Temtem - Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure

by Crema

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    1. Mardoch on

      The transparency is greatly appreciated! Quality is much more important than an arbitrary delivery date, anyway.

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      Patrick Turan on

      Please take your time to release a great game! No one wants you to rush things. And about features, that you won‘t be able to fulfill for the release, that‘s not a big deal. Just release it in a later patch or DLC. That‘s Kickstarter here and we all knew, that there could be differences between the announced version and the final version. Keep up the good work :)

    3. Crema Creator on

      @Mardoch @Patrick Turan thank you for your support!

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      Lasse Rasmussen on

      I honestly don't care that there is gonna be a delay. I think you guys are working your hearts and souls into a game that has already for me warranted way more than I paid for. Temtem alpha 0.1 was probably the best 16 hours I've had in any game of the gengre and I still cherish those memories of exploring a whole new world with so many strangers. you guys need to calm down and take your time. if a delay comes then it happens. you guys are doing such great work! keep it up but remember to take breaks. if you guys need to delay launches of content updates then delay them! don't rush and don't worry about a deadline you've set yourself.
      Sincerly - Mira~

    5. Eggs And Toast on

      "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto

      Keep up the amazing work, Crema! Take whatever time you need to make this game truly special!

    6. Tyrax Lightning on

      Ya made the right call... better done right then fast! :)

    7. Mark Howe on

      Will the Pre-Order Store mean ALL backers will get alpha access then? as we all technically have a pre-order but we don't all currenty have alpha access?

    8. Vojtěch Civáň on

      I just now realized I never got the Alpha key...

    9. Felizwerg on

      Don't rush anything or overwork yourselves, just keep up the good work you're already doing and take some breaks, it isn't good for anyone if you suffer while creating the game. Don't worry about the delay, I think most people like a polished game more than an unfinished but fast one :)

    10. Crema Creator on

      @Mark Howe that's a good point actually, I haven't thought about that. I'll check it with the rest of the team and see how the pre-order will work for current non-alpha backers.

    11. Fecal Encephalopath on

      I am happy to hear you guys are n not in the business of rushing out garbage like the AAA industry. No need to rush, take all the time you need. This is the monster training game I have wanted all my life, I am perfectly fine with waiting until it is completed.

    12. Remy Quist on

      Thanks for communicating the delay!

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      Marco S. on

      I hope this means you make having TEMTEM more personal like Monster Ranchers (people actually cried when their monster died of age in that game), and less of generic pokemon clone vibe, the way you start, the way you pick out monsters...i really hope this means we are going to see cool features and a better overall story to make us enjoy the world instead of rapidly pressing A.

    14. Dunkare on

      The alpha already gives a good impression of the game and it looks and feels great, even in this early state. So please take your time! If maintaining healthy work conditions while developing a quality game means delaying the release of updates, everybody has to be understanding. Personally, I don't want the game to be rushed at the expense of the staffs well being and personal lives.

    15. EpicPwu on

      I'm not sure what selection I back.

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      Marco S. on

      I guess i should elaborate a bit on what i mean with story. It's way to similar to pokemon, the towns ( i know its alpha btw) feel all to similar there needs to be interesting characters, (rune factory 5) shows this for example, you are always meeting someone interesting to make you more invested in the world. You unqiue looks, bizarre characters...all sorts of those goodies - that way when the next big online game comes out players still would buy this game solely due to the strong story and evolving characters in the world.

      lol i guess you can tell how invested i am in the hopes you have amazing writers with world building as a part of your strong point.

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      Legxis on

      As a person that invested a bit more money into the kickstarter to get alpha access, I wouldn't mind the non-alpha backers to get alpha access either. If you need justification, you can just say that they got the access much later.