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Critical RoleBy Critical Role
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Critical RoleBy Critical Role
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pledged of 750.000 $pledged of 750.000 $ goal
28days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, April 19 2019 6:59 AM UTC +00:00.


Posted by Critical Role (Creator)

First and foremost, thank you so much for your patience as we took a bit of time to figure out how to keep the momentum going after such an amazing launch for our Kickstarter project. We wanted to make sure that we were creating stretch goals that we could execute flawlessly AND still create a cartoon that stayed true to both the community and the legends known as Vox Machina. 

Stretch goal fulfillment can be a beast for small companies like ours, so we decided to focus on giving you more content: more animation and more one-shots. And, as a reminder, our one-shots will be completely free-to-view for everyone (regardless of whether or not you backed our campaign) as a special thank you for supporting us along the way. 


So far, you amazing folks have funded FOUR episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, which means our little animated special has polymorphed into an animated series! 

As a quick refresher: the first few episodes of our animation will focus on a brand new Vox Machina adventure, which takes place before our show began streaming live on Twitch. But because of your incredible generosity, we’re following your lead and going for it, diving right into a series that begins the retelling of the saga of Vox Machina. We can’t wait to show you how the story shapes up!


The Briarwoods arc is one of the most exciting and popular storylines of the Vox Machina streaming campaign. When we were brainstorming about what might come next, the clear winner was introducing the Briarwoods into The Legend of Vox Machina.

The story so far… Vox Machina arrive in Percy's hometown, Whitestone, to avenge the murder of his family and the corruption of his city at the hands of the evil Briarwoods. Danger and betrayal lurk around every corner, and it will take all of Vox Machina's abilities to combat this deadly threat. The Briarwoods arc began in episode 24 of our first streamed campaign, and remains one of our absolute favorites. 

For every stretch goal that we hit, we’ll be able to create two additional 22-minute Briarwoods arc episodes. 


Bringing the Briarwoods to life in animation isn’t the only stretch goal reward that we’re offering. We have TWO very special one-shots planned if we hit our last two stretch goals, including a battle royale featuring some of our favorite Critical Role guests from the Vox Machina campaign, AND finally… drum roll… the one-and-only Ashley Johnson will (FINALLY) DM a special Critical Role one-shot!

We really cannot believe that we’ve already made it this far together. We can’t thank you enough for all of your support, kind words, and contributions to our campaign to date.

To paraphrase our own Travis Willingham, LET’S SEE HOW HIGH THIS ROCKET CAN GO!


Critical Role

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    1. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Nilsson on

      This is going to be awsome, i mean just think back to being 10 and waking up to saturday cartoons. criticalrole took me through some rough times and I am going to be forever grateful for that so supportin this is the least I can do 👍

    2. Jeff on

      Watching good people see their dream come true is a beautiful thing. The stretch goals sound great to me; also, we're getting to show financial support for content the've already created, that many of us got to enjoy over YouTube.

    3. Missing avatar

      Victoria on


    4. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Jepsen on

      Hey Critical Role peeps!

      Currently the highest available slot is 750. I know it's been said you want to focus on animating everything vs more physical stuff, but now that even more is being animated, have you considered a bracket for the premiere of the briarwood arc? Would certainly get this rocket even higher!

    5. Missing avatar

      John Diseker on

      $6 million HYPE

    6. David Law on

      We get the Briarwoods arc first two episodes!? YES!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Lee Dralling on

      The reason for the gap or perceived jump from 3 to 5.75 mil is because we reached all their stretch goals and they had to take the time to regroup and think about what they should offer next. By the time they had come back, we had already passed 5 mil. You can't call it a stretch goal if you've already reached it. That's not what it means. Also, remember to be kind and respectful. They aren't doing us wrong, but if you do feel that way, then you don't have to support them. Simple as that.

    8. Graham Healy on

      We need more stretch goals as we have surpassed the latest set

    9. Missing avatar

      William Subleski on

      Running out at 3 million of stretch goals. Then making rest 5.75+ million, missing 3.5 million, 4 million 4.5 million 5 million, 5.5 million , seems shady enough

    10. Missing avatar

      William Subleski on

      Well running out of stretch goals, and making next 5.75million, after 3 million, seems so fucked up, we ran out, let set next to 5.75million when originally was 750k

    11. Missing avatar

      Mari Holomuzki on

      Totally excited to see the series! I hope this kickstarter breaks the record! And I love that it ends on my birthday! It’s like an awesome birthday gift, I get to see the creation of my favorite show in animated form!

    12. Missing avatar

      Mari Holomuzki on

      Totally excited to see the series! I hope this kickstarter breaks the record! And I love that it ends on my birthday! It’s like an awesome birthday gift, I get to see the creation of my favorite show in animated form!

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Murray on

      Briarwoods Incoming! Only 30+ million to go for the whole Vox Machina run! Haha. But seriously, I love you cast, crew and this incredible community! It's amazing to see this show go from subscriber goals in the first couple episodes to stretch goals for an animated series. You are all awesome human beings, and I'm proud to be a Critter!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jack McCarthy on

      Desperately need the whole Scanlan in the mansion sequence

    15. Ryan Suddeth on

      I also need to see Scanlan push the Goliath off the roof with BIGBYS HAAAAAND

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris James Durham on

      NEED to see Scanlan the Triceratops!

    17. Missing avatar

      Roman on

      We hit it! Get to experience the downfall of the Briarwoods again!

    18. Carolyn Sophie Mura on

      Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting project! I am so grateful for all the work the cast and crew have put in and continue to put in. I’m so grateful to all their new partners joining with them in this next endeavor. I’m so grateful for this inspiring community. So much love to you all!!! I’m so excited!

    19. Yael Himmel Shlomo on

      Seeing the cast reactions, I'm upping my pledge. This is my way of saying thank you, for all the amazing stories you've been sharing with your viewers worldwide, for sharing the excitement about gaming, and D&D. Geek and Proud.

    20. NyeFable on

      Today is my birthday! Maybe for it, we can hit that magic $5.750million stretch goal

    21. Josh Suprana

      I wonder how they will start the briarwood arc?
      Before Tiberius leaves and we get the cows episode, but if it’s after Tiberius leaves we don’t get cows. So depending on how they handle not involving Orion...

    22. Missing avatar

      Don Nguyen on

      It's exciting to see the community get together to fund this amazing project. The stretch goals also sound amazing and not overreaching! I know my comment might get buried, but I do want to offer a word of caution. Please deliver what the original Kickstarter campaign set out to do! So many seemingly well-scoped out projects balloon into unmanageable beasts because of stretch goals that those projects can't even deliver on what they originally promised.

      With that said, good luck! I am so excited and happy for you all and am proud to be part of the community.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tara Maybin on

      Hoping to see at least one episode about Scanlan's search for the Fusaka spice and/or about Scanlan and Kaylie's time apart from the group!

    24. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Rozendaal-Close on



      lol but for real, only donate what you can afford. don't break any banks <3.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Jeffreys on

      Does that mean we get dinosaur-polymorphing, fire breathing, manor house wrecking Scanlan in animated form??

    26. Missing avatar

      Rollingrogue on

      just realised that starting at ep 24 means that we may get to see vox moochina :O

    27. Missing avatar

      jeff lemire on

      just doubled down on my own investment into this after seeing mercers reaction to everything. this has been the best money i have spent in a long time.

    28. Missing avatar

      Josephine Barrett on

      Celebrating a new job by quadrupling (math?) my pledge! GIVE US THE BRIARWOODS! I can't wait to see how high this goes, and you guys deserve every penny. I'm proud to be a Critter, and here's to taking Critical Role to new heights! Thank you guys so much for the opportunity and for sharing your world and stories with us.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sharon shaw on

      Praying it turns into a live-action movie played by the cast.

    30. Dianne Garrett on

      Can we get a t-shirt added to our packages?

    31. Missing avatar

      Lukas Chupp on

      Briarwood series? Faq it, take some more! Doubling down to $200 never felt so good!

    32. Matt

      I've always wanted to be a producer of some sort. Can you open up a few more of these where the only additional swag is a name/title for the credits. Ie. No further costs to the development just the mutual recognition to live in forever digital grace?

    33. Missing avatar

      Doug S on

      Just wondering why that sword isn’t Craven Edge.

    34. Missing avatar

      revaninbermuda on

      I agree with the Take My Money Crowd. Some of us are paying for content we received over the years, and for being able to watch some really amazing people live a D&D dream. Please don't overextend yourselves with stretch goals. People are giving you the money for what you already promised. They can stop giving if they think the new goals are too far apart.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nathania Chaney Aiello on

      I do not need ANY additional swag - how many hours of FREE programing has the CR crew brought us over the last few years? I consider my donation a thank you for all the love and labor put into this channel, and after having a random "Meet Marisha" encounter last fall, I have to add; the cast are even nicer in person (if that is possible)! <3

    36. Iuri Bachnivsky

      Please make this available on dvd or blu-ray. I'm pretty sure people wouldn't mind paying a little extra as an add-on for that.

    37. David Wood on

      Now that so many episodes are being produced, is there any chance we could open up the $1000 and/or $2500 tiers again and have more than one premiere event? I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed those went so fast.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthew Windbigler on

      I agree to cut anymore rewards. The animation is reward enough let alone all the work you guys have to do for previous rewards. Hopefully in the future we can animate the kevdek fight though. It was one of the best fights in the season and ended just so perfectly. Thank you critical role and all the critters.

    39. Luis Arturo Perdomo on

      I bet this became a hole lot more work for you than what you expected. Glad you are willing to undertake it, the critters will support you everywhere step of the way.

    40. Missing avatar

      Shawn Jessome on

      I think one of the big reasons for the large jump between stretch goals has to do with the decision to make a full blown animated series rather than just a single story.

      Speaking for myself, this is exactly what I was hoping would happen from the I'm more than happy with the jump. Probably will eventually kick my pledge up to the next level if it works out that I can afford to do so.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Super happy you guys introduced additional stretch goals and we also get to see campaign 1 content.

      To those wondering about the budget: I would be more than happy to have only 6 episodes that have higher quality because they end up spending 20-30% more for each episode for the final polishing than having these additional episodes. They will surely make the right decision either way and I know that even if there were 20 episodes, I would still want more at the end :)

    42. Danni Feveile Börm on

      Great way to setup the stretch goals. I don't need more stuff that will be a hell to produce and fulfill. I backed to help the series, it's not about what I get. You guys give me plenty each week. Well, unless you want to make a Vox/Nein themed Tarot set. Now, that I would want! :)

    43. Cody Coats Harris on

      For people who are wondering why the stretch goals are getting wider apart and have less minutes of animation per million, i expect its to do with them being uncertain what to guarantee in these misty waters combined with the exponential costs of the reward tiers. As we get closer to the end of the kickstarter im sure they will clarify where all of the money is going as their total budget gets finalized. If youre that worried about their financial model, and crowd funding, i wouldnt use kickstarter to begin with.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mike Kane on

      If you've trusted the CR Team to take your money at this point, trust them in appropriating it in the best bang-for-your-buck way. Adding more merch and physical items has historically messed up Kickstarters BIG time. Also, they're radically altering the scope of the project, and things don't just cost "2x more" and that's it. Trust the process, people, CR's been doing right by us for years now.

    45. Marcus Scott on

      Jess some of those questions were answered Monday on their twitch Q&A

    46. Missing avatar

      William on

      Lets Go Critters Lets Go

    47. Dohregard on

      Suggestion: Make lower than $20 tiers. Perhaps at $5 "early access to show" or something to that effect? Might get more people who don't have a lot of money to throw around to pitch in and feel like they're getting something in return.

    48. Linnea Östergren on

      @Abdellah Debbarh on the right side of the "campain - faq - updates - comments" tabs, you should have a button that says, "Manage your pledge" if you press it, you'll be taken to a site that shows your current pledge and a "change your pledge" button.

    49. dddienst on

      The Briarwood ark started with the political intrigue in Imon with their visit and state dinner. But they are going to jump from a pre-stream story over the underdark rescue mission directly to the briarwoods?