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Equip your dice! d20's and more... Now featuring the 3r6, and the Life Counter Ring!
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Check out SpinPins, another awesome portable random roller!

Foam Brain Dice SpinPins!
Foam Brain Dice SpinPins!

Our friends over at Foam Brain Games have cooked up a new portable dice spinners. You can pin them onto anything, which means you're not just limited to one for each finger. Cover your backpacks and clothing in a tapestry of spinning madness, sure to confuse your enemies!

As always, steel yourself for adventure!

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    1. Creator Iain (CyberShadow) on February 27, 2014

      @Xavier - The $10 pledge level doesn't, but all the others include worldwide shipping free.

    2. Creator Xavier Ciliento on February 27, 2014

      I would love to contribute but the dont ship abroad