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Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina reunites your favorite heroes for a professional-quality animated special!
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Prototype Script Read from ECCC!

Posted by Critical Role (Creator)

Bidet, Critters!

We had a wonderful time last weekend at Emerald City Comic Con. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, and met so many of you... and we also had a special interview on the Syfy Live Stage. 

During our interview, we performed a cheeky sneak peek prototype of our The Legends of Vox Machina script, which we wanted to share with our backers here on Kickstarter!

Check out the script read below with our pal Whitney Moore from Syfy (and, be wary -- the video may not be available in some regions). We hope that you love watching our interview as much as we loved bringing back Vox Machina! 

Also! Our campaign passed the $7.7M mark today, which is such an incredible accomplishment. We are beaming with non-stop excitement and love here at Critical Role Land. 

Thank you so, so much from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. We love you!


Critical Role

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    1. Anthony Mitchell on

      Aussie Guys n Gals, the Opera browser has a built in VPN thing, and it works,

    2. Missing avatar

      CymiCymi on

      I'm so sad that this video is still region locked for Australia >.< Yes, I could watch it with a VPN blocker.. but frankly I want to watch it legally.

      Sincerely hope that care is being taken to ensure that final product of this kickstarter and any deals signed for the creation of the rest of the Vox Machina story based on the success of this Kickstarter, will ensure equitable access around the world for all critters.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Pickles on

      Matthew, Charlotte VPN is your friend, get one it's great.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Mulherin on

      Gahh, Can't watch here in Aussie land... Can't wait till the series is ready :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Wala on

      aww I can't watch this in Australia but I'm sure it's amazing

    6. TJ Isaacs on

      Great job, you guys. This prototype script is perfect. Proud of you, Vax! XDDD

    7. Missing avatar

      Jack Weinstein on

      @samuel, try ProxFree if you're not already using a vpn

    8. Missing avatar

      samuel on

      Australian backer here, disappointing that the video has been made unavailable in my country.

    9. Caitlin J. Brady on

      Everyone: dies

      Vax: I guess we'll never eat chocolate parfaits

    10. Ben Gundler on

      This makes me so happy, I love you guys so much! Can't wait to see how far this goes! :D

    11. Sven Schläpfer on

      Good thing I watched this while working from home today. My coworkers would wonder why I laughed out loud multiple times :D

    12. Sam 'Muleboy' Besant on

      Why is it geo blocked :'(

    13. Missing avatar

      Zack Stares on

      Vax lives :D
      Love it :D

    14. Stew on

      Loving the updates guys. You are doing great work. Not sure if you realise this though, the video is not available in Australia.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Embree on

      I didn't know Tracy from the docks used to be known as Keyleth !

    16. Myth'anoran Moorlock on

      wait.....Critical Role Land already exists!?! sonofa..... I missed it!

    17. Jennie Griner on

      I'm dying! That was great!

    18. ceribere on

      Ripperoni we can't watch it from Australia

    19. Missing avatar

      Jayne Kinney on

      Haha This was great! Oh my. Everyone dying, especially after last week.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      Australia is still geolocked out of the video, let us know when its available. Cant wait to see it!
      So excited for all of this though AAAAHHHH

    21. Missing avatar

      Angelo Wentzler on

      A refreshing change of pace!!

    22. Jo on

      Australia: The Opera browser (I'm sure other browser do as well) has an option to VPN your browser activity. Simply click on the VPN box next to the area where you normally type in a web address (there's a picture of a lock next to it). It will bring up a menu that lets you turn your VPN function on AND once you've clicked "ON" (lock turns green) it will give you a pull down menu which allows you to pick a location in another country that the video will actually play for.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Krell on

      so is animating this going to be a new stretch goal then?

    24. Belisarius

      Australia is one of the regions that is geo-blocked

    25. tarasis on

      Scriptread starts around 12m30s in.

      SyFy appear to have removed the region lock from Germany & UK (was there on Sunday)

      The link for Hidemyass provided by Stephen further down the comments should work (and yes it is the correct video)

      Script read is hella fun and I agree that I would love to see it animated either just for fun or as a dream sequence for Vax during the 2 parter.

      It felt like watching a Critical Role episode to me.

    26. Missing avatar

      StephXIII on

      Shame I cant watch it in Australia :(
      But awesome work all

    27. Missing avatar

      Gloria on

      What else to say apart from: LOVE IT TO PIECES!

    28. Mike Gomez on

      You know... I wouldn't be against this bit being animated as a teaser/in joke for all of us. I could picture it so well! It was so great to listen too!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jessica Jones on

      As I'm sure you're aware by now, we love you too! <3 I am so, so excited for this!

    30. Missing avatar

      Juan Esparza on

      Critical Role Land when?

    31. Cybercat on

      @Williambarth since they mention afterwards people were singing along I take it they showed the opening credits for the animation during the bit we can't see.

    32. Missing avatar

      Line Madsen on

      " We are beaming with non-stop excitement and love here at Critical Role Land. " - ooh yeah, Critical Role Land, It must be their next kickstarter!

    33. Greg Jenkins on

      It's impossible for the voice acting to fail. If there are Critters at Titmouse, then you know the animation will be on point. I can't help but think that writing this thing, especially the Briarwood arc and all its goodness, is going to be tough. But, this silly proto script gives me much faith. Hot damn I'm excited.

    34. Missing avatar

      Joe Mucchiello on

      I found this script stilted. The characters felt off (other than Vex's Noos). But I'm assuming this was not really a production level script.

    35. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Riggs on

      I'm with Justin on this. This is amazing. Thank you, Critical Role, for making me want this now. How am I supposed to wait a year and a half?!?!

    36. Caleb Thompson on

      I wonder how long Matt's been sitting on that near TPK

    37. Missing avatar

      Justin Wayne on

      Please keep this as a dream sequence. I want to see Vax wake up next to Gilmore :D

    38. Sarah M on

      I can't view it :( I will watch it at home with my VPN :P

    39. EpicDungeonTiles on

      The scene was soo good, the UK here and the video played fine, hopefully, everyone else can see it now or no?

    40. Josh 'Bonesy' Rice on

      can someone that can see it (Australians seemingly cant) send a transcript of it?

    41. Christopher Morton on

      Why people Geo Lock YouTube videos confuses me in this global internet age.

      I assume it was awesome and funny nevertheless.

    42. Kacie on

      2 minutes in and I am crying at my desk at work, so this is subtle guys. ❤️

    43. Missing avatar

      Emily on

      i cant watch it, why?

    44. Missing avatar

      Dan Reeder on

      booo video not available in Australia :(

    45. William barth on

      I'm just wondering what the people at the panel saw becuase it blacks us out of that part lol

    46. Spencer Green on

      That read was freaking hilarious!! Luckily I had no formations here at Fort Gordon and was able to watch it live!! Can’t wait to see what happens next :D