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Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
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Alpha is launching today 🎁

Posted by Crema (Creator)


The day is finally here. After a huge push over the last weeks, our development team has managed to reach our first deadline (A Kickstarter meeting a deadline? Is this real life?).

Alpha is launching today. We don't have a timeframe yet and we're still working on the last few bits so you'll need to wait a bit more, but it will be here very soon.

How's it gonna work? We're going to be delivering the keys in batches. Batches are designated based on your backer number, so the earlier you supported us, the earlier you're going to be playing the Alpha.

We will send the keys to Batch 1, check if everything is going smoothly and if it is, we will then start with the second batch. We will be adding new batches during the next hours and the idea is to have all of them delivered before the day ends in Spain (CEST timezone) but if we find some problems it's possible the rest of the batches end up being delayed.

Check our official Discord server and our @PlayTemtem Twitter to get the latest news about batches and how everything is going.

Last-minute facts

  • When you find any bug, please report them in our Forum. Check the READ FIRST pinned post to get more info about reporting a bug properly.
  • Only available Luma right now are: Paharo evo-line, Umishi evo-line, Kaku evo-line, Pigepic and Barnshe.
  • Temtem is a challenging game, don't hesitate to use your items if you're in trouble.
  • There's no tutorials yet on the Alpha. The main menu can be opened with TAB (or LT if using a Gamepad) and you can interact with NPC/Signs with F (or A if using a Gamepad).
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    1. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Mattia Raimondi You should DM us on any of our social networks to see if we can get your problem solved!

    2. Missing avatar

      Mattia Raimondi on

      I already checked the post on twitter and I followed all the steps but I still have not received the key.
      do you still have to distribute them?

    3. Missing avatar

      Lucas Eneas de Sousa Neves on

      I didn't received my key, are you still sending the batches?

    4. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @The Dark Sovereign If you can send us a DM on any of our social networks, we will try to fix it

    5. The Dark Sovereign on

      Hi All. I just realized I never got a key ;( I backed this project but never authenticated my account. Did I receive a key? I checked all my email and did not see any. If I did, could I get the key resent?

    6. Aaron LeClair on

      I sent another message earlier today and no one seems to have looked at it. I got one response on from backerkit e-mail. I responded with the request info last week and never heard back. So this past Friday I sent the @playtemtem Twitter and haven't heard from that.

    7. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Aaron LeClair We are answering literally any person that DM us on any social network. Send us a DM with your problem and we will try to fix it :)

    8. Aaron LeClair on

      I would love to test the alpha... (or even get the final game) but I haven't heard back from your team by e-mail(backekit) or on twitter to help me.

    9. Daniel Frogwar Poat on

      I still don't have my code...

    10. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Daniel Yordanov @Aaron LeClair @Pierre Rousselet You should check this Twitter post we made for these cases.

    11. Pierre Rousselet on

      Hi !! I didn't receive my alpha access code although I'm a

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Harshberger on

      Nevermind I am not used to steam -.-

      its an activation, not a wallet code. sorry!

    13. Missing avatar

      Scott Harshberger on

      This is what it says.

      "Hi Scott Harshberger,

      Hooray! New digital content is available for Temtem - Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure.

      Batch 8

      Click Here to log in and claim it!



    14. Missing avatar

      Scott Harshberger on

      I received a code on steam but when I go to redeem it says it is not valid. help?

    15. Aaron LeClair on

      I have yet to get a code and I was backer #1,521.

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Yordanov on

      Hey guys, wrote in reddit already but I had to change my kickstarter email and verified it just now. Can you please resend me the key to the new email? Can't wait to plat the game

    17. Sergio Morales Romero on

      ¿Cómo consigo mi clave?

    18. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Banni Ibrahim sure! You can post whenever you want in your social networks!

    19. Jolty on

      Im not sure I I was supposed to put this message in update comments or here so im gonna just repost it here :>. So ive just verified my email just now, which was probably the things that stopped me from getting email from crema. Now all I have is the verification email, no survey email, nothin from crema not even in spam. Im wondering if I can get resent the emails? I had the 30 dollar pledge...


      This is happening to me and other people

    20. banny.9999 on

      no where allowed to they said that in another update i think

    21. Banni Ibrahim on

      Are we allowed to post screenshots and/or videos? Or is there a non-disclosure agreement in effect?

    22. Cintia Lloret Ruso on

      Buenas, estaba mirando mi correo pero todavía no me ha llegado la key. Soy la patrocinadora numero 1165.

    23. banny.9999 on

      to bad im at school just got mine :(

    24. Matthew A on

      Too bad there are no alpha keys for the Switch, that's the reason I backed this.

    25. Paisley Medlock on

      So ive just verified my email just now, which was probably the things that stopped me from getting email from crema. Now all I have is the verification email, no survey email, nothin from crema not even in spam. Im wondering if I can get resent the emails? I had the 30 dollar pledge...

    26. Missing avatar

      Mathias Costa on

      Me gustaría saber hasta cuando esta la prueba y si todos los que donamos tenemos acceso a ella?

    27. Inferno Entertainment on

      If you won't be able to play tonight I will be streaming it,

      Been waiting a long time for something like this to finally come to light and am very excited to play it, can't wait to see you all online :)

    28. Tyrax Lightning on

      May the glorious reign of Temtem begin! <3

    29. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Daniel Munch Alpha key will only grant you access to the alpha. But if you backed the game you will have access to the full release obviously. So that's fake. You have to be careful about unofficial alpha keys giveaways tho, since that key will not grant access to the full release if the person doing the giveaway doesn't want to.

    30. Lorenzo Lucchesi on

      I cannot find my batch.
      I need just to wait?

    31. Daniel Munch on

      What's the progress? I am about number 3000, and I still haven't got mine. And will the final release cost money? Because I've heard Alpha access doesn't give access to the final release, and that is really unfair and wierd.


    32. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Desse You can't. The 20$ badge gives you access to Early Access, not alpha :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Desse on

      Can I access to the Alpha with my participation of 20$?
      Because I cannot find my batch!
      Thank you

    34. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Jonathan Martin No, you can choose a different console and you will be able to join the alpha in PC anyway

    35. Ishmeet Singh

      @Faust, yes you can, they said so already :)

    36. Missing avatar


      quick question would it be fine to stream the alpha on twitch or make videos for youtube?
      also do we get the key in backerkit or on kickstarter as a massage?

    37. Jonathan Martin on

      I want this for the PS4. I assume the alpha will be Computer/Steam only. Will me playing the alpha effect my final choice of console?

    38. Mardoch on

      Pretty frickin jazzed! I think I'm wrapping up with Let's Go so this is super perfect timing.

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas Gottis on

      if my number is 3 849, I will receive my key in which Batch number ? and how will I receive it? please

    40. Francisco Campos on

      Por cierto, ya que sois españoles, podríais poner las cosas en ambos idiomas si no es mucho pedir, que luego siempre nos quejamos a los extranjeros de que no traducen nafda y después a ellos se lo damos masticadito...

    41. Hackwolfin on

      The day before I get my new laptop! I've be playing with everyone tomorrow!

    42. Francisco Campos on

      Soy el número del patrocinador 1.428, podéis decirme mas o menos cuando me llegara?

    43. Missing avatar

      Zayne George on

      How do you check backer number, and is the code sent by email or on the kickstarter page?

    44. Dylan Baldanza

      Congratulations!! I will look forward to the release due to not backing at an alpha level, but, this is super exciting!

    45. Tomer Brosh on

      If im backer #7028 in which batch am I? how does it work?

    46. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @raul navarro sí, las claves serán enviadas por correo

    47. Missing avatar

      raul navarro on

      ¿pero enviaran por correo electronico las claves?

    48. Crema Creator on

      @Jeffrey Geer you can do whatever you want with the codes. Take into consideration that keys are only for Alpha access, and don't grant access to the final game.

    49. Missing avatar

      ILLuMiNaTe on

      @Jeffrey the codes are yours so you can do with them whatever you want.