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Inspired by coin-drop games, we've created innovative worlds filled with surprises/challenges that will change how you play every time!
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Ready, Set, Go!

Posted by NeoNight (Creator)
Hi backers, long time no speak, I hope 2018 is treating you all well so far!

 Special fact: The brand-new franchise logo features the kami of unity!

I can only really start with a sincere apology. The reason for the radio-silence is since the campaign wrapped, the project has hit countless hurdles. Virtually every time we made progress, an issue arose that had us taking a step back which to cut a long story short, ended up with us having to rebuild every system from the ground-up. The advantage of this is that we had learnt A LOT from our first attempt which has lead to a far more robust, scalable and polished product that we’re very excited to share with you all!

We are now using a far simpler system to login which makes the majority of the process automatic, leaning on functionality that’s already built into your device (Google Play Games or Apple Game Centre). Every account now has a unique code that can be used to link your account across games and devices, and it’s this system that we’ll be using to recover your old account. To do so we will need as much of the following information as you are able to provide:

1. The email address associated with your old account.
2. The display name associated with your old account.
3. Your full name.
4. How you registered i.e. Facebook, Google or from within the app.

Please send this information to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

To thank you for your continued support and patience, we will be gifting a very special, exclusive kami to all recovered accounts – meet Foo!:

Type: Emotion
Rarity: Special
Weight: Medium
Kami of: Inner-Strength
Bio: Foo is shy and a little introverted, but you can see the true strength of Foo’s heart shine brightly through its art. Once Foo feels comfortable with you, it will bring you a wealth of happiness and luck.

Special fact: Foo is the official kami of our artist Christina and is not available in the shrine!

 General 2.0 Update Notes:

KamiDrop has been rebuilt from the ground up and now features a far more robust backend as its foundation. The main purpose of this is to make using your account across games and devices as seamless as possible whilst still keeping server-calls to a minimum.

The UI has been reworked, most obviously manifesting itself in the profile screen which acts as the HUB of your account. It can be accessed by tapping on your avatar portrait with sub-sections selectable via the panel on the left. Some sections are currently locked but will be added through upcoming updates.

Virtually all aspects of the gameplay have been recoded, including extra features and resulting in a far more polished experience.

On top of this, we have of course added a new batch of kami (and corresponding avatar portraits) to collect, here’s a sneak preview of just a few:

Can you guess what these new kami are the protectors of?

In the lead up to a public launch you can expect regular updates adding features such as a guide mode, leaderboards, daily rewards and more! During this time your feedback is vital to us, so please let us know what you like, what you don’t or if just spot a bug over at Thank you all once again for believing in us and let’s make 2018 the year of kami!

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    1. NeoNight Creator on

      Hi Teemu - you should be able to find KamiDrop within the TestFlight app, please drop us a message over at if you have any issues!

      Thanks =)

    2. Zunikuu on

      So is there a update coming on the iOS? As last time it was expired. :0