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No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
No subscription required! Buy once and play forever."It's like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, EVE Online and The Walking Dead." - J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director
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#TakeTheThone First Campaign is here!

Posted by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)

Happy New Year, folks!

Judging by the response so far, 5.8 is off to a fantastic start! In the last three weeks, we’ve managed to get more than a handful of unique Campaigns under our belt in both the U.S. and EU. We’ve seen a dramatic uptick in new players and in-game activity and we successfully navigated both the holiday period AND the move into our new office.


We will be hosting our first “sanctioned” campaign events soon. These are our competitive ‘war’ events, one in the U.S. and one in the E.U. We’re currently targeting these to hit towards the latter end of January, and we will give you seven days advance notice so that you can prepare.

Meanwhile, back in the Crowfall development studio… 

Capture mechanics are core to ensuring that Throne Wars remain competitive throughout the duration of the campaign. For that reason, we are continuing to augment our approach. Check out our latest update in which we discuss Capture Point mechanics

Just like family gatherings, it's not always easy to organize a guild. Prom, guild leader of the Keepers of the DarkSide [KDS], shares his tips for creating and managing a guild. What's your strategy for success?


The March to the First Campaign, the last “pre-alpha” update! Next stop is alpha, followed by beta and launch.

The first non-sanctioned campaign Pre-Alpha 5.8 “First Campaign” was deployed to the LIVE testing environment on Tuesday, December 18. Next up, the first ‘sanctioned’ campaign a tournament event that will give players the chance to be part of Crowfall history! 

Campaigns are here: Take the Throne! In case you were on vacation over the holidays we are excited to share with Crowfall backers that we launched our first two non-sanctioned Test Campaigns in December on the North American and European testing servers. 

In case you missed it, check out the special year-end, hour-long livestream with segments featuring various members of the Crowfall Dev Team including Chief Creative Officer J. Todd Coleman, Design Director Thomas “Blixtev” Blair.

Game Designer Valerie Kromas made her livestream debut this month to talk about the work she's doing in the Cooking system.

Too many battle leftovers? Check out Anthrage's favorite harvesting tips & tricks

Kick off the new year with a new character! Our “Getting Started” YouTube playlist features a growing variety of videos from members of the Crowfall community who’ve graciously shared their tips for success when building a Crow.

Crowfall 5.8 New Player Guide by That_Eriksson

Getting Started Guide by Anhrez

From Basic Gear to Intermediate by Game On

If you’ve created a guide or walkthrough that you’d like to share with the community, drop an email to to tell us about it!

BARD'S TALE IV - Explore deep dungeons and overcome challenging puzzles while fighting through devious enemies in responsive, beautifully-animated combat.

We are delighted to be reaching the part of the project where the actual game – the Throne War that we promised – is finally becoming a playable experience. Thank you for your patience and your support, and for your willingness to test the game, during our Pre-Alpha phase.

Have thoughts or questions? Have an opinion about how imports or level prerequisites should work for our first sanctioned Campaigns? Find out what others in the Crowmmunity are talking about and share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. Watch our latest videos on the Crowfall YouTube channel, share your favorite moments on Instagram, and join the conversation on the Crowfall forum. As always, we want to hear from you!

If you are opted-in to our "As The Crow Flies" newsletter, make sure to use your personal CrowLinks, they will be disappearing soon. Learn more about Crow Links here.

Thank you for all your support,

The Crowfall Team

Crowfall December Update: Prepare for battle, First Campaign is coming!

Posted by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)

The initial Snap Tests for Crowfall® First Campaign (Pre-Alpha 5.8) have begun and the reactions from early testers have been very enthusiastic! The First Campaign brings to life the moment-to-moment gameplay experience of fighting through a Throne War you can win. 

All backers in the Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups can play now on TEST when we are running snap tests of the 5.8 First Campaign, so join us and experience it firsthand. Check the Testing Announcement Forums for snap test schedule information.  

We are excited to let you know that First Campaign (Pre-Alpha 5.8) will be the last phase of pre-alpha testing. Once it is deployed to our LIVE test server, we will officially be on the road to alpha -- and you know what comes after that!

We wouldn’t be here without your support. Our community continues to grow and we appreciate the valuable feedback, suggestions and all the encouragement we receive from each and every one of you.

Check out these exciting opportunities to contribute to the Crowmmunity!

The Talent System offers an additional layer of specialization through promotion paths for your Eternal Champion. Check out this article featuring insights by the guild Caldera.  

Which path will you choose? [Part 1] [Part 2]


ACE Q&A for November - Get a preview of the changes and fixes coming in Crowfall Pre-Alpha 5.8, including expanded character customization, movement improvements and adjusted armor benefits.

Crafting Changes in First Campaign - Our Nov. 20th live stream, “The Centaur’s New Shoes”, wowed the audience as Blair unveiled a number of improvements to the Crowfall® crafting system.

The Talent System - A system which combines active progression with Crowfall's signature style of robust customization. This new system gives players the maximum amount of freedom to choose from hundreds of powers, skills, and Disciplines when crafting deeply customized characters that will suit all of their Crowfall Eternal Heroes.



If you were a fan of the Underworld series you may want to check out their new game, UNDERWORLD ASCENDANT on Steam. The team includes people who created games like Thief, System Shock, and the Underworld series. It’s a first-person dungeon Action-RPG where there’s no one right way to play. Mix and match a variety of different skills to sneak, fight or use magic to survive this large and highly-interactive dungeon full of traps, monsters, and challenges.

Join us on TEST now or soon on LIVE to experience the First Campaign in December.

Find out what others in the Crowmmunity like best about the First Campaign and share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. Watch our latest videos on the Crowfall YouTube channel, share your favorite moments on Instagram, and join the conversation on the Crowfall forum. We want to hear from you!  

Thank you for all your support,  
The Crowfall Team  

Crowfall Celebrates Halloween by Showcasing the Scary and Unique Creatures of Our World

Posted by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)
October was the perfect time to introduce our first themed news cycle: Monster Month! A hair-raising collection of articles and videos showcasing the unique playable non-human creatures and massively intimidating variety of monsters in Crowfall.


In an exclusive interview with, Co-Founder and Creative Director J Todd Coleman revealed a challenging new dynamic feature: War Camps. These tribes of NPCs rove the wilds of Crowfall, adding an unexpected threat to the world and ensuring that every adventure is rife with dynamic threats that keep the intensity level meter on high — so watch out!


Design Director Thomas Blair discusses two of Crowfall’s most unique systems: necromancy and grave digging. The first part focuses on the Spirit Crow, life and death, and vessels. Check out part two, The Art of Necromancy, to unearth more details.  


A companion piece to Grave Digger’s Delight, Design Director Thomas Blair offers greater insight into the benefits that distinguish these terrifying and uniquely intriguing professions, including the skills of sacrifice, vessel crafting, grave digging, and alchemy.


Knowledge is power, and in the world of Crowfall it might just save your life. This article details the various forms of the aurochs, bog bear, wolf, and spider, along with strategies to defeat them and the loot you might find should you be victorious. 



In this two-part series, we touch on the basics of the vessel system before detailing the various Monster Races available in Crowfall: Centaur, Elken, Stoneborn, Minotaur, and Guinecean. Discover what Classes are available to each, their lore, and which might be the best fit for your play style.


Art Lead Dave Greco joined the live Twitch audience to show progress on a very Monster Month-themed piece: Centaur variations. Watch him take the basic Centaur concept and transform him with Celtic cultural hints. These variations will serve as NPCs that players can fight in the worlds of Crowfall.


Senior Animators Eric Doggett and Andrew Cook joined forces for a very special livestream. Using 3ds Max, they showed off how they pull the strings to make the Guinecean move. Click the image below to check out this very early peek at a Guinecean's victory poses. Yes! Yes! Yes!


We served up some spooktakular new wallpapers to spice up your desktop. The Elken, the Minotaur, and the spider all feature in these tantalizing, high-quality screenshots. Show your support and display these Crowfall wallpapers proudly!


Design Lead Thomas Blair is joined by Creative Director J Todd Coleman for our monthly ACE Q&A video. This time they sat down to discuss a variety of questions, mostly touching on the harvesting loop and the burgeoning economy.


What evil lurks behind those cold, stone walls? Crowfall celebrates Monster Month with a nod to the classic horror films of yesteryear. Bravely enter the creepy cabin in the woods to see what hideous creature hides within!


Ever wonder how a toy drum dragged across window blinds could become the sound of a chittering spider? Curious what a bugling elk sounds like? Crowfall’s Sound Designer Bobby Moen is back to take a look at what it takes to create creature sounds for the world of Crowfall.


Trick-or-treat! Creative Director J Todd Coleman was joined by Community Director Valerie Massey and Utility Infielder Jack Kirby to announce the winners of the Crowfall Trick-or-Treat contest. Get your fill of tricks with spooky gifs created by Crowfall fans, then savor the treat of hints for the “First Campaign”!


In Crowfall, you face a constantly evolving set of dynamic challenges. Fighting for your faction comes at a cost when the very nature of the world itself threatens your survival. Not even the most advanced combatants or well-equipped guilds can predict when or where they will clash with the Hunger, an unseen force that pulsates its corruption across the world.

KILL THEM ALL - Soulein and House Avari fight to retake the City of Infiltration.

THE HUNGER EXPLAINED - Join SemiMong on an exploration of the Hunger and how it manifests in the world.

WASTELAND 3 is a party-based role-playing game, with a renewed focus on our trademark complex story reactivity and strategic combat.

That wraps up Monster Month. Make sure to check out our website next month as we embark on our journey down the road towards the first Throne War. Call the banners, because we’re heading towards the First Campaign!

Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook, watch our latest videos on the Crowfall YouTube channel, share your favorite moments on Instagram, and join the conversation on the Crowfall forum. We want to hear from you!

Thank you for all your support,

The Crowfall Team  

Crowfall October Update: Celebrating 50k Crows!

Posted by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)

Our community of Crows is always growing, and you provide valuable feedback, suggestions, and an endless fountain of encouragement. Our jobs would be much harder without you cheering us on. We want to return the favor and cheer you on!

With the new “Crow Spotlight” feature on our website, we’ll have the opportunity to shine a light on some of our most productive and creative community members. Want to be included? Just fill out this short questionnaire and submit it for consideration. 

Meanwhile, back in Crowfall development land…

CROWFALL REACHES 50K BACKERS - The continued growth of our community is inspirational; we now have more than 50,000 backers and nearly 300,000 registered users!


ART STREAM WITH DAVE GRECO - Art Lead Dave Greco continues his latest work-in-progress, an updated look for the goddess Zaleena.


THE MUSIC OF CROWFALL - AUTUMN ADVENTURES - Download the newest Crowfall music tracks.


BESTIARY: URGU - The goddess Cybele takes "you are what you eat" to a horrible new level in the tale of the urgu.

DIVINE WALLPAPERS - Enjoy three brand new wallpapers of Crowfall gods.

URGU MACE TIME-LAPSE VIDEO - Character Artist Eric Hart shows off how the urgu mace is sculpted.

ACE Q&A FOR SEPTEMBER: COMBAT TWEAKING - Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman dive into answering some of your combat questions.

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR SEPTEMBER - Check out exciting new gameplay enhancements coming in Game Update 5.8.

CROWFALL Q&A LIVE! FOR SEPTEMBER - Get a glimpse at the powers design process in this livestream.


THE BLOODY POINT TIPS: VESSELS - Anthrage gives a look into the use of different vessels.

ELKEN KNIGHT GAMEPLAY - SemiMong brings a little “murdeer” love to the world with the Elken Knight.

THE LAST STAND OF THE VALIANT - Soulein and House Avari stand against tremendous odds. Can they survive the fight?


HERO-U: ROGUE TO REDEMPTION is an Adventure/Role Playing Game under development by Corey and Lori Cole, creators of the Award-winning Quest for Glory Series.


Stay tuned for more information on our first complete Campaign, due to be introduced in 5.8. Your feedback is incredibly important to us. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook, watch our latest videos on the Crowfall YouTube channel, share your favorite moments on Instagram, and join the conversation on the Crowfall forum. We want to hear from you!

Thank you for all your support,

The Crowfall Team

Crowfall September Update: What’s your story?

Posted by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)

Every Crow has a story and we want to know yours. Not just the Eternal Champion you represent in the game, but the real person on the other side of the keyboard.  

Each week, we are astonished by the number of thoughtful and inspiring videos and streams that are shared by Crowfall community members. We want to support you in bringing more attention to your channel, showcasing your story and sharing how you plan to win the Throne War!  

To support our ability to help you shine, we’re adding a “Crow Spotlight” to our website. Please take a few moments to answer this brief questionnaire and send in your responses for consideration. Glory awaits!

Meanwhile, back in Crowfall development land…

OUTPOSTS & WAR BANNERS - Get insider tips on how to use capture points to your advantage.  

THE CLUSTERIZER - Go behind-the-scenes with Technical Designer, Thomas Eidson .

ANGRY BEES AND LEATHER SLEEVES - See (and hear) how unusual resources become Crowfall sound effects.


CROWFALL DOUBLE FEATURE - Grab a snack and your favorite beverage, and then settle in for a double feature of new video shorts!  
- BESTIARY: AUROCHS - Caught between the horrors of war and the impending winter, a group of starving adventurers can't believe their luck when they stumble upon a huge aurochs.
- GAMESCOM CROWFALL PARTY LIVE STREAM - Find out what ArtCraft's Chief Creative Officer J. Todd Coleman shared with fans during the Crowfall Gamescom fan event in Cologne, Germany. 

ACE Q&A FOR AUGUST - Get the latest information on battlement upgrades, why Crowfall creatures drop gold and crafting.

PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR AUGUST - Watch Art Lead Dave Greco expertly navigate Photoshop to paint his latest work-in-progress, the goddess Illara, as he talks about his creative process.

CROWFALL Q&A FOR AUGUST - Enjoy a sneak peek at win condition and crafting improvement features planned for Pre-Alpha 5.8.


- 5.7 VIP TRAINING GUIDE - Looking for ‘pro tips’? This new training guide from Yoink outlines all possible Race/Class training combinations currently available in 5.7.  
- FPS FIX - If you are on the quest for better performance - bkrandomest has put together a great video with tips on how you can improve the game's performance on your PC.
S1|EPISODE 1: THE TRAINING DAY - Join Ser Medieval as he begins his Crowfall journey. We're talking about all-out war, real nitty-gritty stuff, just you and the world - “the survival aspect, I love it!" 


PILLARS OF ETERNITY II: DEADFIRE is a party-based, isometric role-playing game with a rich narrative.

in the coming weeks, you can look forward to hearing more about the preparations we’re making to kick off the first full, end-to-end Campaign in Pre-Alpha 5.8. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook, watch out our latest videos on the Crowfall YouTube channel and join the conversation on the Crowfall forum. We want to hear from you!

Thanks for your continuing support,
The Crowfall team