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Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina reunites your favorite heroes for a professional-quality animated special!
88,886 backers pledged $11,385,339 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Critical Role (Creator)


The support of the community on this project has been humbling, to say the least. We’re so excited to bring this animated special to life. AND YOU DID IT! And you did it in LESS THAN EIGHT HOURS. 

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. Thanks to your pledges, The Legend of Vox Machina has gone from 22 minutes long to a whopping 88 minutes of animation from our friends at Titmouse! Not to mention 3 (count ‘em) 3 new CR one-shots and the horde of awesome backer-exclusive swag. BUT IT’S NOT OVER YET! We’ll have more updates as the pledges keep coming in.

PLUS, Matt, Travis & Marisha are sitting down TONIGHT (March 4th) at 7pm Pacific on to answer YOUR questions!

If you can’t catch the stream, simply head over to the FAQ on the project page and ask your question there (if it hasn’t already been answered, that is) or head on over to the general Kickstarter backer FAQ.

And now, a word from Laura Bailey (harp music): 

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Critical Role

P.S.: CRITTERS ARE THE BEST. Our hearts are full and our eyes are teary. We love you. 


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    1. Scott Woods on

      You're going to need a longer sword*

      *(stretch goals graphic)

    2. George Kiernan on

      Just to bump up a suggestion below. Simple strech goals of VM character sheet or comic strips . PDF downloads to reduce postage and manufacturing costs. DONT BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW! I’d rather 30 minutes of GOOD story then 2 hours of filler. Just look at the simpsons movie. It was a long episode nothing more.

    3. Victor Louise Obbard on

      How could i not support you guys. It's thanks to you all and critical role that i discovered D&D and found my partner Kyle who is honest to god the love of my life. It's brought me so much joy and turned me away from the hardest time of my life. Thank you. Thank you all

    4. Hawk W. on

      Please know how much you are adored and appreciated

    5. Missing avatar

      David Wansell on

      this response is so so deserved. a release of all goodwill you guys have stored up. thank you for the 100's of hours of content you've given us. its fantastic to be able to contribute and show appreciation. hope it breaks every record.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Fritz on

      Next goal should be 5.8 million - then you're the highest funded thing on Kickstarter in the Film and Video category (you're already third, and highest in animation).

    7. Missing avatar

      Itamar Ofer on

      Ha! Joke on you guys for thinking Critters won't throw money at you like it was confetti!

      Really though, this is the very least we could do to give back for all the fun time you guys gave us. We love you guys.

    8. Missing avatar

      Antonio Reyes on

      No no no thank you!! All of you!!! For sharing your game with us! The days leading up to the premier are going to be something special!! Thank you again ❤

    9. Scott Woods on


      Every backer gets a t-shirt. The Legend of Vox Machina characters in 1980s style! Kind of like another cartoon with a group of friends with a cool DM:)


    10. Missing avatar

      mat pope on

      You guys are awesome, Im so happy, to help bring a epic story to life.
      lots love

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      I can’t check regional contributions from my phone :( can someone check and see how Canada is fairing?!

    12. Missing avatar

      William Elliott on

      You guys are Rock stars. Every week my highlight is looking forward to another awesome episode of Critical Role. Keep the laughs, and the dice, rolling. May your loot be shiny and your Gill dice un-f*#ked. -A dedicated fan

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Palmer on

      Happy to back this project. Because of this crew my wife and three daughters became interested in D&D, and asked me if we could try it. So we gave it a shot and have been playing ever since. So from my family of Critters to you the cast thank you so much for making our game night so much more. We love you and we are looking forward to this.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brianna Bergman on

      From the endless hours of entertainment it brings me nothing but joy to contribute to you all! I wish I could do more! You have my continual support and love! Please keep being you! Keep following your dreams and pursuing your passions. Its truly inspirational what you guys have managed to complete and being able to do what you love.
      Keep being true to who you are! Humble, caring, and a ABSOLUTE BLAST!
      Love from Florida <3

    15. Missing avatar

      Stuart Williams on

      Should have remote screenings in select theaters around the country whenever you guys release this. Critters would show up to show out. No problem selling out theaters, to be able to share in the moment.

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Peck on

      Someone passed some bliss among the crowd
      and we walked back to the road, unchained
      The Sun Machine is Coming Down, and We're Gonna Have a Party...

    17. Missing avatar

      Gary Pendred on

      I've been fan and following CR from the beginning...i always wanted to give back to you the cast and crew of CR, but I can't draw and I can't knit...basically I'm not that artistic...but know this is my way to give back to crazy nerdy ass voice actor's...Thank You!

    18. CriticalBadguy on

      May have mentioned this earlier #CRITCON this needs to happen.. Critters can make the world a better place if we all got together. VOX MACHINA & M9 FSU ........

    19. Charles Davis on

      I said the same thing to my group @Kyle, Yea they need more stretch goals lol. Love you guys, can't wait to see the finished product.

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      I am so tempted to cash in my stocks AKA all my savings to get that Deity spot!

    21. Missing avatar

      Bruce hill on

      This is amazing. So happy to give back to you guys to help you accomplish something you have dreamed of.
      This community/family is what the internet SHOULD be about.
      Critters for life.

    22. Kyle on

      Told you, you needed more stretch goals :P

    23. Missing avatar

      Louie Lopez on

      We love you guys! Will help as we can!

    24. Marlayne Genereux on

      Me and my husband hold CC in our hearts, it's got a special for us and our toddler REALLY love Grog XD Whenever she hears him, she stops everything and sits on our laps.

      We're really excited to be able to back this :)

      Crit-con needs to be a thing!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I would like to see another One-shot run by Grog, or maybe have another one of the characters run one

    26. Victoria Alexander on

      Please don't fall into a fool's trap and promise too much more animation footage before you really hash it out with Titmouse. Each episode can EASILY go over $750k apiece if you're not careful.

      And that "Bullet time around Scanlan's crotch lightning" comment during the Q&A didn't give me much confidence that you're that familiar with the 2d animation pipeline.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ned & Leah Weakland on

      We are normally not people who donate to kickstarters. However, CR has such a place in our hearts that we can't pass up an opportunity to help out. We love you all and we love the critter community for banging out over 500% of the funding the were basing for this project. NERDS RULE!

    28. John Ling on

      Why not just turn this into a weekly animated show?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jim Ingram on

      We love you all back! Thanks to you guys, I'm now running a campaign (after 35 years of not playing) with 8 good friends! Lol and still trying to get through season 1 :D. Keep up the awesome work!

    30. Missing avatar

      Blake DeFriend on

      Holy crap this happened fast. I can't wait to see this happen!

    31. Missing avatar

      Bill Berndtson on

      We love you back! How much would a 13 episode season cost? Frankly, I'm willing to help any of you accomplish any of your goals.

    32. Joe Rundin on

      I am really hoping a future stretch goal includes 3d6 added to that dice set so its a full and proper set

    33. Missing avatar

      Ryan Head on

      so at what stretch goal do we get critterland/vox-machinaland because we got 44 more days? lol

    34. Timothy McFadden

      Any chance of some simple add-ons like character sheets, art prints, Vox Machine themed pony, etc?

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael s Albin on

      Congratulations! Can't Wait!

    36. CriticalBadguy on


    37. Timothy Camilleri on

      Awwwww mumma bear and baby cub. This is the culmination of the phrase "bunch of nerdy ass voice actors play Dungeons and dragons". It's the logical conclusion. How could it not end up an animated thing?

    38. Missing avatar

      Scott Armstrong on

      FYI... Check out most funded campaigns data... :)

    39. Brad Wilson on

      When my mother was in hospice care last December, you all gave me the best gift I could have imagined ... smiles and laughter and tears of joy during a dark time. I could never repay you enough for helping me through that (and continuing to). Love you all!

    40. Missing avatar

      Scott Armstrong on

      You deserve this. The passion you have all shared for your creation, the fans, and delivering the best possible entertainment experience has been so very much appreciated for more than two years now; enjoy the treasure you've discovered, Vox Machina!

    41. Matt

      Wish there was one more executive producer title left. I feel it would be awesome to be a listed supporter on the credits~! And hey, there is no way I'd be able to make the screening because of my work so you can save space and cost there too!

    42. Missing avatar

      Pierluigi on

      Never underestimate the power of Love and Imagination

    43. Missing avatar

      Matt Dillingham on

      Critical Role : "We're thinking of doing an animated show." #Critters : "Hold my beer . . ."

    44. Missing avatar

      Ibi Le Zombie on

      This is not much compared to the billions of laughters, tears and warmth you send us every week. Congratulations, and most of all, thank you for all the love.

    45. Ryan on

      To quote Pumat Sol " It's quite literally the least I can do" ;) Love you guys.

    46. Marc Graneek on

      Congratulations guys, hope we will see a whole animated series off the back of this. I'll bet Amazon or Netflix are throwing money at you by the end of the week. We'll done

    47. Brian Wilson on

      Best example ever of "We love you, now TAKE OUR MONEY!!!!"