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Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
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Alpha’s first-month review & next steps 🐾

Posted by Crema (Creator)

Although it seems we launched our Alpha yesterday, today marks the first month of it being available.

Whew! We want to take a look back at this month in this update, see what happened during this time, share some fun data and talk about what’s coming next.

So, how was the launch?

The launch was amazing! We managed to deliver the Alpha on time without any delays (although we were very very close) and achieving that has been a huge achievement for our team.

One of the things we were more interested in looking at during the Alpha was how the server performed and how our infrastructure for multiplayer, instances, sharding… was working. So far it’s been great, we haven’t had any major problems with the server and it has been holding up the current player base effortlessly.

Also, we’ve been reading and watching every reaction in order to know if we were on the right path with our changes to the battle system and so far it looks like we have made the right decisions. Most players have liked how the Stamina changes the whole battle and the new mechanics on Techniques like the Holds or Synergies.

We’ve been also analyzing the constructive feedback about the pace and difficulty of the game and we will be iterating over it in the coming months. If you have any additional feedback or suggestion, please post it over at our Forums.

Last but not least, as we talked previously we did increase our vision for Temtem and even for the content available for the Alpha. We ended up having ~10 hours of content (without farming anything, training TVs or catching Lumas) which has surprised almost everyone because most of you were expecting a much smaller amount of content and polishing.

What’s been going on at Crema during this month?

We’ve been hard at work of course! During this month we released 8 patches fixing most of the bugs appeared and we even managed to include some new content (new animations, more Luma species, the capture animation…).

We’re still working on having all the physical rewards ready. As you can see in the photo the Pigepic plushie is looking good!

Also, we’ve started working on the next content update for the Alpha, but more on that later.


  • There have been 810.000 untamed encounters.
  • The most captured Temtem is Paharo.
  • The less one? Saku.
  • The most evolved Temtem has been Swali. More than 2200 Loali were created by evolution.
  • Players managed to capture 94 Luma Temtem so far.
  • The most common Luma is Paharo / Paharac (34).
  • The less common Luma is Barnshe (0).
  • Over 7500 Tamers have tried the Alpha so far.
  • 1088 Tamers have been able to defeat Lady Lottie.
  • And 576 have completed all the Alpha content.
  • The most popular starter is Houchic (49,94% Tamers have chosen them), followed by Crystle (32,31%) and Smazee (17,74%).

And what’s coming next?

There are still a few more things coming to Alpha 0.1, most notably we will open access to the Aguamarina Caves so you’ll be able to explore a whole new area. Also, we’re working on improving the battle pacing and tweaking all the effects and timings so the battles feel less sluggish.

Parallel to that, we have started working on the next big content update for the Alpha (0.2) which will bring access to the second Island on the game (Omninesia) and a ton of new features (Settings, the Tempedia, held items and abilities and much more).

According to the plan, 0.2 will be released on April. Until then, the current version of the Alpha will still be playable and we will be updating you on new stuff like usual.

Final words

We want to wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year 2019.

We also want to take a moment to thank you all for making this project possible and for joining us on this adventure. Thanks to our Discord mods who help us manage that crazy server, thanks to our Alpha players who help us finding new bugs, thanks to all content creators enjoying the game and sharing it with their viewers, thanks to all artist creating fanarts, thanks to each one of you guys who fill us with joy and eagerness to keep working on Temtem.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Siraux on

      I am supposed to have an alpha access and did not receive anything. Can you explain me why please

    2. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      crossing my fingers that you guys make the world more interesting right now running through a singular path like every pokemon game in existence wasn't that fun , I'm probably a minority in this though but I'm personally more interested how you guys can craft a interesting unique world and just doing PVP on the side to hopefully advance unique story situations.

    3. Tyrax Lightning on

      I stand by my choice of Smazee for Starter! :)

      I look forward to Smazee's Evolution becoming available.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ryan Newfield on

      Hey! I haven't played since the first weekend. Has there been a volume control introduced into the game yet? I know I can manually do that through computer settings, but I was just wondering.

    5. Mardoch on

      Y'all are doing incredible work so far! This is the most polished alpha product of any kind that I've ever tested, and many of my concerns have been addressed already. Can't wait for the next lump of improvements to try out.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      @Matthew A they said the switch version will come after they finish the game for PC, you just have to read the campaign info

    7. Matthew A on

      This update doesn't mention anything at all about the Nintendo switch version, so it's not much of an update.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kyle Hanson on

      Love this first alpha. Very polished I felt like for an alpha. I like where it’s going!!! Keep up the great work!