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Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina reunites your favorite heroes for a professional-quality animated special!
88,887 backers pledged $11,385,449 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Critical Role (Creator)


You helped us hit our second stretch goal less than two hours into the campaign! This means we’ll be about to DOUBLE the length of our animated special with 22 additional minutes of animation for The Legend of Vox Machina!

Plus, all of our $100+ level backers are getting their campaign-exclusive Legend of Vox Machina crew beanies!

Here’s our own Liam O’Brien with a few heartfelt words for you all.

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And, a little reaction shot from Grog himself, Travis Willingham.

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NEXT UP: if we hit $2M, we’ll add another in-canon Vox Machina one-shot live stream: Summer Reunion at Dalen’s Closet! Not to mention, all backers at the $20+ Scout level will receive a Vox Machina voicemail pack (and we’re oh-so excited to see & hear what you all do with those…).


Critical Role

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    1. James Trammell on

      On the road... lol, short road gang =)

    2. Austin Raney (Zetch505) on

      Love you guys and the show soooo much! Cant wait to see all the shenanigans yall get into during the one shots! #100$

    3. Jordan Jones on

      According to the math of Ashley … 30min of animation = $750,000 … … So a 10 episode series should cost $7.5 Million.... Again, a bit of math… 60,000 backers x Averaging $135 each = $8,100,000!! That should be enough! RIGHT???

    4. Missing avatar

      Toodamnfresh on

      OMG a beanie?

    5. Adira on


    6. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Horne on

      Perhaps make it a series? Yes, please.

    7. Enchilla on

      Still making my way through Vox Machina Campaign, 40 Episodes in! Love the work you guys do 😁😁 Backing you guys from Sydney.

    8. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      You reached 2 million.

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron Louie Putungan Tagle on

      no amount of money can measure the joy you have given me, here's to reaching heights you would never imagine!

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Santiago on

      So do you think we can make a full length movie if this keeps growing as it has?

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim Clark on

      Two million! This is amazing.

    12. John Seitz on

      annnnnndddddd done :P

    13. Missing avatar

      Miya on

      So... Congrats on 2 million, I suppose? :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Hayes on

      We just hit 2M!!!

    15. Dumballa on

      Can't wait. I know it's going to be an awesome experience recording and watching it come to life guys. Now that the monetary step is out of the way . . . "I think we are done with our announcements tonight. And with that, I think it's time for us to jump into . . . . The Legend of Vox Machina ANIMATED SPECIAL!!!"

    16. Missing avatar

      Ingar Smedstad on

      That road was't so long!

    17. Missing avatar

      Josh Runyon on

      Indeed... take my money!
      And i will see you glorious bastards at Emerald City!

    18. Hasan Mahmood on

      Shut up and take my money!

    19. Missing avatar

      Edhel on

      @Liam, I do!:) Thank you for all the fun and inspiration you give us.
      Did you people looked at the community tab? At this moment, there 9890 US backers and and 9899 returning backers. Does this mean that there are only 9 new backers in US and the rest of us just made accounts for Critical role? ... That must be a Mighty 9!:)
      P.S.: I so want to see Colville's face right now:)

    20. Eric Moreno on

      I mean, she is a tv scientist.

    21. Missing avatar

      Abdullah ali dashti on

      Our support to you all the way from kuwait 👍🏻👍🏻

    22. Missing avatar

      eddie on

      Better start thinking about 2.5 and 3 mil. We want a damn series, dont you see?

    23. Missing avatar

      George Felton on

      Liam definitely just invited us to play DnD. Brb, booking my flight now :P

    24. Missing avatar

      Sina Parsnejad on

      But if you stick with me, I'm gonna accomplish great things, Grog, and you're gonna be part of 'em.

      And together we're gonna run around, Grog, we're gonna... do all kinds of wonderful things, Grog. Just you and me, Grog. The outside world is our enemy, Grog... we're the only.... friends we've got, Grog! It's just Vox Machina. Vox Machina and their adventures, Grog.. RICK AND MORTY FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Vox Machina.. some...things.. Me and Vox Machina runnin' around and... Vox Machina time... a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days Vox Machina! forever a hundred times.... OVER and over Vox Machina... adventures dot com.. W W W dot at Vox Machina dot com w..w..w... Vox Machina adventures.. ah- hundred years..... every minute Vox Machina dot com.... w w w a hundred times... Vox Machina dot com.......

    25. Tommy Deibel on

      Wooo! Way to go, y'all!

    26. Roxanne Ascencio on

      This makes me so very happy. For Vox Machina! For the Critters! For Critical Role!

    27. Nicole Frame on

      I wish I had more to give! You guys have given us so much quality entertainment!

    28. Missing avatar

      Martin Toft Hansen on

      No, thank YOU!
      Before, when someone asked what I did in the weekend, I would say "I hung out with friends!", now I will proudly say "I played DND with my friends!", and the confidence to do this, came from you all!
      So whatever paltry sum I was able to give, doesnt even begin to give back what you have given me!

    29. Missing avatar

      Grady on

      Avg backing is around $135. Its been climbing. That is crazy. I hope you guys are ready to print some serious amounts of dice!

    30. Missing avatar

      Wraith Azraiel on

      I mean....I'm down to play some D&D....

    31. James Brannan on

      What stretch goal to make this a multiple episode series :)

    32. Kris Ares on

      I wish I could do more than I did. I don't need a backer reward, this show is going to be all the reward I need! Thank you guys for doing this. We Critters all love you all very much! Thank you!

    33. Missing avatar

      IronBat on

      I knew all the critters would make this happen. We love you guys!!!

    34. Katlin Daigler on


    35. Missing avatar

      tarjei ledvina on

      #FeatureLength Lets do it!!!!

    36. Stefan R. Bachmann

      Let's het glorious!

    37. Daniel Etheridge on

      Guys...If we reach all the stretch goals, we'll get a full length movie! Road to the Oscars starts here!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ned & Leah Weakland on

      Keep it rollin critters!

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrew Whitlock

      Is Liam inviting me to play D&D with him?

    40. Missing avatar

      John Macdonnell on

      In just about two weeks before this kickstarted officially ends, I'll be turning 53 and I've been a gaming since Jr. High. I've always enjoyed the games I've played in and DM'd, but these last few years of being a Critter as well has shown me the joy of what can really be done. Since discovering Critical Role our games have improved in amazing ways from simple mechanics (like the status rings around the minis) to members of our group who never have before are dipping their toes into actual role-play. You've given us so much entertainment and inspiration it is a true honor to be part of this endeavor and give something back. Thank you so much and love to you all!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ian Ainslie on

      You have a real problem now!!!

      This project is going to be best fantasy animation ever! when mainstream production studio relize how deep the cash goes they are gonna want to take a taste for round 2.


      come together as a group and know your life changing number before they come knocking.

      The critters will always, ALWAYS float your dreams and imaginations. There is no need to shop your creativity outside of us.

      Ian. aka "chim-chim diaper tush".

    42. Ennuii on

      Critical role: I suggest to the internet they back our project.
      DM: ok, make a persuasion roll.
      CR: Natural. Fucking Twenty.
      Internet *swoons* *makes it rain*

    43. Jennifer Waters on

      While I get that you don't know for sure until you put yourself out there for a project like this, I don't think any Critter is truly surprised by this. You had only to ask, and here we are.

      Much Love to you all. Vox Machina!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Adam Frylén on

      Can't wait for the animated special!

    45. Missing avatar

      Izzie on

      You guys deserve this. You've done so much to help so many in the community, we will always try to give back as much as you've given us.