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Inspired by coin-drop games, we've created innovative worlds filled with surprises/challenges that will change how you play every time!
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Racing to the top!

Posted by NeoNight (Creator)

Leaderboards make their debut in the latest update!

Accessible from the profile screen, high-scores are separated into distance and score.

Best of all the players who rank in the top 3 spots of either board will be awarded a Crystal, Golden or Silver lottery coin (respectively) at the end of every week! Although this is a permanent feature, you may want to get to the top now as you’re currently only competing against other backers!

Special Tip: The leaderboards are a great place to show off your favourite avatar portrait!

I’m happy to report that other key features are currently in-testing so we’re planning to get another update out very soon! Don’t forget that you can always leave your thoughts and chat with us over at our forums.

We have a new legendary kami coming to the shrine shortly!
Meet Jiko (micro form):

Name: Jiko
Type: Mythical
Rarity: Legendary
Weight: Heavy
Kami of: ?
Bio: When the hourglass on its belly glows, Jiko can summon visions of the past or future. Its hat holds the sands of memory, while its staff holds the sands of destiny.

Can you guess what Jiko is the kami (guardian) of? If we receive enough correct guesses on our Twitter or Instagram pages (@KamiCritters) we’ll reveal Jiko’s full-form in the next update!

Hope everyone’s having a tip-top week and we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

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