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Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
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How we’re solving the lack of RNG in Temtem battles 🥊

Posted by Crema (Creator)

Like we’ve said multiple times, battles are one of the most important features in Temtem. Our vision for battles is to make them 100% based on skill and strategy, removing every trace of RNG that we can.

In this update we’re going to talk about how we’re dealing with that decision, and what features we’re implementing and modifying in order to achieve it. But let’s start with the basics…

What is RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generation. RNG is used every time the game has to roll the probability of a certain outcome. Critical hits? RNG. Accuracy? RNG. Evasion? RNG. And a long, long etcetera.

A bit of RNG makes games more fun because you always have that unexpected random factor that could happen at any time. But a lot of RNG can stop a game from being fair and can undermine your skill and strategy in favor of an uncontrollable random choice.

RNG is commonly used to balance attacks. With RNG, you can have one Water-type attack that does 30 damage and has 100% accuracy and another Water-type attack that does 150 damage but has only 30% accuracy. In Temtem, we’re removing this type of balance and we’re introducing three new game mechanics that will help us balance out all our Techniques.

The 7th stat: Stamina

Alongside HP, Speed, Attack, Sp. Attack, Defense, and Sp. Defense, Temtem will feature a new stat: Stamina.

Each Temtem will have a base Stamina value that will increase with each level. Stamina represents how many Techniques the Temtem can handle using during a battle.

Instead of having a limit on how many times a Technique can be used, each Technique will have a Stamina cost. When a Temtem uses a Technique, its Stamina cost will be subtracted from the Temtem’s Stamina bar. If the Stamina bar reaches zero, the Temtem will start hurting itself each time it uses a Technique due to overexertion.

More powerful Techniques will have a higher Stamina cost, so they can only be used a couple of times before you start to hurt yourself. On the flip side, less powerful Techniques will have a lower Stamina cost, so you will be able to use them more frequently.

Each Temtem will recover a bit of Stamina at the end of each turn, and they will gain extra Stamina if they don’t participate in the battle in that turn. Also, Tamers will have the option to order a Temtem to Rest instead of using a Technique, so the Temtem can gain more Stamina that turn.

When the battle ends, all Temtem will recover full Stamina and will be ready for the next battle.


Stamina helps us balance most of the Techniques, but there are some super powerful Techniques that require an extra step before being used. The Hold mechanic is here to solve those cases.

Techniques with Hold will require a Temtem to be active in battle a certain number of turns before using them. And after they’re used, you’ll need to wait that amount of turns before using them again.

At the end of each turn, the Hold value for each Technique will be increased by one, and when the value reaches the Technique’s Hold requirement, the Technique will be ready to use. You will be able to use the Technique whenever you want, and, once the Hold value is full, it won’t change until the Technique is used.


Since battles in Temtem are 2vs2, we’ve decided to introduce a new mechanic that will favor certain team compositions, giving bonuses for some Techniques when you have a Type-specific ally.

When a Temtem uses a Synergy Technique, it will check the typing of its current battle ally. A Technique with Fire Synergy, for example, will check if the allied Temtem has Fire as one of its types.

Since it’s easier to explain with an example, here are a couple:

  • Slow Down is a Mental Technique that will reduce the speed of the target Temtem by one stage. If the attacking Temtem’s ally is also Mental, the Technique will sleep the target. Both effects will be chained if the Synergy succeeds, so the target Temtem will have its speed reduced and also will be put to sleep.
  • Aqua Stone is a Water Technique with 80 base damage. If the attacker’s ally is Earth-type, the Technique will have a base damage of 104 instead of 80.

Status Conditions

As some of you already know, Temtem will have Status Conditions (remember the Paharo sleeping in the Kickstarter trailer?).

Each Temtem will be able to have up to two Status Conditions at the same time. The Status Conditions will occur in a FIFO queue (first in, first out), meaning that each time a new Status Condition is applied, the previous ones will be moved up in the list, and if the Temtem already has two other status conditions, the oldest status condition will be removed.

All Status Conditions in Temtem are non-volatile. This means that Statuses can't be removed by swapping Temtem, and will be kept even when you exit combat.

Each Status Condition will have a turn counter when it is applied. The turn counter will vary by the Technique used, meaning that one Technique could apply Sleep for two turns, and another Technique could apply Sleep for four turns. The turn counter will be reduced at the end of each turn, even when the Temtem is on the bench. The effects of Status Conditions will also be applied if the Temtem is on the bench (i.e. a Temtem will keep losing health if it has been Poisoned).

Currently, we have 14 different Status Conditions planned, from Poisoned to Asleep, and even some positive ones like Invigorated and Regenerating.

Final words

Please, take into consideration that some of these features may not be present in the initial Alpha release. Also, we’ll be tweaking these details a lot in the upcoming months according to your feedback and our data until we reach perfect harmony between the different mechanics.

We hope this update resolves some doubts about the combat in Temtem, and we hope you all enjoy the new systems we’ve put in place.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dennis Tzitschke

      These are some really great ideas that change the formula in a very positive manner. I can't wait to try out the game! 👍

    2. Missing avatar

      Larimar on

      Everything about this sounds incredible!

    3. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Pignataro on

      This seems simply amazing. Stamina, Synergy, Status conditions with counter..u can basically check all the informations u need. I'm so so so excited <3

    4. Sofoklis Kyriklakis on

      This might as well end up a lot better than Pokemon . Good game design so far mates :)

    5. kimuto on

      Holy moly! Great ideas!

    6. Cris Zehil

      This is going to perfect. Can't to play it with my kids

    7. Missing avatar

      sacamar2 on

      I like that stamina mechanic as a tool for erasing RNG from battles. I wasn't concious of battles being 2v2. Are they gonna be ALWAYS ONLY 2v2 or did I misunderstood the text? And about synergy, it sounds great by I thought it was combinong attacks types and not temtem types I thought the attack doesn't count as long as the temtem ally is not making it or interacting with that attack. So, for mantaining coherence, I though attacks can be combined some how. I know it is harder this way. Anyway, I like there will be any kind of synergy.

    8. Missing avatar

      S.M.G on

      I really like the sound of a lot of these ideas, especially the stamina. No more having to run to a center when the creature is full health and not afflicted by a stat condition seems great.

    9. Akrythael on

      More hyped than ever! Keep it up Crema =)

    10. Missing avatar

      Venetica on

      Thank you for the great update. The lack of RNG has been my main concern and this is making it look pretty good.

    11. Missing avatar

      Omar Leonardo Pino Reyes on

      This sounds really good on paper. Will have to test but I think it's a great idea. I've been ruined by RNG multiple times in the past so looking forward to this.

    12. Homer on

      I'm in love, thank you Crema!

    13. The Exalted and Venerated Timeraider on

      The stamina is a great idea to make balancing out everything alot easier. +1 there!

    14. Mardoch on

      Non RNG combat? Color me very intrigued. That's a rather unique design choice and I'm very interested to see how it plays out. I definitely like the predictability aspect.

    15. Matheus Olivoto on

      RNG can ruin battles some times! I can't wait to see this soon <3 Keep up with this goodwork

    16. Missing avatar

      Kinzuko on

      not going to say its better or worse than Pokemon until i get the alpha in my hands but this does seem interesting at least and definitely feel different on paper. on the one hand we wont have any strats similar to sturdy paralyzed shedinja... but on the other hand that probably is for the best because that is just pure cheese.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      In my opinion, these mechanics are awesome improvements to what we've seen in the past. I love the Synergy mechanic. I really like the idea of choosing typings so that you can get the full potential of techniques. I imagine a full Fire team, built around Fire Synergy Techniques, but also making sure to implement strategies to deal with Water Types and other weaknesses. Seems to give more rhyme and reason to building a team. :)

    18. Tyrax Lightning on

      This sounds way better then Pokémon's way of doing things! :D