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Inspired by coin-drop games, we've created innovative worlds filled with surprises/challenges that will change how you play every time!
Inspired by coin-drop games, we've created innovative worlds filled with surprises/challenges that will change how you play every time!
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    1. Lee Collaborator on

      Hi all, another update so that you are in the loop, we have finished the internal testing and are now going to fix all the issues that we found, once that process is completed we will update the google and apple store with the new version, cannot wait for you to see all the updates we have made

      (´。• ω •。`)
      The Development Kami

    2. Lee Collaborator on

      Hi Michael,

      Sorry for the delay, we hit an issue with the current backend provider and have had to build our own kami/inventory system, we are currently migrating the data over to the new system at the moment. Once that is done then we will start internal testing and then a version will be ready for the beta tester like yourself

    3. Zunikuu on

      Got it, thanks for the note! <3 Will wait!

    4. Lee Collaborator on

      Hi all,
      I just wanted to drop a quick comment to everyone, to let you know that we are close to releasing the next version of kamidrop that is why the build on test flight has expired but you will only be without kamidrop for a short while

    5. Lee Collaborator on

      Hey Oliver
      We are currently working on a new build at the moment, the last update that we submitted to apple failed on 2 points, we are hoping to get a new version out before the test fight version expires

    6. Oliver Lin

      There's only about a week left before the app expires on TestFlight for me, any updates on the progress?

    7. NeoNight Creator on

      Thanks very much for the heads up. Unfortunately we've had some unforeseen circumstances that have held things up a little, but we have a new version coming very soon! =)

    8. Zunikuu on

      Hey, i hope the game will get an update, because the game will get removed on TestFlight as soon! (Now its about 26 days)
      But anyways, ill try to notice something around the game, whenever i see something!

    9. NeoNight Creator on

      Hi Andrew, KamiDrop isn't publicly available yet, there are still some bugs we need to iron out and some core features we need to implement! For the time being only backers have access.

    10. Andrew Smyk on

      Do you have a direct link to the Kamidrop game on Google Play? I've searched and clicked on links and it doesn't show up.

    11. NeoNight Creator on

      Hi Amanda, I messaged you yesterday and have sent you another message again today. Fingers crossed we have gotten to the bottom of your issue :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Amanda McAfee Lichenstein on

      I'm essentially posting where ever I can to attempt to get into contact with someone. My past attempts to make communication over what exactly is going on have lead to disaster and total silence. I'm seriously confused by what's going on.

    13. NeoNight Creator on

      I'll respond to your email Amanda in case you don't see my comment :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Amanda McAfee Lichenstein on

      I never received my reward?? Wasn't there a download thingy I was supposed to get??

    15. NeoNight Creator on

      Hi Michael, there shouldn't be any issues - I'll drop you a message to try and gather some more information :)

    16. Michael Pooler on

      Are we able to create accounts? Because it never loads properly for me

    17. Zunikuu on

      Those Kami's looks really cute, i would love to play that game! <3

    18. Jardras

      Looks cute ;)

    19. Michael Pooler on

      completely agree with Lee. This looks like an interesting adventure of a game.

    20. Lee Collaborator on

      I love the artwork of the game , can't wait to give it a try