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Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.
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PayPal and post-campaign FAQ

Posted by Crema (Creator)

Quick update to address some questions we've seen pouring.


My payment didn't get through, what should I do?
We don't handle payments, so you'll need to talk and solve the issue with Kickstarter. You probably have received an email from them with the problem in your credit card and a link to retry it.


Where can I pledge to Paypal?

How long will this last?
PayPal support will end on July 10th, at 10 am CEST.

Are the backer rewards the same for PayPal?
For each tier, yes, the rewards are the same.

Why is there no Confirmation Email when I back with PayPal?
Don't worry about that, only with the PayPal confirmation is enough. We will use your PayPal email in the future to contact you.

Do pledges via Paypal show up on the Kickstarter?
No, it's a different platform.

The prices are different. Why?
PayPal prices include an estimated shipping while Kickstarter price was dependant on your country.

PayPal email is fernando@***.com, is that correct?
Yes, Fernando is helping us with the PayPal platform.


When are we going to get access to the Discord server?
The Discord server is public and you can join here:
Backer private channels will open next week, when we merge Paypal and Kickstarter backers. You will get all the info about how to access them in your email.

Will I be able to upgrade my pledge?
Yes! When we move to BackerKit you will be able to upgrade your pledge (between the not-limited ones). You will also be able to get add-ons.

I missed the Kickstarter campaign and I also missed the PayPal option. Will I be able to pre-order the game?
Yes, we're planning to open a pre-order store where you will be able to purchase the Deluxe pack of Temtem (Game for your desired platform + Alpha Access + Digital OST + Digital Artbook). It won't have any exclusive Kickstarter items (like the Trainer or Taco Hat) and we also won't have the tiers system like in Kickstarter, there will only be one option to buy the game.

How will I be contacted for new updates or surveys?
We will use your Kickstarter or PayPal email. Both platforms will be merged into a new one (BackerKit) and that will be your access point for everything related to your pledge.

When are you going to ask details for our rewards (shipping address, character name reservation, credits name...)?
We will be in touch in the coming months. Right now we don't need any additional info so when we do, you'll receive a new email asking about it.

When are we going to receive the rewards?

Physical rewards are currently in pre-production but we plan to send them before the game reaches the Early Access stage (September 2019). Digital rewards will be included in the game in new patches during the Alpha or the Early Access.

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    1. Homer on

      As long as you pledged during the KS campaign or right now while late backing is still possible, your pledge will contain all digital rewards of the tier you pledged for, regardless of which platform you later choose to play on.

      Keep in mind though that once late backing ends, there won't be any KS-exclusive digital rewards available anymore.

    2. ShinySnivy on

      Will digital rewards still be included if we pick the console versions?