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The MLAB is an artist-run, renovated RV that exists as a flexible space open to community members’ proposals for alternative & cultural programming.

MLAB Premieres at Stephen Stoyanov Gallery
29 orchard street, new york city, ny
September 12-24, 2010

Mobile Literacy Arts Bus (MLAB) has been invited to be curbside at 29 Orchard Street for ten days featuring gallery exhibition on the bus, as well as educational and community programming, performances, art conversations and radio.

MLAB is an artist-run renovated 1984 RV, designed and built in 2007 by artist Marion Wilson in collaboration with 10 art and architecture students at Syracuse University.

Featured artists and writers include Michael Burkard, Daniel Pepice, Elana Herzog, Samantha Harmon, Zach Seibold, Michael Heagerty (!!!ToTs!!!) , Marion Wilson, Eve Mosher, Nadiexli Hall, Melanie Cohn, Tatfoo, Laundromat Project, Say Yes to Education & Paul Sargent.
Video series curated by Natalia Mount.

Check this video out MLAB on ABCNEWS!!!

Learn more about MLAB:

Official MLAB blog:

MLAB facebook (watch our video in HD!):!/pages/Syracuse-NY/MLAB/47824052659...

MLAB twitter:

MLAB in NYC site:

MLAB is currently made possible with support from:

Syracuse School of Ed:

SayYES to Education:

**Music in MLAB video by Matt and Kim "Lessons Learned" & "Daylight"
FADER label all rights reserved 2010
***Video created by James Domroe of JDFilms offcial site


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    Good karma and a special thanks posted at the exhibit that lasts until September 24th, 2010

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    MLAB bumper sticker + coupon for 601 Tully café (Opens in January 2011)

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    MLAB tee-shirt + MLAB bumper sticker + coupon for 601 Tully café coupon

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    School of Education (SOE) "grab-bag" including: school/office supplies, teachers package plus everything under the $25, $5 & $1 pledge categories.

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    Blurb book - Summer of Love signed by project founding-artist Marion Wilson + SayYES to education Summer institute 2010 album on CD produced & signed by !!!ToTs!!! + everything under $50, $25, $5 & $1 pledge categories.

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    Now we're in the upper-tier: Hand-crafted cutting board milled from re-purposed wood (made in the style of the MLAB floor) & a signed copy of famous artist-series book from the MLAB shop!

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    Become a lasting part of our future projects! A poem of your choice (250 characters or less) will be etched into C&C milled hardwood flooring at 601 Tully in Syracuse, NY.

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    The Big-Time! The M in MLAB stands for mobile. MLAB will travel to you (250 miles or less) and produce an event of your choice complete with our staff!! This will be open to artists, school groups, memberships etc.

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