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Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
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What to expect from the Alpha 🌱 + Release date (kinda)

Posted by Crema (Creator)

As you already know, the Temtem Alpha is slated to release in November, but until now we haven’t specified a date, so we want to update you on this matter.

Our Kickstarter campaign was a huge achievement for us. Our entire team felt invigorated by its success, so much that we ended up wanting to expand our vision for Temtem and improve every bit of our initial idea in every way we could. Your immense support allowed us to dream even bigger and improve our initial concept for the game.

In order to accomplish that, we’ve hired new Crema members and have made our team bigger. Over the past few months, we’ve grown and have improved our day-to-day workflow in order to achieve our vision. However, growth is not always linear, so our estimated release dates are probably going to be affected by this change in our expectations for Temtem.

All this considered, we still want to release the Alpha in November, specifically November 28th. But right now we’re not 100% confident in meeting that deadline and we want to make the best possible Alpha we can. We want to make a very polished product with enough content to be entertaining while minimizing all the day-one bugs that we can. Keeping all this in mind, there’s a chance we might end up delaying the release until December if we’re not confident once the November date is approaching.

What to expect in the Alpha

The Alpha is NOT a finished game, and it’s very far away from being one. We want to make this super clear so your expectations before playing the Alpha match what you’re going to see there.

The Alpha is a super early in development version of the game and its main objective is to help make Temtem better in the long run. Involving the community this early will help us tweak our mechanics and polish the online interactions.

Some things you won’t be able to do:

  • Catch every Temtem. The Alpha will only have a small set of ~30 Temtem.
  • Catch every Luma. The Alpha will only feature a few Luma variations to test the system.
  • Visit every house in Deniz. The Alpha will only have key interiors available.
  • Study every Technique. The Alpha will only feature a set of ~70 Techniques.
  • Fight with other players in competitive battles. The Alpha won’t have a ranking system, pick/ban phase or any additional battle options. Also, the Alpha will not be balanced due to the limited Temtem and Techniques available.
  • Study every Status Condition. The Alpha will only feature some of the Status Conditions that will be present in the final game.
  • Study every Item and Ability. The Alpha will not feature Held Items or Temtem Abilities.
  • Trade with other players. The Alpha won’t have any type of trading.
  • Unleash full Chat potential. The Alpha will only feature basic chat functionalities.
  • Make friends and play with them. Clubs, Co-op, or even a Friends system won’t be available in the Alpha.
  • Wear your Taco hat. In-game rewards from the Kickstarter will only be available after the Alpha.
  • Be amazed by the beautifully crafted Visual and Sound Effects. The Alpha will only have a small set of effects.
  • Read dialogues in Spanish or French. The Alpha will only be available in English.
  • Catch and tame #13. May they rest in peace.
Some things you will be able to do in the Alpha when it arrives:

  • Find awesome bugs and report them so we can fix them.
  • Wait in line for server maintenances.
  • Get attached to your progress until we reset it multiple times.
  • Explore the immensity of Deniz.
  • Pick your starter Temtem.
  • Create your character with some basic customization.
  • Get the first key item, the surfboard.
  • Run alongside other players.
  • Fight other players in casual battles.
  • Find, battle and capture an untamed Pigepic.
  • Fight against NPC tamers.
  • Beat the game’s first Dojo Leader.
  • Use basic items like Temcards and Ether.
  • Play using a Gamepad or Keyboard/Mouse.

 Projects we love

The monster taming genre is on fire. We’re very happy to see other developers trying to tackle the same genre, so today we’re talking about Monster Sanctuary.

Monster Sanctuary is a monster-taming RPG with party-based combat and metroidvania-like exploration. New monsters provide additional strategic options in combat and allow you to overcome obstacles to explore new areas and find hidden treasures. The turn-based combat focuses on team synergy and combos, distinguishing Monster Sanctuary from other popular monster collecting games.

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    1. Ariel Strickland on

      Being of limited time, I do not mind pushing a deadline back if it means a more polished alpha game/new features in the long run! It's will probably be better quality (less bugs and glitches as well) therefore a moreenjoyable experience, although just a little later. Thanks so much for pouring your heart and soul into developing this game! I look forward to playing alpha whenever it's released! 😁

    2. Alejandro Cánovas Zapata on

      @Son of Andy I recommend you to go to our Discord, there is a bot command to give you access to an special group if you backed correctly.
      Anyway, if you plegded to the proper tier and you completed the survey, everything should be fine :)

    3. Son of Andy on

      What all do I need to do to make sure I have alpha access? I have pledged to the proper tier, but just double checking, as I don't want to miss it!

    4. Fade_to_Black on

      Can't wait to get my progress wiped and find awesome bugs :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Take as much time as you guys need. Really looking forward to playing the alpha.

    6. Tyrax Lightning on

      Good call on doing it right, not fast! :)

      @Mardoch: I agree with your Comment so much I wish I could give it a Like! :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Cody on

      SO hyped for this game!:)

    8. Missing avatar

      Caleb G. on

      When do we do Character reserve for our name? I am so excited to try this game. I need a new monster catching game to play!

    9. Ben B.

      In all seriousness though I'm looking forward to trying to break the game hunting for bugs

    10. Missing avatar

      fat_vape on

      I support this 100%! Just a bit of a warning though, don't delay it too much, otherwise it might coincide with Super Smash Bros Ultimate's release date and then people like me won't be able to spend as much time playing around with Temtem as we would like xD

    11. Missing avatar

      Ylva Werner on

      Glorious description xD I look forward to helping you iron out those bugs, whenever that may be!

      I totally expect #13 to come back when revives are implemented then.

    12. Travis Patton on

      I have been behind this project since I first saw it. I can't wait to see what this game will become and I am glad I get to be in the Alpha testing. Much love to the Devs!

    13. Missing avatar

      Marshall Fortnum on

      Meh if it gets delayed to make it look better I'm fine with it but what I do know is that this game is going to be epic.

    14. Ben Blackford

      Delays are fine and inevitable, just don't expand your scope so much that you run out of money before it's done, like so so so many projects have done before you

    15. Missing avatar

      S.M.G on

      I'm not worried about small delays in the slightest. I want this game to be great and I'm willing to let you take the time to make it great.

    16. Mardoch on

      The brutal honesty of expectation setting for Alpha is A++.

    17. AnchoreDB on

      Although I am disappointed at the possibility of a later alpha start date, I wouldn’t want to release anything until I felt it was polished enough so it’s totally understandable. Either way, I’m so stoked for this game and the future of Crema!

    18. Cris Zehil

      This game looks beautiful! Can't wait to try out the alpha, but to play it on console with my kids as well when it's released :)

    19. Crema Creator on

      @Jake Summers the game is going to be released and we will fulfill the backer's desire. We just want to make it even better and maybe that is going to cause some delays, but the game will be released nonetheless

      @Blizzia yes, Stamina will be present in the Alpha

    20. Andrea on

      Fantastic update and I strongly hope you'll make it for the November 28th deadline. Starting with a delay wouldn't be the best omen for the rest of the development! >:D

    21. Missing avatar

      Blizzia on

      Out of curiosity, will the Stamina system be present? I haven't seen it mentioned as present or not present.

    22. Jake Summers on

      I’m happy that you are trying to achieve your dreams, fulfill expectations, and do better.

      Although, some past Kickstarter games that have added new staff, thought of more ideas, and pushed back dates have failed to it to launch. It’s great you all want to do more, but starting with what you wanted (and told us) may be an option that fulfills both Crema’s and backers desire for a complete game

    23. Jensen on

      Monster Sanctuary is 🔥

    24. Missing avatar

      toni150698 on

      Very Nice 👌🏾
      cant wait to play the Alpha