Temtem - Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure

by Crema

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    1. Missing avatar

      Javier Martínez on

      Cloud is that you riding a Lovely Blue Horsie?

    2. LokiBoy on

      Its not Cloud, its Neil Patrick Harris! lol

    3. Missing avatar

      Fiona Waverly on

      so excitedddddddddd

    4. Missing avatar

      Jake Whelan on

      Very happy with the poll results!

    5. Missing avatar

      Venetica on

      Sweet, two out of three isn't bad lol. I'm excited for the mounts!

    6. CroakPad on

      Yay! All the names I voted for won!

    7. Missing avatar

      Connor R Humphries on

      #13 did nothing wrong Q_Q

    8. Tyrax Lightning on

      I'm disappointed that none of the three Names I Voted for won. :(

      Thank goodness for Nicknames. :P

    9. Missing avatar

      soapscum on

      Ampling and Amphatyr are great names!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mansour Al-Amer

      Even though only one of my votes got selected, I love the new names :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Aitor Redondo on

      I hope nicknames are a thing. If I can't have a Jormunthor I don't want this game.

    12. Crema Creator on

      @Aitor Redondo they are a thing :)

    13. Homer on

      Hurray for nicknames, Jormunthor was my favorite as well!
      I'll ask here too, maybe it fits better:
      On the note of mythical TemTem -- each player *character* can only ever get one of the three mythical TemTems, right?

      So does that mean that per character, we'd only ever get one of the three side quests at random, or would we be able to get all three quests, but only complete one of them?

      The latter option at least would allow us to pick and choose which of the mythicals we'd want to get, something I think could be quite important so as to be able to pick the one most fitting to our current deck philosophy. =)