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Inspired by coin-drop games, we've created innovative worlds filled with surprises/challenges that will change how you play every time!
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Big Update: Release-Candidate Build Ready To Go!

Posted by NeoNight (Creator)

And we need your help to test it so that we can launch with a bang! Now available to backers on either the Google Play Store or Apple TestFlight. This version includes:

A whole new mode! Introducing Zone Mode:

Zone Mode is a special bonus game where you can earn lots of Drops! In this mode the level is split into 3 lanes with each one featuring either green or red stars. Swipe between the lanes to travel through green stars for as long as you can to increase your speed. Watch out though, as the faster you go, the harder it is to stay in the right lane! Put your reflexes to the test in this sparkling new mode today!

Special Tip: As enticing as they are, don’t let score orbs distract you!

Daily Rewards:

Log in everyday for a free spin of the brand new rewards wheel! After 7 spins your wheel will level-up the next day, increasing the rarity of the rewards that appear… If you’re really lucky you may even see some Crystal Coins! With the introduction of the rewards wheel, we have also added Coin Shards to the game. When you get 5 Coin Shards you can combine them into a Gacha Coin!

Special Tip: If you respin the wheel you can level it up faster!

Guide System:

I’m sure as backers you already have a firm grasp of the game, but for new players we have added a guide system which teaches you how to play:

Special Tip:  If you want to show KamiDrop to a friend, you can reactivate the guides through your profile screen.

Various quality-of-life additions/tweaks and bug fixes:

We have put a big focus on making KamiDrop as intuitive as possible, this includes various quality of life additions such as adding a red aura to anything that can damage you. Your journey should now feel more natural and smoother than ever!

Upcoming launch and future plans:

As we finesse our launch strategy, your feedback is now more important than ever to help make KamiDrop as success! Please post any bugs you find as well as all your feedback to our forums, or if you’d prefer, you can always leave a support ticket on our newly updated website:

We will most probably launch KamiDrop initially in certain countries before a full, world-wide release. During this time, we will continue to add content as promised on our Kickstarter page. As a thank you for bearing with us, I’d like to share some concept art from an upcoming Endless Mode level:

Please remember that this is an early concept and is likely to change.

Meet Jiko:

Name: Jiko
Type: Mythical
Rarity: Legendary
Weight: Heavy
Kami of: Time
Bio: When the hourglass on its belly glows, Jiko can summon visions of the past or future. Its hat holds the sands of memory, while its staff holds the sands of destiny.

Thank you as always for your support, and if you can help us squash any pesky bugs before launch we’d be ever so grateful! See you over at the forums =)

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    1. Lee Collaborator on

      Hi Michael , I have removed you from the testflight database and re added you , so you should get another email , if you have any other issue let me know

    2. Michael Pooler on

      Awesome update! But I never received info from the new build. I do not have my stuff from the previous change.