder, here is our streaming schedule for March: 

March 13, 11 am CST - Pre-Alpha 5 Live! 

March 20, 11 am CST - Crowfall Q&A Live! 

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube and Twitch channels, and make sure to visit the Crowfall website and forum often. Your feedback is important to us and we love exchanging ideas with you.

Crowfall Update for February: 5.4 Comes to LIVE!


Hey, Crowfall backers!

The title says it all: On Tuesday, January 30, we released 5.4 on the LIVE environment - and there was much rejoicing! Immediately, testers poured into the game to explore all of the exciting new elements available, including the highly-anticipated Assassin, Time Bank for Skills and the Divine Sacrifice system.

And the EU Campaigns are back for good, too! This is a great time for European-based guilds to call up the banners and square off against each other.

To encourage more Crows to participate in testing, we’ve added a 10x modifier to the skill nodes in the Skill tree throughout the remainder pre-alpha 5.4. Each node will take a fraction of the time to train now in order to let players delve deeper into the skill trees and allow them to test more advanced powers, recipes and modifiers. Additionally, training for all backers will be treated as if they have VIP -- again, for the duration of pre-alpha 5.4.  

If you have testing access and it’s been awhile since you’ve logged in--or if you haven’t played at all yet--we hope you’ll jump in soon and give it a try. The How to Play guide can help you get started.


All Kickstarter backers have specially discounted offer that will go away on March 1, 2018.

In November, we announced changes planned for the Crowfall Store as we transition from pledge packages to preorders. These changes include retiring stronghold bundles as well as the removal of any item in the store with a purchase price of $200 or more.

This is the LAST CALL to add a building upgrade bundle to your Kickstarter, 2015 or 2016 pledge package. Log into your account and visit the store to see what offers are available to you.  

Once these items are retired, they will be gone for good!

If you have questions about these offers or need assistance with your account, please don’t hesitate to email


Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7
Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.4
Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3


FOUNDERS’ UPDATE: FRESH BLOOD - ArtCraft Co-Founders J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton revealed that thanks to another impressive round of funding, the team has been expanded and outfitted with high-powered PCs. We’re in ‘full-steam ahead!’ mode and ready to crush our upcoming milestones and, later this year, soft launch.

SPICING UP MAPS WITH ADVENTURE PARCELS - Adventure parcels are designed to provide players with a more dynamic, high-stakes experience than normal parcels. In these new areas, players will face rugged terrain (such as caverns, dungeons or ruined villages) and a collection of more powerful monsters (including some that you won’t find anywhere else). 

GRAPHICS SETTINGS HOW-TO - How you adjust your graphics can have wide-ranging effects, from performance to immersion in the game. I’m here to walk you through the different options and their individual effects. This way, you can choose the graphics settings that work best for you and your machine.  


STREAKING: THE PROS AND CONS OF RNG - Random number generation can be a source of great triumph or ultimate frustration. Check out this article to discover an in-depth discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of randomness, and how we plan to stack the deck in favor of our crafters.  

POLICY UPDATES - Revisions have been made to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Rules of Conduct.  

GEAR UP FOR THE MALE NETHARI AND HALF-ELF - Our male Nethari and Half-Elves are making a rather fashionable entrance into the game! Come check out their gear and see how it compares to their female counterparts.


ASSASSIN POWERS AND EFFECTS - This much-anticipated Class brings with it two important additions: positional combat and toxins. Positional combat allows a differentiation between attacks that come from the front and from behind. The Assassin, specifically, will utilize this new availability of sneak-attacks! Toxins are crafted items that Assassins can use to imbue their attacks with additional effects.

ACE Q&A FOR JANUARY: EYES ON DESIGN - Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash often answer questions from a variety of disciplines, but this month they're back and focused on more design-oriented topics.  

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR JANUARY - The ice storm couldn't keep a good livestream down, and Game Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash finally managed to return, this time with Patch Notes in Space! They discussed the most recent bug-fixes and additions to the 5.4 build and left some extra time for Q&A from the viewing audience.

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE! FOR JANUARY: JEWELCRAFTING SHOWCASE - With the addition and modification of skills Crafting Stations, Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash decided to give the viewing audience a live demonstration of the newest systems, including jewelcrafting!


LIFE IS FEUDAL from Bitbox Ltd is an innovative online sandbox game that has deep crafting and building elements.


We’re keeping a close eye on the Crowfall community’s feedback regarding 5.4 so that we can address the most important issues as we’re working on 5.5. We’re particularly appreciative of the growing number of Crows making videos and doing live streams. Being able to see how you’re playing is even better than simply reading about it!  

Speaking of live streams, we’ve got two coming up in February: Pre-Alpha 5 Live (Feb 13) and Crowfall Q&A Live (Feb 20). In between, we’ve been hosting playtest livestreams as available. Subscribe and follow our Official Twitch channel to make sure you’re not missing anything!

Thanks for your continuing support!
The Crowfall Team

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