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Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina reunites your favorite heroes for a professional-quality animated special!
88,887 backers pledged $11,385,449 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Critical Role (Creator)

We’ve smashed another stretch goal! We are all BLOWN. AWAY. 

That means The Legend of Vox Machina animated special has swollen to 66 minutes worth of cartoon magic! AND our $100+ level backers are getting that campaign-exclusive d20. SO HYPE.

Next on the list of stretch goals: the one-shot you never knew you wanted until now… Vox Machina x Mighty Nein (which will certainly be as crazy as it sounds)! With your help, we’ll unlock this insane game session once we reach $3 million!

PLUS, if we hit $3M, all backers at the $200+ level will get a special campaign-exclusive Vax’s Dagger Dagger Dagger letter opener set!

Do it for the crossover! Do it for Vax!


Critical Role

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    1. Maria Louise Beekman on

      Jester will think that Vex is the coolest thing ever...and she'll be right!

    2. Rob Trimarco

      Remember when the kickstarter was at 2.5 million for all of 7 minutes? good times.

    3. Austin Raney (Zetch505) on

      Yes Please! Cant wait to see Jesters reaction to Trinket!!!!! <3

    4. Missing avatar

      ShurikenSean on

      must get that triple Dag Swag

    5. Lulux on

      3 mill !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Josh Hart on

      Can we make it to 7 mil to break Kickstarter records?

    7. Missing avatar

      Greg Spickard on

      $2.99 Million... crossover here we come! Wow as if Thursday wasn't enough to look forward to as it is, now we have some REALLY interesting stuff coming.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kirk Johnson on

      Has Netflix reached out yet. Season 1 sounds good!

    9. Andrew Rawlings on

      We're at 4 mil so looking forward to the crossover.

    10. Dirk Black on

      So stretch goals currently only go to 3 Million. I think your going to need to plan for more of them.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Reich on

      @Liam and Sam, 1 pushup per dollar?

    12. Gerry Campbell on

      New strech goal. 3 words
      Critical Role Land!

    13. Lulux on

      almost at 3 mill ez clap

    14. Brett Smith on

      Six seasons and a movie!

    15. Missing avatar

      S.Mitzel on

      You guys deserve it!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      coconutmonkey on

      Holy hell that's impressive. Animated series, go?! Super stoked.

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Friedman on

      I wonder if increasing my backer level is a valid reason for differing my student loans?

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven Landes on

      That stretch goal sword is looking far too long for such a small handle - best make it a two-hander.

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Friedman on

      I wonder what happens at 3.5!!!!

    20. Justin Dudeman on

      Been loving the videos 💜💜💜

    21. Christian Rine on

      So, if the critters could raise this much money to get an animated special, how about a full blown animated series for the M9?

    22. Missing avatar

      MJ on

      I could see this reaching over 10 million easy

    23. Missing avatar

      Jessica Kavanagh on

      I can't believe you guys have hit 4 million AUD in like 6 hours, it's crazy. this is HUGE, bet those companies that turned you down are kicking themselves now huh?!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Caler on

      The Mighty Nein x Vox Machina sounds like a Contest of Champions style fight maybe with the Raven Queen and Traveler as the backers for each "team"

    25. Will P on

      VM x MN : Percy explaining to Caleb and Fjord everything they are doing oh so very incorrectly. Keyleth, Pike and Caduceus bonding under the shade of the sun tree. Molly and Vax narrate from the Shadowfell. Scanlon learns to forgive a goblin and/or flirts with an eccentric halfling girl. Grog, Beau & Yasha visit Earth Breaker Groon. All whilst Jester goes BUCKWILD at the Slayer's Cake (at least until Vex takes all of her money)! I definitely knew I wanted this!

    26. Missing avatar

      Angella Martin on

      I'm holding out for an animated series! Mini series at the very least. All of us Critters love you guys! ❤❤

    27. Missing avatar

      Jason Numbers on

      I want to see:
      Yasha v Grog
      Caleb v Scanlan
      Pyke v Jester
      Vax v Nott
      Keyleth v Caduceus
      Vex v Fjord


    28. Missing avatar

      Colten Marsden on

      I may be the only one, but I think I'd prefer to see 4 22 min episodes rather than one 88 min session. That's nearly half way through a 10 episode season. I'd love to see this grow into a series rather than just a one shot special.

    29. Sky Ortiz on

      ❤️⚡️So proud of you all and this amazing community that supports this shared storytelling Renaissance!⚡️❤️

    30. Missing avatar

      Carl Bloomfield on

      Looks like Brian's "Mind Touching" was spot on. Good instincts Brian. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Kitrina Faulkner on

      So happy to get to be a part of this amazing community and this mindblowing project.
      Thank you for everything you've given us, and for everything to come. This thing you've created is a light for so many in a darkening world...this is just more proof of how vast your impact has been.
      Thank you again!!

    32. Morgan McCauley on

      I love you all and how you know just how to twist the knife with that last little line. X’D

    33. Missing avatar

      Erin Graham on

      If we raise enough money, would a theatrical release be in the realm of possibility? I know places like Alamo Drafthouse have hosted lots of indie stuff.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jared Peterson on

      This is the first Kickstarter I've ever supported and am glad to be a part of this magic!

      Is it Fall 2020 yet?

    35. Cindy Womack

      Whoa! The VM x TM9 is going to be a Game Session? I assumed it was going to be an animated short. How is this gonna work? And theyre all gonna be at the same level, right?
      My beloved TM9 would get STOMPED by Lvl 18 VM! Which, come to thing of it would be really on brand...but still!

    36. Missing avatar

      Stuart Davies on

      Finally...I may have a set of dice that actually work for me!

    37. Missing avatar

      Ryan Gallo on

      ive been looking forward to this for so long and I cant wait until we destroy every stretch mark they set for us

    38. Missing avatar

      Curtis Ferrington on

      Might I suggest stretch goals of an additional 22min episode for every $750,000 over $3M?

    39. Missing avatar

      Sahara Holcomb on

      So excited to see this! And get such cool loot! ❤️

    40. Tyler Hibbard on

      I hope they add a sequel 88-minute video for a new stretch goal of 5 million. Given that they're going to hit all the original stretch goals within 12 hours of being open... They could probably get to 5 million or 10 million after 45 whole days!

    41. Trmacd on

      lets just tell us the amount you need to call it season one

    42. Christopher Lefevre on

      So I mean, 3m is pretty much a given, as noted on Twitter, what other one-shot ideas are you planning for us to stretch toward?!

    43. Missing avatar

      Kirk Johnson on

      Wtb more reaction clips😀

    44. Victoria Alexander on

      Please don't add any more time to the animated part. It's so easy to underestimate animation budgets.

    45. Hugh Genge on

      This is just incredible. This community is amazing.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Morris on

      3 million HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. JamesLegato on

      For Trinket's sake I hope you add more stretch goals

    48. Missing avatar

      Althea on

      So last month I had no dice and now I have 5 sets. I need something to put them in... Preferably something pretty. Anything you can add to the rewards ...? I'll happily up my pledge, I wanted to get a pretty box anyway.