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Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina reunites your favorite heroes for a professional-quality animated special!
88,887 backers pledged $11,385,449 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Critical Role (Creator)

You all are smashing through stretch goals faster than Grog Strongjaw can take down a pint of ale! 

Vox Machina’s Summer Reunion at Dalen’s Closet? UNLOCKED! 

A Vox Machina voicemail pack for all $20+ backers? UNLOCKED!

Our next stretch goal is $2.5 million -- and if we hit it, we’re adding yet another 22 minutes of animation!

We know you’ll like this one: if we hit $2.5M, all backers at the $100+ level will receive an extra campaign-exclusive Legend of Vox Machina d20 in their dice sets!

And now, a special message from Emmy Award winner Sam Riegel:

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And, witness the moment you all broke Marisha Ray:

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Critical Role

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric on


    2. Raphael

      Call an ambulance, cause when Marisha wakes up and looks at that screen...

    3. Missing avatar

      Shannon Gisselberg on

      I love how they have it on screen like watching a stock ticker, lol.

      But seriously guys, did you honestly expect anything less? We love you all! You do amazing things and you're such a great force in the gaming community! <3 <3 <3

    4. Drekfletch on

      We broke Marisha months ago. Back when the dice first went on sale, and were sold out before Matt even finished announcements. Ah, good times.

    5. Doc Frederic D on

      The fans have spoken, this should be a beginning !

      Start this, do this, run with it ... give us the D&D series we all dreamt of. And then, if the love affair continues and there isn't enough D&D left for the gang, bring our beloved Vox Machina back as an ensemble cast and roam the universes ... Grog in a 50's Capone season as a doorman enforcer, Vex and Vax in WWII as british spies, the crew working through space bounty hunting ;-)

      It's clear what we love, your deep characters, the chemistry of your friendships, and the Mercer magic spice.

      Congrats to all of you, you are dearly loved.

    6. Austin Raney (Zetch505) on

      Im so ecstatic to be a part of such an amazing event in history!! Love you guys and everything you do! #100$

    7. Missing avatar

      Ellis Matich on

      That's so dope!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Greg Spickard on

      Proud to be a part of this! No need to thank us either... we pledged to this as a way of thanking YOU, the cast and production staff of Critical Role! We love you!! (Also, who wouldn't want a kick-ass Vox Machina cartoon??)

    9. Missing avatar

      Isaac Fasher on

      #CriticalRoleJuggernaut Amazeballs.

    10. Missing avatar

      Josephine Barrett on

      Guys, we can't stop now, we're in the news! Hahahaha, I'm so proud to be a Critter, and to have backed this project and show! You guys totally deserve it and we love you so much! You deserve every penny. Much love from the bottom of my heart.

    11. Missing avatar

      Joanna on

      Critters are the absolute best! What a great community, what a great time to be alive in the era of Critical Role. Much love!

    12. Luis A Santiago on

      Those companies that didn't want to back this, are kicking themselves now... 2.5 mil

    13. Missing avatar

      T_r_Ond on

      I love just love this.
      Now, can we get another stretch please? Maybe a proper one so i can get some sleep? 😂

    14. Eric Preston Medlock on

      Now, if Adult Swim will just pick it up for syndication... dream come true (and pay for The Mighty Nein series too)... :-)

    15. Ryan Suddeth on

      LOL And now 2.5 is smashed. This is amazing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Scott on

      I am beyond thrilled to donate and to see this come to life. Thanks for doing this!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Rogers on

      HBO Mini-Series here we come, suck it GOT

    18. Gergő Palos on

      Guys this is unreal.

      Vox Machina full-length movie here we come

    19. Jacey Dot Carter on

      I'm crying right now.
      This is the best.

    20. laura nicholson on

      Your story telling has reached further than you could have imagined. I've pledged, you all deserve it, the stories you tell and the support and love for your critters is felt far and wide. We love you!

    21. Missing avatar

      William on


    22. Linia Helen Nicholls on

      so excited for this - I have pledged - you guys deserve it - with the ful 45 days to go, it will be very interesting to see what you reach

    23. Missing avatar

      DellOsso on

      About 5 hours in, and up to 2.36 MILLION DOLLARS!
      17,700 BACKERS!
      Thats about 7,900 DOLLARS A MINUTE!

    24. Missing avatar

      Hisdudeness27 on

      I've never been so happy to be in such an amazing community! This was a no brainer.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ishirna on

      Congratulations! I'm so glad you are keeping control of your creation and that decision has been so generously supported by critters everywhere! Remember to breath and know you are loved <3

    26. Victoria Alexander on

      Yoooo, I know yall are excited to be smashing those stretch goals. As an animator though, I kinda' wanna warn against just adding more and more and more animation to your stretch goals. $750k was definitely a low-ball for 22 minutes of animation. I hope you realize that, right?

    27. Lulux on

      Almost at 2.5 mill WOOT WOOT!

    28. Missing avatar

      Janice Sanecki on

      At this rate they might as well do a movie and act their parts. They already have their costumes. =]

    29. Missing avatar

      James Boyle on

      You might as well post the 2.5mil threshold now.

    30. David A. on

      Reminds me of way back when, when they announced their first ever shirt to go on sale and by the time they finished the announcement the shirts had completely sold out.

      Many moons later, and here we are. Official release/announcement of the animated special, and over $2 MILLION.

      Nothing but love, y'all. <3

    31. Missing avatar

      eddie on

      Yay! Love y'all!

    32. Em on

      You guys deserve all the funding, you're all wonderful. I hope you pay yourselves very good wages as voice actors for this episode, you absolutely should do. <3

    33. Missing avatar

      Dawn on

      Stand up Marisha .... this is the water receding before the tsunami. 10 million might be low balling it now. I just increased my pledge and you haven't felt the brand new #critter love yet.

    34. Missing avatar

      Adrienne de Souza on

      As of me writing this... according to the wiki... 102 most raised by crowdfunding... after Hex: Shades of Fate. First day! Going to be top 100 for sure!!!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Flowersforyonah on

      Does the time period in which this takes place mean that will see a return of Tiberius?

    36. Missing avatar

      Vivian and Frankie Wise on

      @Sam my wife and I are so happy to be a part of making this a reality. This Kickstarter is both a testament to how special and incredibly wonderful Critical Role is to Critters everywhere and how much we appreciate what you do! We love you guys! @Marisha breathe! Breaaaaathe!!! We love you!

    37. Missing avatar

      Jesse Massaro on

      Over 300% funded!!!!!!!! And still going up every second!!! <3 <3

    38. Missing avatar on

      Don't stop till we hit $10 M!

    39. Missing avatar

      Shawn on

      I have tears of joy, I’ve hoped for this day for so long! Thank you critical role for all you do!

    40. Missing avatar

      fc1dan on

      This is my first kick starter pledge. The least I can do for Critical Role is throw them a little money for all the years of entertainment. Congrats, and this has to be easiest donation I and my wife have given to anyone in our lives. The cast and crew deserve all the success that life has to offer.

    41. Frances Teixeira on

      I think we would like a series...
      3 times as much as you asked for right now....
      What can you do in 45 days!
      Keep control of your creation please.
      Love all of you guys. Keep up the great work.

    42. Missing avatar

      Dennis Haysmer on

      I am happy to support you all! I'm so far behind in your amazing show that I may not catch up before the animated series comes out!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Enna Box on


    44. Missing avatar

      Wildthrowmeaway on

      Hahaha. Love you, Sam, and Marisha. Thank you everyone. Love all Critical Role, Matthew, Travis, Taliesin, Liam, Laura, Ashley. The staff behind the screen, everyone. Thank you.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kate Gilder on

      OMG I'm so excited for the cast and crew of Critical Role and for the critter community 😍😭🤯

    46. Gustav Holmgren on

      Never before have I been so happy about breaking a person. ;)
      You guys definitely deserve this! Thanks for being amazing people and inviting us to your story!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Champe on

      Going for the feature length special! We won't stand for 22 minutes!

    48. Missing avatar

      Enzo on

      Y’all know this is just us saying our first collective tangible thank you to you guys right? I hope this is fun for you. I hope you make amazing memories, it is well earned. I will never forget the NYC show. Now we’re even friends. One memory for another.

    49. Andrea Griffin on

      Marisha's response actually brought tears to my eyes!

      And that AMAZEBALLS promo video?!!!!

      I sat at work fighting off tears and trembling with excitement! And I had ALREADY made my pledge BEFORE watching it! :-D