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Fox and Bigfoot animated series's video poster

With humanity a distant dream, the animals have reclaimed the urban jungles and inadvertently stepped in... the human condition. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2012.

With humanity a distant dream, the animals have reclaimed the urban jungles and inadvertently stepped in... the human condition.

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Of course we will be KICKING IT FORWARD -->


"Fox and Bigfoot" was initially conceived as a live-action comedy series focusing on the antics of two wild animals transported into an urban setting. With no formal background in animal behavior, however, the rigorous process of training a fox to walk upright and speak intelligibly (not to mention educating him in the intricacies of timing and improvisation) proved too daunting in the end. Also,Bigfoot did not return our calls. So the original concept was scrapped and the project was retooled as an animated show, incorporating more characters, richer environments, and suffering only a 6.43% loss in overall hilarity. Now that we have the characters, the voices, and the musicwe can finally begin to bring our creations to life - but we need YOUR SUPPORT. 


The humans are dead. Sooooo... there's that. 

[Cue "London Calling"]

From the forests and plains, the seas and the skies, a mass exodus of animals have abandoned their natural habitat to explore a more metropolitan lifestyle. The cities, suburbs, theaters, and pubs now teem with wildlife, hoping to experience the customs and curiosities of a bygone civilization. 

Our series focuses on the exploits of Fox and Bigfoot, two friends eager to embrace The New Wilderness. Accompanied by a cast of feral cohorts, they encounter a decadent world of excess and adventure, a world more wild than any they had known before. As misinterpretations and irony abound, the animals deliver unique perspectives and commentary on the eccentricities of man. Through these experiences we glimpse ourselves, and ultimately, begin to understand what it really means to be human.

... or we just laugh at how funny turtles look wearing pants.


Our goal is to create a richly-crafted animated series using the latest industry tools and software. The show will be produced as a largely-improvised satire, based on established story outlines. We will script and storyboard six episodes, animate the pilot and a follow-up episode (5-6 minutes per installment) and submit our completed work to film festivals, networks, and websites interested in showcasing innovative content. We are currently entrenched in pre-stage development, writing stories and fleshing out character concepts and designs, and can begin full production as soon as our project is funded. Which brings us to...


- Software upgrades and additional performance hardware

- Compensation for voice actors, musicians, and others who have pledged their time and talent to the production 

- Press kits and promotional media for festivals/television/web

- Film festival submission fees 

- DVD (and potentially Blu-ray) duplication, packaging, and shipping costs

- Production costs

- Additional artists/animators (if needed)


Without your support, "Fox and Bigfoot" is dead in the water. Think of all those poor animals floating there, face down, with matted fur draped over their bodies like wet burial cloth. And all they wanted to do was put a smile on your face. Just breaks my heart.

But this doesn't have to happen, folks. For the cost of a venti coffee (or a used Jetta) you can make a difference. Laughter and life... or a bunch of drowned animals? The choice is yours.


  • Fox and Bigfoot is being developed jointly in Salt Lake City UT, Comox Valley BC, and Fort Lauderdale FL. The music and a portion of the video was produced in Florida, The writing and a major portion of the graphic design is/was produced in Utah, and the design and animation is/will be produced in Courtenay BC.

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  • The reason we chose Vancouver over Salt Lake City is because the animation will all be produced in and around Vancouver. However; as you can see in our profile, Brandon is based out of Salt Lake City so we consider that "home" to the project as well.

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    And get a personal e-mail - with an image of Fox and Bigfoot - thanking you for your help in making this project a success + Access to all the project updates

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + A "Bigfoot for President" campaign sticker + Digital production artwork

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + Access to an early screening of the pilot episode (via digital download) + An exclusive "MAKING OF" DVD or digital download featuring behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, unpublished artwork, and other bonuses + Your name in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + You get a digital download of every subsequent first season episode that is produced (4+ extra episodes) + A copy of the original soundtrack with songs and orchestrations provided by ATOMIC ORGAN

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + A DVD of the first two episodes + A sweet Fox and Bigfoot T-shirt + Original production artwork

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + A signed script of the pilot episode + An original poster, SIGNED AND NUMBERED + A phone call thanking you for your generosity

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + A hand drawn caricature of YOU with the gang from Fox and Bigfoot

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + A framed page of the original storyboard (used for pre-production of the pilot episode) + Actual conceptual art + Associate Producer in closing credits

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + YOU animated as an animal of your choosing with a voice cameo in an episode + Producer credit

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + Executive Producer credit + One Hour video chat access to the show's creators

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