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Inspired by coin-drop games, we've created innovative worlds filled with surprises/challenges that will change how you play every time!
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New Version Live Today - Claim Your Rewards Now!

Posted by NeoNight (Creator)

Hey team!

Digital Rewards

The new version of KamiDrop is now live on the Google Play store and will be available via Test Flight (iOS) very shortly.

You should have received an email from Meru this week containing unique coupon code/s that can be redeemed to unlock your exclusive Kickstarter reward/s!
If you haven't heard from Meru yet, it probably means that you haven't filled out your survey.

To redeem your code/s, simply open your profile screen (by tapping on the avatar/portrait next to your username), hit the 'REDEEM' button and enter your code/s (excluding the dashes). If your code unlocks an exclusive kami, then a special coin will appear in your inventory:

If you visit the shrine, you will see that a new totem has appeared with a special coin on top (special coins are signified by their green outline), use the 'Offer' button to unlock your exclusive kami. To play as your new kami, just tap the gold arrow on the kami select screen.

Avatar Portraits

You can now change your portrait by tapping on it within the profile screen. Every kami you unlock comes with their own portrait so be sure to collect them all!


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