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Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
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Physical rewards status and progress 🎁

Posted by Crema (Creator)

As you know, we've been working non-stop on new content for the Alpha which will be arriving soon. But even with all this hard work, we found some time to make progress with another of our Kickstarter promises: the physical rewards.

Today, we will share with you what's the current status of each reward and how are they looking so far.

Printed Sticker Pack

This has been the easiest reward to manufacture so far. We began making a lot of tests using different providers and asking for a small batch (~10 sheets) in order to compare the quality of the printing and the sticker itself.

We also made some tests with different variations in order to nail how many sheets and stickers should we make, how to place them on the sheet, what's the optimal size...

And we ended up with these cuties. A couple of high-quality sticker sheets featuring some of our beloved Temtem (and including a couple of unrevealed ones!).

We have already ordered all the stickers (almost 4000!!!) and have them laying around and ready to be shipped!

Pigepic Plushie

The journey of making the plushies has been looooong. We've spent a lot of months discussing with our manufacturer on every small detail and even helping them with some stitching patterns to make sure the plushie ended up looking the way we wanted to.

And we're happy to say we managed to do it!

After several failed prototypes, our manufacturer achieved to create what we had in mind. But now a new problem raised, where do we store the plushies?

The plushies are HUGE and we had to buy over 3000 of them! We made some calculations and to store them in our offices we would need to move away, remove every piece of furniture and hardware and even then, we wouldn't have enough storage!

So we ended up hiring an storage unit and now they are safely living there, waiting to arrive directly in your houses!

Painted Statue

If there's a troublesome reward, that would be the statue. We started working on it with a manufacturer and everything was looking good, we worked on the model to be printed, on the pantone colors, on making sure the statue would stand by itself and wouldn't knock over easily...

We got some photos of the cast model and it was looking gorgeous, we were so anxious to contemplate the final painted result!

The manufacturer painted the test and sent it over to us and then... the problems started.

Our initial impression was very mixed. On one hand the statue is huge, it's super heavy and the materials are awesome. On the other, some of the pieces broke during the shipping (even with the statue being heavily protected) and the biggest problem for us: the painting.

Each statue needs to be painted manually, one by one. The painting on the prototype wasn't near good, there were a lot of tiny mistakes and some areas incorrectly painted. If this is the quality of the prototype (which is supposed to be perfect to convince us on buying the whole lot), what's going to happen when they needed to paint 300 statues?

We talked with the manufacturer but we weren't happy with the discussions so there was only one option left: search for a new manufacturer. That's what we did, we find a new manufacturer and we're starting the process again with them! This is going to delay our plans a bit, but we hope it will be for the best.

When should I expect the shipping?

Our initial plan was to deliver the rewards on September 2019, right along the launch of the Early Access of Temtem. We're still on track for that date so you should be receiving your stickers, plushies and statues around that date.

We will notify you again before sending anything so you will be able to change your shipping address on BackerKit.

Wait, what about the cloth map and the signed illustration?

We want to have some more time for those so we want to make them when the game is completed and released.

Producing the map right now would make it very inconsistent with the final one, we've already changed A LOT from our initial internal map and we've only made a couple of isles. During the development of the game we will make more changes and we want the map to reflect more accurately the final Archipelago map.

The illustrations are going to take a huge amount of time from our artists, and right now time is not something we have a lot on our hands. Also, waiting till the end would allow the recipients to better chose what they want in their illustrations since they had more than enough time to get familiar with everything the game offers.

And that's all for today's update. What do you think of the rewards? We hope you like them!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Caleb G. on

      @Crema sorry I did not see that oops...My Bad...Thanks for being awesome!

    2. Crema Creator on

      @Caleb G. as stated in the update, we expect to deliver them by September

    3. Missing avatar

      Caleb G. on

      Do we have an eta for the stickers?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Robinson on

      Looking good! I appreciate you Crema as a company, you seem to be sticking to deadlines so well and your so active and happy to reply to fans - I cant wait for Temtem. Love ya Crema! :)

    5. Samuel Luterbacher

      Very interesting update :)!

    6. Crema Creator on

      @Julian Velasquez
      The game is not going to be available on Mac. This was stated in the FAQs during the campaign: and it was also stated in the reward section which specified that the PC key will be for Windows.

    7. Julian Velasquez on

      Are you planning to have the Alpha available for Mac at all, or only PC? I backed the project and I was excited about the Alpha, but I haven't been able to participate.

    8. Brad Pavlacka

      Good call on delaying the map. Keep up the great work!

    9. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      Awesome! Thanks for the update, the plush is looking great! I can't wait until I have mine 🙂

      Keep up the amazing work guys!

    10. Tyrax Lightning on

      I can't help but to wonder if the butt is really the best place to be putting the Tag... :P

      Can ya say "Unfortunate Implications"...? ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      the pig is adorable but D-: the human design ugghhhhhhhh i feel that needs so much work.

    12. Chad on

      Send Pige to house, nuff said.

    13. Missing avatar

      InhumAnts on

      Oh My Goodness, Pigepic is sooo cute! All of this is going right on the computer desk. <3