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Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina reunites your favorite heroes for a professional-quality animated special!
88,887 backers pledged $11,385,449 to help bring this project to life.

WE HIT OUR GOAL! $1M Stretch Goal Up Next!

Posted by Critical Role (Creator)


In only 40 minutes, you all have banded together and we’ve blown past our initial goal of $750,000. We are so incredibly humbled by your support so far and we’re very proud to announce that we’ll be able to create our very first 22-minute animated special!

So, what’s next? With WEEKS left in our crowdfunding campaign, we are super excited to tell you all about our brand spankin’ new $1M stretch goal

If we are able to hit the $1M mark, we’ll send everyone that backed The Legend of Vox Machina crowdfunding campaign at the $$20 pledge level (and above!) a digital download of our animated special soundtrack. We’re still working on the epic construction of how the show will sound musically, but as a backer, we’ll keep you updated with anything and everything that we can (and share some snippets as we move along)! 

And that’s not all! At $1M, we’ll also broadcast a special one-shot with the cast of Critical Role — a follow-up to The Search for Grog, which we’ve very cleverly named The Search for Bob.  Our one-shot won’t be exclusive to backers, but will be a very special thank you that we will unlock for everyone with your continued support.

Our next stretch goal after $1M will allow us to make a longer animated special (another 22 minutes!), which means even more Vox Machina animated adventures! 

Thank you so, so much again for your support and for sharing our campaign with your friends and family. It really and truly means the world to us, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without every single one of you.


Critical Role 

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    1. Austin Raney (Zetch505) on

      Hell yeah we did! Love you guys! #100$

    2. Missing avatar

      Freddie on

      You honestly deserve this you amazing bunch of barsterds

    3. Sarah on

      Thank you for the endless hours of joy you've given us.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric Friedman on

      I can't wait until we get a feature length movie or a series!!!

    5. Timothy7 on

      I'm really happy to be a part of this.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Thomas on


    7. Missing avatar

      Emily Licastro on

      You're going to need to type faster. 1 mil: check. Next...

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric jordan on

      40 minutes? That actually took longer then I expected

    9. Cb Crowell on

      Critters are more than fans, we are a nation. :)

    10. Eileen Bowen on

      rofl, I love this.....I feel like a true critter today! #get hyped

    11. Michael Rose on

      We're going to need a bigger stretch goal. *jaws theme*

    12. Emmo on

      The critter-beast has been unleashed.

    13. Skorpys - Dream Traveller on

      And 7 minutes later, the 1M stretch goal shot past and the tracker still flew with the speed of sound. :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex Fernández Crespo on

      Okey 1M its fine what's the next?

    15. Missing avatar

      Carl Harvey on

      Hey what's in the pipeline for that 2 mil stretch? Just asking? ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Kaden Kirtley on

      RIP stretch goal.

    17. Ilfana on

      The Critter hug strikes again! I’m surprised Kickstarter is still functioning lol. We love you guys! ❤️

    18. Missing avatar

      Julia Wang on

      thank you, next

    19. Missing avatar

      Charlie on

      Is it thursday yet?

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Bears on

      There goes that stretch goal, what's next?

    21. Missing avatar

      mmyers5x on

      $1m stretch goal??? Hold my beer!

    22. Richard Bartlett on

      Um, stretch goal 1 unlocked.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ola Danckwardt on

      So, 1 Million is done. What do you need for that extra 22 minutes?

    24. Nick Evans on

      So Liam is gonna be another character haha. Wonder what madness he'll come up with to be from the plane of pandemonium.

    25. cppManiac on

      Step of the wind, right to the next stretch goal :)

    26. Charlie Kealoha Criscola on

      Ok now what? A million has been broken. Hahaha This community is the freaking best, right?!

    27. Aron Kearney on

      well that didn't really take long did it XD

    28. pcj on

      now what?

    29. Francesco di Nuzzo on

      Just a matter of minutes...

    30. Eiren Rain on

      Campaign bonus action: Boots of Haste
      Campaign action: Get funded, Get funded, Get funded

    31. Missing avatar

      James Fortune on

      Pffft... $1m... easy! What's next? 😁

    32. Nick Skrotzki on

      Congrats! Expect to surpass every goal you guys set! We'll be here!

    33. Tyler Walpole on

      So excited for you guys!! What happens at $2M?

    34. Michael Brana on

      Get ready to be posting a lot today...these posts are going to be lovingly outdated in a matter of minutes!

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jauncey on

      So what stretch goal do we need to hit to get a full series?

    36. Nathaniel Castle on

      This is sooo fricking awesome! Go critters!

    37. tarasis on

      Give us alllllllllll the unlocks, we shall blow past them all! :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Kendal Erickson on

      You’d best get set to blow way past this! :)

    39. S Dodd on

      Give the critters 5 minutes we got this. #critterhugofdoom